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Latest Love & Erotic Poems



What is it that I'm so afraid of? To never feel your fingertips hush my lips before I spill everything I'll never say again and your incandescent eyes will burn brighter as if to say you already know what I hold inside. To be reminded that you'll understand my pain more than I'm ever ready to admit, to be touched and see not just more of myself but every phantom that brought us closer. To...Read On


Silicon and Lace

She gives it even better than she gets it and is much bigger than me.

  She took every inch of me that added up ten and said I'd been the deepest any man had been.   In her ass, her cunt, and throat she savored my hard cock. Thick enough to do the trick. Lord, she loved to rock!   I nearly left her speechless for all that she could say was "OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD!" as we humped the day away.   She did a lot of moaning and staring into space and...Read On



Our love is forever evergreen

Forever always, Deep in my heart You will forever dwell, Wherever I may go You will forever remain, In my thoughts where you will stay And throughout all these years, That I have lived though And all of my dreams, That I have dreamed of you My love that I have for you, Will last forever and ever Like it will remain, Forever more evergreen. Forever always, In my eyes that I can see There...Read On


Woman on a Bench, Reading

She sits with her feet folded under her Daintily to one side as she reads. A cup of coffee obediently waits on the ground before her, Her lips, stained on its rim. One hand cradles her book The other playfully Twirls a lock of silken, wavy brown hair. The corners of each page Teasingly flutter in the warm summer breeze. Those lips again, Now moving sensually to every word As her mind...Read On


Hidden Desires

A gentle caress Over a sensitive body Ruffles of breeze A late summer’s night Across sun-kissed skin   Fleeting memories Of a past Full of excitement and joy Sadness and heartache And passion   Who she once was She left behind Desires and needs Locked away Hidden in darkness   Treacherous heat Burning from within Wanting to surface Betray her control Erupt in blazing fire...Read On


But with love

Just before we reach heaven between the tastes of our own sins.  Just before the sun comes up  enlightening our shadows exposing us to the naked core of what we were are and always have been. Just before I can whisper your name  with the voice of pure lust drooling over my ruby lips against the paradise of your bare skin, the message transduced against flesh,  all that was hidden now...Read On


Broken Sonnets for a Departed Lover - I

Night can be the loneliest time

Waking at three in the morning, my eyes Damp for some reason, I lie silent in the dark Listening for the familiar fall and rise Of your soft breathing; but only the stark   Emptiness of absence surrounds my frail Vacuum. My heartbeat throbs like your cock Used to, while I can only weep with hatred at my stale Desire. My brain screams at me, begging me to mock   My ridiculous...Read On

Recommended Read

Where Apostles Now Rest

In shadows of an illuminating moonlight Feverish touches to excite Eager bodies entangled, as flowing streams sail throughout the night Love showers soar on an ardent clandestine flight Burning desires sinking as passionate flames persist to ignite With soft caresses kissed to your skin This night fate and destiny of our union blend Midnight yearnings echo a lover’s slow dance As doves...Read On


I’m Your Whore

Sometimes you need it rough...

I’m tired of nonsense  I need a man  To take my fears With his demanding hands   Make me forget  While I’m on my knees  Use my body  Make me beg for release   Open my mouth  With your stare  Feed me your cock And fuck me there   Let your dick conquer  Erasing my fears As I feel your hands Removing my cares    Fuck my mouth  As I grab your ass I can take it  Don’t hold...Read On


Your scent all around me

My beautiful feeling of eternity Your voice screaming pleasure but saying nothing I am waiting for your hands to find the light in my soul As we share the sheets of our love. Our skins hurt as they have been wrenched apart I miss you in every room now you are not here  I walk between the orchids and the roses  But yours is the only scent I feel  It has surrounded me since the first day ...Read On

Strings Of Rachmaninoff

In the twilight my eyes gone bleary, strings of Rachmaninoff filling my ears fueling my mind's wistful inquiry, and my poetic monogamy. And as a ghost, not so cheery, smiles and tears alternatively flow, my weakened heart grows weary, as sunlight fades and stars glow. Shadows at dusk silhouette my heart as sins remain and your love departs, tears rain down in my inkwell's pond staining...Read On



  Glancing shyly up at you from under my lashes I get lost in the depth of your brown eyes It’s like I can see into your soul which twines with mine perfectly The way you gaze at me makes my heart skip a beat It’s like you can see into my soul as well I long to feel your strong arms embrace me and keep me safe and warm I long to wrap myself around you and hold you tight to me. I dream...Read On


Taste You

I am thirsty...

As our lips parted Going down on my knees Between your legs My eyes looking up At your powdered blue eyes A smile upon my lips Not breaking eye contact I hold your flaccid member The soft warm velvety feeling Starts coming alive in my hands Licking my lips with my tongue I kiss the tip of your one-eyed monster A teardrop on it begging for another kiss Swirling my tongue around its head With...Read On


Map of Love

exploring the delicious touch

She lies beneath him As he explores the curves of her body Like a traveler studies a map A map unfolded for for his eyes only No GPS required to Find the treasures he seeks Her treasures are for him only His strong hands explore her curves Slow and steady never in a hurry He Learns what makes her gasp and moan Her likes and dislikes her highs and her lows He smiles when she quivers and moans...Read On


Phoenix Love

Not two but one

As we walked through the flames of time Searching for Our true one  Love   Hand in hand Coming through Stronger Renewed Pure Not as two But as one Love   Phoenix sings Wingspread  Warmed by  Love As one we rise Song of love Sung to the Gods Mortals giving praise Circle complete Love As we walked through The flames of time Soulmates reunited Brought through time ...Read On



