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Latest Love & Erotic Poems


Nights Such as This

It’s on summer nights such as this That I remember so clearly; Sitting in my chair in silence As the daylight fades from the sky And the soft air folds about me Like a soothing blanket of peace.   It’s on gentle nights such as this That I remember so clearly; Looking out across the calm loch To the fell-sides outlined ink black Against the paler indigo Of the star bedecked...Read On


Sunshine and Blue Skies

Everything around me reminds me why I love you

Whilst I’m sat here on the tractor In the middle of the grassy meadow  Couldn’t help but pick the quiver And write a beautiful love poem Whilst the workday is in full swing To let my sweetheart lover Know how much, she’s meant to me Throughout every meaningful word. Of the love poem, that’s written for her With the warmth of the midday sun That always brightens up the day While I work...Read On


My Favorite Secret

Let me tell you about my favorite secret...

The mysterious smile pasted on my lips As I sit alone in the corner of a room My twinkling naughty eyes look afar Thinking about my favorite secret The wandering of my naughty mind Erotic thoughts that it can conjure Cause to harden my erect nipples Thinking about my favorite secret The sweet dreams that visit my sleep Make me wet between my thighs As my fingertips tease my slippery...Read On


My Favorite Sun

I dreamt of a path that no longer exists Holding out hope for a future  A way in which time can create  Moments in the everlasting  You were there with me  Holding me against your chest Protecting me from the now reality  That our time is now but history  I miss your kisses that leave me breathless  Hiding in the secret corners of time Taking me on a journey no one sees For we hold...Read On


A Soldier’s Memory

He lay stretched out on the narrow iron framed bed Idly staring at the cracked and blotchy ceiling, Its surface resembling a map of no man's land, A senseless wilderness of craters and barbed wire. Unthinking, his mind was empty of all feeling Other than a sense of utter futility, A weariness that had seeped into his marrow Like the water bleeding from the walls of the trench Whose...Read On



Just a few pawns and a king is all that’s left.  The game is made from moves of steel,  seemingly meaningless. One of the pawns turns itself into a queen.  Oh, how the game has changed.  The swish of the dress, the sparkling eyes, her scent.  The knowing smile that overtly predicts his downfall.  The king is lost, he knows it.  She glides towards him, taunting him, playing with him. ...Read On



Erotic possession

You fill me with desire Sir And I want all of you. The deep marks from your mouth,   The erotic tingle from a tight hair hold,   The true desire from your heart.   And continuously, I feel you possessing me   And I Love it, Sir.  ...Read On


Craving His.....

All she can do is wait.

Waiting, needing, pussy screaming. Needing a fix, like a junkie. I hear your voice my pussy gets wetter. Needing that fix, wanting as I suck my finger.   Thinking of your kisses, bites, and caresses. My legs shiver as I spread them wider. My fingers dance on and around my clit. Deeper, faster, getting myself hornier.   My imagination goes wild thinking of your hard cock. ...Read On

Recommended Read


Few things live In this garden of  Thirsting flowers   Petals scattered  Like headstones Among cracked, Disintegrated  Stems Shattered skeletons Of tree branches  Lying on powdered dirt   Dogs may tear every limb Time may desecrate it all   But warmth beats  Below the surface Stretches in the fingers of roots Crackles into the dried veins Of the forgotten  And with every...Read On

Recommended Read

No Regard

In the end I fell so easily Walls tumbled With gleeful innocence As chaos reigned capriciously Tangled limbs, tangled hearts Wants unmasked Each acceptance draws me further in The web braided with fate's red string She laughs as she watches But I know the ways of fate As I make shapes with her strings My heart is not diluted for being fuller I’d rather fill it with love I will give no...Read On


Where the Sweet Vine Grows

Lay your head where the sweet vine grows, Let your eyes see clearly those things unknown, Release the reigns that once were binding, Cast out affliction and be your own.   May you bathe within a spring of light, Embracing warmth of youth anew, Seek again the path where none have tread, And the knowledge sought by only few.   Discover what beyond this world can offer, Be all...Read On


I leave you, changed

Saying goodbye can be hard, but sometimes it's the right thing to do.

I have one foot out the door and one there's one that wants to stay I never thought I would feel trapped this way. And again our past comes full circle and slaps us in the face. I've shed my skin with you so much, I don't remember who I was before. I don't need to. I couldn't have asked for more. But you put your nose to the grindstone and I disappeared for you. This is a love letter. It's...Read On


Looked But Didn't See

This vixen had such fun, I knew not, what I’d done. The loving that night was rigorous, as we laughed at your ignorance.   A fortnight thereafter, I had no reason for laughter. My episodic weekend of euphoria, now replaced by mourning nausea.   Treated to lunch, through sorrowful tears I begged, your nature I’d never truly pegged. My lecherous lips, forgiven, graced by your tongue,...Read On


The Song of Deikailo

A fairy writes a letter to her beloved

I lean against the marble statue With closed eyes, I slide down her form ‘til I’m sitting – and I listen to the sounds The sounds of Leafy, our city, our secret. No more.  But was she ever? How could children claim an entire city As their “secret place?”   She’s different now you know – our Leafy New and modern.  Buildings. Ships. Gardens. Countless faces I don’t know… But beneath...Read On


A King's Reality

All alone they stare into the darkness, Unspoken words fall prey to circumstance, Shivering is the mind of insecurity, Causing blindness in the eyes of second chance.   The nature of a human being is stubborn, Rejecting light while darkness needs salvation, Resistance is the voice, yet if the heart itself had choice, Their words would be of reconciliation.   It’s said that Kings...Read On


"You and I"

Just lost in dreams of exciting nature, given to fevers of exquisite passion, lost in endless desire, pursuing relentlessly never-ending pleasure, you and I travel together, exploring the seas of lust, stopping at ports of love, just to sail away in search of spiraling climaxes racking our frenzied bodies and branding our souls....Read On



They say that diamonds  Are a girls best friend. Formed under pressure  Glistening with radiance    They say that diamonds  Are forever  Formed with pleasure  Glistening through touch    They say that diamonds  Are expensive  Formed through time  Glistening with desire    My Diamond shall  Be forever  Formed through my pleasure  Glistening on my fingers   ...Read On


Pressing Her Clitoral Lust Button

An ode to eating pussy.

