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Latest Love & Erotic Poems



I describe an impregnation.

Treasure in my arms in my hands. The treasure is Barbara her body in my arms her breasts in my hands. Holding her this way is my heaven my sexual haven. My groin against her buttocks my cock between her crack my instincts at work. I move my shaft between her legs probing for her entry I press myself between her lips sliding up and down I hear her moan of pleasure as I glide into her. ...Read On


Late Night Interlude

Thinking of that special lady while up at night

My bladder woke me late last night I had to go relieve my plight As I dried myself I thought of you Touching me there as you often do Then my fingers lingered longer Massaging e're a wee bit stronger As I sat there, rocking gently I stroked myself more intently Keeping as quiet as I could Circling round and round my hood Then a finger slipped inside And on it I began to ride My...Read On

Radio, WBOU

On the darkside of the clock's face While sipping cider on a poetic dime As the pendelums swings, tick-tock Driving the highway in my pickum' up truck The mites choir in the wee hours   As the fat lady sings Ava Maria  And tears run down my chest For being a jester and devil's fool As you ran amuck, giving out fucks For two bits and a holler While I masterbated as the clock struck...Read On


All I Need To Know

All I need to know

In this fast paced world All I need to know is  That rain or shine  You love me  Life gets so busy  The distance can be so hard  All I need to know is  At the end of the day you are waiting for me and  We can get all wrapped up together  To discuss our day  All I need to know is  At night  I get to fall asleep against your chest  After we share a few minutes of passion  All I...Read On


The Wolf

Dark nights of oblivion We shared them in silence We lived them in the shadow. Nothing prepared us. You sank your teeth in my flesh Feasted upon my weakness I heard you whispering, breathing on my skin and I couldn't say no. But in the comforting warmth of the night, oh such a forgiving mother, everything is different. The moon does not violate things with her light. Not like the sun,...Read On


We Have All the Time In the World

For my own lover

We have all the time in the world It is not denial But acceptance of a higher truth My eyes look upon you and know We will go on No matter what they say It is the only way to live our lives  To the fullest With each day that passes To live without seeing an end To love without crying again To laugh without doubting  And win We have all the time in the world    ...Read On

Sugar Runs

Orgasms are like an apotheosis with glee As if a phantom in disguise as you dream Like dryads of a full moon hidden in trees While stars twinkle in a kaleidoscope sky Occasionally rung like wind chimes hung As the sweetness of sugar runs  ...Read On


On Monday Night - Part III

Be still, held fast. Breathe against pleasure, lungs straining to fill, with two hands on the mast, and her face buried in treasure, subject to another's will like never before in life past. For one moment, she hesitates, lost in lust beyond measure and the exaltation of fright, but surrender is fated. Palm to throat, tightening across breath faded. Her face elated, her discipline a moat. ...Read On


love conquers all

She makes me a better person and I truly love her.

Is this real life or just a dream 'I love you' isn't enough Together we've become a team It's just us and no-one else One year ago we met online I smile now looking back I knew you would be mine A great love had begun Separated with land and sea I thought I'd lose you I knew we were meant to be I had to meet my love Ten hours flying in the air My first one all alone Five hours down I'll...Read On



Poem on the spell of a dancer, turn phone horizontal to experience the full effect of the structure

  Sway. Left then right caressing the arms that hold tight. Sensually, seductively rocking hips side to side slowly tempting the senses. Pulling the inhibitions of those select few who see the real you, off the fences to find themselves lost in your terrible, awful lie if only to hear your sweet sigh. They fall to deft hands teasingly goading each man, woman kneading them...Read On


The Body Soon Follows

You whisper that anticipation is everything, you can sense the intensity already... I can feel your words race across my skin, like a faint but palpable wind, summer's final traces of heat, a final secret given to me. Our words are just the catalyst,  elements stirring electricity, a complex intangible storm, that is always about connection. The body soon follows. Hands roaming along...Read On


Even though sometimes you make me mad I'll still always love you Even though you make me feel sad I'm still happy I said I do Life is not always a bowl of cherries But love is always in the background Our love is extraordinary Sometimes I just don't want you around Life happens and things don't go our way We're lucky that there's always tomorrow A chance for a new and brighter day A new day...Read On


The Halloween Party

Our first meeting Cara...(thank you Marylyn wherever you are)

To think I nearly didn’t go To that party where we met The thought of us not meeting That’s a thought I must forget   Who knew on that spooky night I would meet my life long mate Something must have made me go I think they call it fate   I went with that girl Marylyn She called me on the phone Wanted me to go with her But I ended up alone   I came over and I spoke to you You...Read On


Ode to the breast

Boobs they are so fine

Breasts that are so wonderful  Breasts that are soft and nice Breasts that go great with, Having a bourbon on ice. They come in all shapes Small or large Flat or round But they all feel great to the touch. Boobs they don’t come one at a time, They always double up two at a time I like to bury my face in them, And nibble, suck or lick getting the  Nipples nice and hard. Boobs that are...Read On

Audio version available

The Rhythm of Sex

"Myfanwy... Myfanwy... Am I yours. Am I yours." "Yes, yes, yes you are -" Oh! those words of reassurance, those words of need, those words of love. The smile, the sigh, the open mouth, the lustful scent that drifts on the rising air. The hand of hers, that slowly clutches and feeds their fingers through filamentous hair, And the brush of fingertips against warm gossamer-like skin. The heady...Read On


