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Curious by nature
So, curious...
Are You, too, Ma'am?

i took this test, and since i was in a position of admitting things - i realized that even though i don't think about it i am who i am and like what i like...


Submissive by nature as well, however, i was trained in college by Dr. Paula, one of my Psych professors as her sub, and later after i moved in with her, she coached me to Domme her. i didn't realize at the time how rare our relationship was, being young and naive... So i "let" her move out east for a tenured position.

Now i miss my position with Her.

Now, on with the show...
i'm a girl, i like being a girl, 23 at this point, but also just 4' 9" so shrugs i'm still only as tall as when i was "just" a girl. Now i don't feel like i'm 'just' anything i'm pretty awesome and accept who i am...

i have desires, they're not fetishes, as i don't need anything in particular
Don't need to play out my "mommy" issues with every Lady i see, would like to see, wonder about seeing, want to see, want her to see me, is she looking at me?... and so on... You get it don't You Ma'am?

I've got issues, so I'm dealing with them as best as i can... Could you help me be a good-girl for You, Ma'am?

My fortune cookie said...
"You have the capacity to learn from your mistakes. You will learn a lot today." [- In bed...]

Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

To reconcile the illogical conflict inherent, when humans interact emotionally with one another

First things first, I'm a very short redhead, 4' 9" but i tell people i'm 4' 10 so i don't need a car seat... ;-D

i enjoy switching, cyber, and role-play a nice detailed pleasurably developed scene played leisurely. I should put in this caveat - i'm trying to learn to play leisurely... i was trained to react 'frantically' so i need to learn and adapt to condition myself to respond differently for Ladies who aren't so comfy with how my frantic response can manifest itself.

Let me know if You have any ideas or preferences, one of my fondest desires is to be found to be pleasing for the Ladies i get the chance to know, and spend time with.

They call me quiet
but i'm a Riot!
i don't need fixing
i'm not sad - that might be melancholy
and i like minor tonal music, atonal too... but lyrics... yes
maybe a bit dis-associative, but i'm ok with that...
maybe i'm a bunny, but not afraid of Cougars, i call them Ma'am...
They purr like kittens or roar like pumas...

You don't need no stinking badgers...
Maybe i don't want to be found
but subtle use of rhythm makes me squeal...

Enough for now... again

A spirit of Ennui has possessed me... More rantings, wanting more...

yes, me, wanting more
Yeah, You know who You are!

i'm a bad girl, and that's alright with me...
if you need an alibi, i'm your girl, We were together -
She used me all night long...
What's the fun in playing it safe?
Wouldn't You rather i misbehave?

i'm a bad girl, that's why we get along
Can't make excuses for anything i'm doing wrong

i like it in the wet patch
in the middle of the bed
feeling pretty
such a good girl
You make me make those noises
So mean, you make me scream

it's really not fair,
and that's okay
with us
but i don't want to be the only one
making all the noise...

I love penetration, just not a guy attached
So it wasn't my idea, what you gonna offer now?

Ok... now to continue...
I have Mommy issues, and they play out with older women. So let me know if that bothers you, Ma'am. It's not like a fetish that i can't live without. I enjoy egalitarian relationships, as well as the give and take of D/s, as i'm comfy being a switch. And I'll try to behave... Unless you'd rather have me behave otherwise...

I like to be "a good-girl" for Lady's who want specific behaviors from me. But, that does not necessarily mean, i'm being good... We can, however be epic when i'm being perfectly bad... in just the right way, with the right Lady, at the right time, place and situation...
- shrugs - just ask

Recent/current musings...

I revel in breaking rules and obligations...

Do me a favor, please? grab a hand full of my ass, while cupping one of my breasts, then kiss me hard, taking my breath away. Ahh, THAT feels right...

Granting Lady's access to me, my body, mind and spirit gives me joy and strength, because I can use my individual integrity, and autonomous female agency - it's about me, and my choices. Searching for a relationship, but not an asymmetrical power dynamic, rather an egalitarian context.