A rewrite of a much older poem

I knew the shape of your face as well as my own,  but true contact marks us deeper than skin,  beyond flesh and vapor into the ether, realizing that we can never go back to a world's beautiful axis without being  suspended inside its crippling inertia. When pulled into eyes like glowing oceans, the strobing tetras in mysterious dark waters, vast enigmatic depths below such a...Read On


A Night Out

Inspired by a song from the Stereophonics

It’s 7 O’Clock in the evening, Getting ready to go out shave and shower done, She puts on her make up, standing looking in the mirror with her lingerie on Slips into her dress, we are ready to impress   It’s 8 O’Clock in the evening, Paying our entrance fee, no membership renewal required Head to the bar, have a good look around, Get our drinks, take our seats and wait to be found  ...Read On


Echo in the Mirror

In silence, I sit and I stare at a ray of sunlight It’s forced its way through the cracks in my window blinds. Blinds meant to block the glow, Meant to keep the radiance out. But, it finds a way to penetrate Cascading down, Etching shadows in the ripples of the wood floor. It wants to rouse me To open my eyes and breathe life into my soul. I run my fingers through the beam, My skin...Read On


Casket for my love

I buried my love down deep in a casket, I couldn't keep For a day or two, I did gently weep, crying softly, sure my heart t'would break I wiped my tears, staining filigree lace I walked on muddy rivers edge,  looking for a vow to keep, Something to remind me of my youthful beliefs All I found was decay everything is made to fade away, To turn to ash with the passing of the day....Read On


This Moment of Afterglow

Loving session ended, time for reflection

If I could take this moment now, And put it in my pocket. To cherish once more should love escape How might I then review it? Could I catch again that sky above, As ‘bible black and starless’ as Dylan’s ever was, Creating the deep, deep, dark that Could not hide the blanket on the terrace Where you lay, legs and arms out wide, On offer to the sky? To the world? No, Only to me....Read On



Sitting patiently I wait for you, Wait for you to come   I dream of how things will be, How our bodies will intertwine   How my legs will fit around your waist,  and my arms will grip tight   Your thick length will fill me just right,  like it’s where you're supposed to be   At home thrusting in this drenched tunnel, forever stretching and sating me   Fulfilling all our desires...Read On



Our tease is coming to an end...

Surrender to my touch As I surrender to yours. Our tease is coming To a shattering climax, As we surrender our bodies and souls. It will come fast and hard. So hard. Clothes ripped and torn, Pushed against the wall. Eyes screaming, Full of lust. Desire. Taken as the candles flickers. Again, And again. We hold each other's key, Knowing we are claimed....Read On

Akimbo To The Stars

And when the hour is at its rest, over the sunset as the Autumn's night shines through my slats, akimbo to the stars, and jelly jars. Of everything you mean to me, and moonlight tea with sweet kisses from your lips like ginger snaps, akimbo to the stars, and trading cards. Dancing to the wind-borne echoes with the strings of the mandolin, akimbo to the stars, and you my puffin. ...Read On

Mutual Masturbation At The Beach

In a secluded spot on a beach A man lays on a blanket He takes a bite of his peach And reaches into his straw basket His bathing suit is a Speedo His outline of his cock shows His blanket is in front of a gazebo He's oiling his body very slow His dick is stuffed in his suit He holds his cock in his hand He's sexy and very cute I wonder if this was planned He doesn't notice me He pulls...Read On


Heel the Dog

to know you are owned

  Each Day One look One motion One word   Each Day  You guide me You train me You teach me   Each Day To taste To know To feel   Each Day To get the call To yearn To belong    Each Day The smell of leather The frothy welts The complete surrender   Each Day I wait I know You own me...Read On


A Night With Big Don

Allow your big dick to give my mouth its begging just due

Cum, let me swallow you Allow your big dick to give my mouth its begging just due Shove your hard erection in my mouth as far as it goes Sucking and pumping the hard vessel, waiting for your pearly juices to flow Bobbing my head, choking, drippings of a river flooding from my mouth Finger slipping inside of my wet pussy as I’m pleasing my south   On my knees, giving you my heart’s fire...Read On


Her Perfume

Her love was intoxicating like her perfume

Her perfume captured, My nose unawares With a sweet intoxicating, Smell just like lavender. That knocked against my chest, That touched my heart As it pulled me with my heartstrings, With a strong tungsten rope. As it propelled, Me on a soft breeze As it strikes the sails on my boat, Guiding me to the window of my soul. From where I stared, Unashamed from the harbour  Across the sea, As...Read On


A French Quarter's Breakfast In New Orleans

Shoveling, and giving me all that desire behind a solid stick

  Umm… Good morning Handsome One Before we part ways, breakfast is served on me before the rise of the sun As you can see, only succulent fruit is laid out Which, I’m sure your dick will have no qualms about Sorry baby, no cereal, no milk Only a sinful excursion to caress your libido as fine woven silk I hope you have brought to the table an appetite to consume every presentable, bit...Read On

About My Shadow

I but a poet of Gothic strychnine with words of darkness you define, as your maiden lips deceive me with your tongue of asp clasped, clasped about my shadow. As your chatoyant eyes reflect, reflect my preamble of prose, I feel your cunt grasp my woes as if a haunting of the cello, like odd curios, the bow and me.   ...Read On


Early Morning Hard On

Early Morning Hard On Pussy squeezing it until it’s too far gone Close your eyes Umm, space my thighs for a silken arrowing surprise Allow the path of your wet tongue to gently glide over me Losing its purpose in its fever awaiting need Softy licking the peaks of my pert nipples Duty of the man to please, the feeling to cave into, it’s so simple Tongue sailing down the slope of...Read On