catching up

catching up and getting caught up

She was nervous. She hadn't seen him for years. She could still feel the weight of his body on hers. A kiss that was deep, passionate and left her wanting more. She shook her head, ridding herself of the memories. Mr. Wise has always been sweet and listened to her, but his own life was in shambles. Things were different now. She checked her hair one last time and finished her make up...Read On

Oral Sex(1)


The Office

She needed his help...

She knocked on the door to his office, while adjusting her plaid skirt. Nervous, she bit down on her ruby red lips, and straightened her white blouse, the one that fit her just so. “Hey there, what can I help you with?” he said with a smile. “Well, I have a big presentation coming up and I could use some help” she bit down harder. “Sure, grab a seat... . why don't you read me what...Read On