Lesbian ethics is a framework for action. It emphasizes that through examining and questioning the foundation of patriarchal oppression and how it permeates every aspect of social interaction, one discovers that it is possible to engender individual moral agency and integrity that exists outside of it. Lesbian ethics therefore seeks to generate ways in which lesbians can weave a different locus of value, one where lesbian choices, actions, and reactions lead away from the path of oppression, and one where lesbians become an energy field capable of resisting oppression.

i Know: less than i've forgotten...

i've learned: I'm a switch, and I've been dealing with my life as: a "good-girl" with mommy issues, all my life. I knew from a very young age that I liked my girlfriends more than they liked me. Or differently than they liked me, they definitely didn't like me the way I wanted them too. Nor would they let me like them the way I wanted to like them...

except for Kelly, but then i was forbidden from seeing her anymore...

I feel: i will always belong a bit to three Lady's from my life. So, my inner sub (i) only have about a quarter of myself available to share. I told a professor some of my inner feelings, and she said, among other things. "Still waters run deep." That, and a lot of other things I didn't understand at the time, partly because she was seducing me after grading the exam i'd just finished in her office, late at night, after her course was over, and she submitted my grades, and taught me what new pleasures there were in submitting to my desires to be a good-girl for a Lady who knew what, and how she wanted me, and was willing to help me learn to give in to what i desired most, not to her, but to my desires - what a wicked, wonderful, experience that has been...

I Saw: Luckily enough, a neighbor Lady, and i caught her eye too. She taught me that it pays - to be a "Good-Girl" for a "Nice, Older, Lady" and that we could count on each other. Her to get what She wanted from me, and i from Her... and later in college, how to get more of what i needed/wanted - if i'd only give in to my desire to get what i really wanted from Them.

[Spoiler alert] Time, Attention, Affection, Appreciation, a little "after-care"...

other senses tingle to be elucidated upon

more to cum...

I meditate and do distance energy work (reiki), I make note of that because I truly feel that there is a reflection made between us, of our feelings, and being - terribly excited... gives more power to that energy/or energy to that power.

I hope you will feel a secure connection with me, so that You and i can cum together here and, enjoy the exploration that our mutual desires (and in my case, some not so willing desires), i'm willing to submit to your desires, even if they're not mine (in pursuit of getting what i want and need - to surrender to those feelings of being a good-girl, for You, Ma'am.

I learned in studying psychology, and eastern spiritual practices that there's little difference between a connection of minds separated by distance and a shared real experience - when both desire to be in a moment, together.

Relationship Status:
I've only been with one guy in my life, (4th, just recently) after I had gone to college - the husband of one of the Lady's I saw. (and different hubbies, since graduation) I'd like to explore here a bit more, and exercise my desires, find some new ones I didn't know about etc...

I've been told i should spend some more time with girls closer to my own age, but there's still the lure - of Mature Ladies, i can't ignore, nor do i want to... it's what i desire... to be a kitten for a Nice Lady, she doesn't have to have Mommy Cougar characteristis, neither does she have to be nurturing... sigh

i'd just like some time, and attention... i hope You can understand this
i'm sorry and still - i don't want to be cured, or judged
Favorite Books:
I don't have strong favorites... but I have a changeable nature.
In regards to reading I like escapism - Sci-fi, fantasy, supernatural, Magical places, fey/fairy, witches, vampiresses, werewolves, werepuma's/cougars... meh, distopia
Favorite Authors:
i just love reading
Favorite Movies:
Favourite TV Shows:
Favorite Music:
90's for some weird reason
Tool, Joanna Newsom, Lykke Li, Florence & the Machine, Cat Power, Mazzy Power, Hope Sandoval, Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Ingrid Michaelson, Kate Nash, Lilly Allen, The Ting Tings... Classical Cello, Mandolin, Horn, Clarinet, Harpsichord, Orchestra...
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29 Jun 2013
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30 Sep 2015
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Topic: Name something that you learned about yourself since joining Lush.
Posted: 06 Aug 2015 22:05

Thanks so much for asking. i've learned that it's so much more fun and freeing to admit what i like than feel afraid that i'll either loose a new friend, or the opportunity to get to know someone else and what they like.
Love, sue

Topic: Age,does it matter?
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 01:08

