Chapter two: Julie comes for a visit

Julie comes for a visit

About two months had passed since our meeting and foursome with Julie and Tom. I was lying on the bed reading my e-book reader wearing the shorts I sleep in when Dawn walked out of the bathroom. She was wearing a black silk robe that was so short it just covered her pussy. Since she was still damp from her shower the silk of the robe was sticking to her body like a second skin. It showed off...Read On


After the party

It was a cold wet night as I arrived at the hotel that was hosting the annual work party. The wind whipped my tie around as I walked though the wet parking lot towards the hotel. After I had entered the building I followed the signs to the large conference room that had been rented for the party. As I entered I saw my all coworkers mingling around drinking there cocktails and chatting. As...Read On

Group Sex(2)


The Party - Part One

Never expected this at the party I was invited too...

I pulled her head closer, pushing the last bit of my cock down her throat. Arching my back, I let out a low moan of pleasure as I pumped my seed into her. As I stood there feeling my cock pump the last of another thick load of cum, I listened to the moans of pleasure around me, and I reflected on how this night had started. I had been invited to a party by Tina. We worked together in...Read On


Chapter One: Meeting Julie

The following is a first of a group of stories all of which are fantasies but most of the people are real. I will be writing each one more or less like a chapter. Hopefully I will be able to write them quickly. I hope you enjoy them. Chapter One: Meeting Julie Dawn and I have been married for 8 years and we have an amazing sex life. She is bi sexual which I find a huge turn on. I love...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Fun in the pool

It was a warm summer moonlit night as I walked out to the pool deck. As a listened to the insects chirping away I reflected and how much I loved the secluded house that Lisa and had had bought out in the country. The pool helped to entertain the kids in the warm summer months and it also allowed us some adult play time as well. With no neighbours around it allowed Lisa and I to enjoy each...Read On