Your Presence

Your love has freed me from the past, It has opened my heart. It shines like the sun Pours over me like rain  Rages within me like a storm It refreshes me again and again  Your love means everything  ...Read On

Poser's Weed

Sleeping on stones poetic shawled As your cunt of midnight brume Entice my lusting nomadic doom My cock quakes as you hump In jubilation of dark porn As your tongue levitates 'Bout my bleeping warm chest  As your clit swims in your dish Salivating a baptismal wish The ravens on boughs thrall As your cunt of midnight brume Fill with my seed of poser's weed  Casting but a shadow on the...Read On


Take me Home

Full of sadness and emotion

I am just so wrapped up, So emotionally consumed  With my face in my hands  Not knowing where I should turn Because of all this hurt deep inside  But if you could ask me something, But not sure where I am going to start Due to all the anger deep inside. But confused by the love that’s within. Not knowing where I should turn. With these roads that just don’t, Seem to be going anywhere But...Read On


To Dream

I rush to sleep to meet her in a dream bridging the distance to where together we've always been Am I dreaming while I'm sleeping or having a nightmare that I'm awake Which is my reality and which is the fake? Living our lives,  separate yet together dreams of making love and holding her forever If she's a dream I don't want to wake unable to let her go a decision I couldn't make So I...Read On


The Things I Wish

The things I wish, Number only a few, A happy future, For me and for you.   That I could wake up One dark grey morn, And all light I need, Situated at my side.   To feel against me, The touch of your hand, Love, you don't know How much that is in demand.   The powerful caress, Of hands not my own, Writhing and pulling, Eliciting a moan.   But the things I wish, Not soon...Read On



It hurts not having you close,  when you mean so much to my heart. But it would kill me not having you in my life at all,  every moment feels meaningless when we're apart. What I would give to hold you in my arms as you sleep every night,  your head resting on my chest.  But even with every inch of our bodies contorted tight to each other, I would still long to be more tightly pressed. I...Read On

The Calico Fields

The hummingbirds word beautiful memories As my mind returns to the calico fields of cotton Where the river flows soft rhythm of treasuries Befitting my wife of the Shenandoah  As I recite the Lord's Prayer From the oaken wood of my rocking chair   With a Tierra befitting her Halo   We share a spiritual sip of Heaven Hill Kissing with a sweetness of the julep As my mind returns to...Read On


Her Lover

She could find him in darkness ...

  She spots him in a crowded room, His eyes caress her She could find him in darkness, His energy stirs her   She knows he's behind her, His breath warms her She feels his hand around her waist, His other hand falls lower on her   She lets him guide her to a private room, His hands free panties from her She bends over the desk anxiously waiting, His manhood devours her   ...Read On



Poets write of passionate kisses and amazing smiles,  Tight embraces and longing over miles.  Each one has their muse. Inspiring symbolism and metaphor.  The focal point of beauty in their life. The reason to keep coming back for more. Take all these things and wrap them up in a ball.  And they still can't compare to you.  There are no words to convey what you mean to my life,  no more...Read On

His Hot Little Ride

She's a nice little ride She likes it in her butt She's got a great backside She likes that his dick is uncut He holds her by her hips While he fucks her asshole This makes her honeypot drip While her man takes control He tells her she's his whore While stroking at her cunt She begs her man for more He loves all her sexy grunts He wants to finish in her vagina And pulls out and slides...Read On


Snow drift

Dreams of Aspen and fresh falling powder cuddling by the fire all melt like so much errant snow You know the seasons will change yet you're always surprised when hearts do Better not to rely on the weather because Mother Nature can be unforgiving Dress in layers against the elements and protect against the chill Because it's hard to recover from frostbite and Summer is too far away  ...Read On


Twisted tongue

Today, I decided I’m done. Twisting my hips away From your once loving tongue in anguish. My words, terse over breakfast Gentle nudges and sighs, won’t last. I ask it straight. Why? You’ve known me Forever. My me-ness? My mind and persona, direct as a pact. Tell me! You, the guilty one here flinched, Why has your tongue taken a life force of grit? Watching you flush; fork hovering Mouth...Read On

Breath Of Catcher's Net

As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net Of golden butterflies befitting a crown Giving wings to spiritual dreams As your lips manifest on my chest When the Tierra of your halo glows With a teardrop of dawn's soul I pray the Lord give me sleep Entwined in love of our keep As I sigh a breath of the catcher's net  At rest in metamorphosis  ...Read On



This was the very first poem I wrote way back in the eighties

The tears I cry fall from eyes that one time had forgotten how to weep how to sigh        from love misbegotten Freely flowing remembering pain feeling once again easily now like dew thew fall after mournings reign My heart is hurt this final time an ending to a game it's over now I've lost again A player never more but the bittersweet memory how to cry reopens a rusted door...Read On



What will I do without you?

I hear your name above the wind The wind that blows around me, so cold I never thought that I'd be out here all alone I never thought that you'd leave We once had it all but things fell to the ground I am standing out here, so alone and afraid Do you miss me? Do you need me? I am lost without you Life is cruel when you fall so hard in love and then see it all end I wrap my arms...Read On