? i think it's an individual thing. As long as the individuals involved are happy with the dynamics

For myself, i seem to be "hard-wired" towards more mature Ladies... shrugs i don't fight it anymore

But it does matter!
Love, sue

Topic: Breast orgasms
Posted: 30 Jul 2015 01:03

Yes, pleasure is Mythic, as in unbelievably, unbearably awesome, yes...

shrugs - it depends on definitions too, i guess...

i had some great teacher/trainers who shared with me what they had learned themselves, and helped me experience and grow. As a sub, i was taught, learned, experienced how it's possible to experience every little sensation on a spectrum of pleasure, some can be viewed as "Painful" when they're very intense, and others so delicate that they are purely "Pleasureable".

For me, i guess, it's easiest to let go, i've practiced meditation techniques, and naturally in that pursuit one can choose to let go of "conscious" mental activity, a decreased sense of the personal "I", and overall awareness/mindfulness of being at one with the present, some practices look at focus, surrender, disolving or melting into "Being"

Love, sue.

Topic: Have you fucked or been fucked at Work or on the premise at Work?
Posted: 26 Jul 2015 01:05

i try to make it a point to be as accommodating as possible, to any approachable Lady at any time.a1089 But i try to be safe, and sane, though i've had and lost quite a few jobs because of it. So, Yes, (i don't like to say now) client, customer, vendor, co-worker, boss, manager, owner, etc... Fun is what one makes it... Sometimes though i had to defer till after a shift when it just isn't practicable, like when working in a small shoe store for example. That's led to in vehicles in the parking lot, or at another location.

Topic: Ladies, do you do this too? Or is it just me?
Posted: 16 Jul 2015 19:22

i let my mind wander all the time, and while at the Mall, i've found myself following a Lady, while i'm thinking about all of the aspects about her that i admire, the things about her that appeals to me. Then i usually let myself be obvious, sometimes i get that angry stare, like i've offended them with my interest. And once in a while i meet a new friend, letting her know that i'm open to more. i'm a flirt, so i also notice when a Lady is watching me. i love it when i find myself the object of a Lady's attention, especially when she flirts, and is so pleased when i flirt back.
i've been so busy working that i might have to go out shopping tomorrow, my first day off in quite a while.
So looking forward to some time to myself.

Ok, i'm rambling... not that that's unusual or anything... But i should either go sleep or - then sleep easier and deeper. i guess i'll go read something or chat...
Ta ta for now...

Topic: Do you lie about your height?
Posted: 04 Jul 2015 22:45

Yes, i'm 4' 9", and i always make sure to stretch when measured at the doctor etc, drivers license etc... that i'm 4' 10"... Embarassed

Topic: Where do all you girls like to be kissed the most on your body
Posted: 04 Jul 2015 17:41

down the back of my neck, and then around the shoulder to be bitten on my collar bone

Topic: Bad Habits
Posted: 27 Jun 2015 21:15

Eh? i gave up bad habits, and made the habit of choosing my habits... Hence i chose, "bad" habits. it's giving in, but it's a very giving habit, so i look at it as not so much a bad habit. i don't smoke, or drink, so i give into my own desires... Though i have been told it's terrible of me to do so.
Embarassed dontknow [-o< a1089

Topic: Strap-ons versus Feeldoe for couple play
Posted: 21 Mar 2015 20:02

My vote is for the feeldoe - I have one and it is wonderful.

i second that vote!

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Thanx for add Sue
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Just dropping by to say hello

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Wish you a wonderful Weekend
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Just taking a walk to send hello to my dear friends

Posted: 24 Jul 2015 00:49
Sweet Sue...you are so precious and sweet....our love so perfect and mutually satisfying...please do not let us be apart for so long...it is torturous to us both...!!! Love...Andi...xxxxx

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Roses as sweet as you..!! Let's chat soon...I have missed you so....!! Love.....Andi.....xxxxx

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Have a wonderful weekend

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going swimming with a Lady i just met. wish me luck... ta ta for now...
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Oh shoot, i guess i can't post pics anylonger... :-(
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For all the Lush Mommies...
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Hope to talk soon Sue

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