Your clitoral lust button  switched on by the flicking motion  and being pressed down upon  by the swaying motion  and the teasing actions  from my tantalizing tongue You are dripping wet with widespread legs as I kneel before you pushing you over  the orgasmic edge   like a tumbling barrel  going over the churning  white foaming currents  of the rushing rapids of your own...Read On



Fantasies of sex, orgies of lust, times of unlimited pleasures, orgasms shaping hot nights, words of fantasy and oblivion, coolness melting like burning ice, eager bodies aching to perform under the gaze of a thousand eyes…   May 11, 2019  ...Read On



I want your lips, Their kiss upon my body like a gentle caress, Tumbling against mine like a hurricane, Twisting and turning making everything else move aside, When your lips are in play there is no room for anything else.   You use your lips like a tool, Unlocking and unhooking, Undoing me, Releasing the casing so you can see what lies under my chassis, See what problems you must...Read On


If I Knew You When

Back in the day, when love was ever so young

If I knew you when back then when love was young Back when the drinks flowed  freely to fill the favored need Back when the touches flowered grew so  abundantly Back when the blossoms soared  wafting the billowed scents The needs we could have shared back when I was young Before you were young When my body was ever so true and strong If I knew your bright shining spirit your art...Read On


Wish On A Star

Wishes come true

Wish on a star Look up at the sky See all the things that could be Look at them with the one you love Look at them while you share your dreams Dreams may come true When feeling the passion Gentle the precious touch Love grows stronger Love blooms with nuture Small and simple things Passionate kisses Under the stars Tangled up together...Read On

Velvet Petals

Spirit glowing in my room Blue beams in moonlight I say my prayers, Amen Laying me down to sleep Stirring dreams of ambrosia In the comfort of my rest Wishing upon a jar of happiness Filled with mountain air And bubbly streams Feeling the evening breeze Counting stars on my wall Our lips kiss as lovers do until the wet of dawn with dew Glowing blue in a moon's light With eyes shining...Read On


Where Weary Soldiers Hide

Although we’ve traveled many miles It seems we flew the flag half mast We sang of seasons not yet new But our season came, our season passed   I will bow upon a knee in praise To thank you for the love we’ve shared I’ll wipe the tears amidst your face From eyes so deep, from skin so fair   I will mount my steed and travel on Aiming for the setting light Destination still unknown...Read On



Trust is so fragile  So easy to break Hard to repair  Often it’s too late  "Trust me," he pleaded "Feel my love,"  But the pain is blinding  The damage is done  Small little lies Behind my back  Caused the pull  Creating the crack  We talk and tease Smile when near But the passion is fading  Yet there’s no tears Where is your head When you speak to me?  Was this a myth  Or...Read On



My date with you...

  The night begins with wine, hors d'oeuvres, and cheese, A beast within but still a gentleman, Your beautiful black dress flows in the breeze, Off the shoulders; left to expose a tan,   Painted black nails ready to carve my skin, Dark eyelashes blinking into my soul, Scarlet lipstick outlines a naughty grin, You are tempting but I am in control,   A fancy evening...Read On


See Yourself As I Do

When you wish someone could see you as you see them

See Yourself As I Do   “I am not pretty”  She says this to me  But with every dagger her words throw I see only her overwhelming beauty  “My freckles are ugly” She says with conviction Like they don’t decorate her skin Like each star lights up the midnight sky “I am too fat” But her curves are perfection  Soft but strong in graceful arcs Like the gentle curves of the glorious mountains ...Read On


Neaera's Epitaph

Alas, the many erotic stories that are forever lost to us!

Neaera's Epitaph   An imaginary fragment from 'The Lives of Famous Whores' of Gaius Seutonius Tranquillus.   Not in this soil but elsewhere, passer-by, The bones of lusty Neaera lie. Beloved of Venus, the kindler of desire, Her's was the gift, her's the sacred fire ! Her beauty; the bane of every prude, Was dazzling; be she clothed or better, nude. Tell me fair muse or swiftly...Read On


Her Voice

Whatever stirs your soul, listen to that the rest is noise - Nicole Lyon

Within the noise of life, There is a voice I love to hear, It’s owner means the world to me. She calls with simple clarity, Over the waves of sea and time. Those sensuous tones speak to my soul  Her whispers do seduce my mind Her fingers wrap around my heart As time becomes our valued space Our thoughts do intertwine  For in her presence  all other noise is filtered out My...Read On


Poem: The Rancher and I

My dearest fantasy - the rancher and I.

In Texas, I was just a 21-year-old girl; I was one day crowned a farmer's princess. The rancher gave me a ring of pearl, and that was the moment I amply fulfilled his wishes. It all started with me being his giving, living doll; he believed I was beautiful and that my dear heart was made of gold. He added bows and ribbons in my sun-bleached hair; he even decided on what dresses I wear. ...Read On