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Latest Love & Erotic Poems



love relived

Eventually, After travelling the years Together, hand in hand, Rejoicing in the heat of, Mouth on mouth. Skin on skin, Bodies receiving and, sweetly, giving. Eventually, Time takes his toll, And heat becomes an ember Yet never dies Passion calms, Yet lingers in fond glances, Fingers touch, with love, As hands still hold. All passion spent? Maybe, But the value of what remains ...Read On

Shimmy Shimmy

Shimmy shimmy, I like it raw A blowjob not soon forgotten Was one of many she hummed A cock between her bee stung lips   And squeezing the jism I strung Of my tasty creamy delight While shimming her shaker Buttering her tongue's bread As she gave me a little head    ...Read On


Beneath The Lash

Beneath the deep lashing when a sweet pain blooms through your aching nerves, I wonder if I'm still there.  I can still feel you, it's in the blood, in the heart. The sharp intake of breath when you cannot utter a name, when you're reduced to whimper and shivering naked flesh. There can be no words in that moment when your nerves signal a painful flood that has learned to become a...Read On


You Pull Me Closer As I Sleep

I've written this poem for Cara, the little things we do and the beautiful days we share together.

You pull me closer as I sleep You wake me like you do Each new day begins the same A kiss from me to you   The moment that I wake up I look at you and smile I kiss you on the forehead You lay there for a while   Your hair cascades around your face I whisper in your ear I tell you that I love you You hold me warm and near   I help you put your hair up We sit upon our bed I...Read On


What is Life?

What is life If not the most precious gift of all? Life is love without regard Life is love despite What is life If not the essence within all? Life is love without regard Life is love despite What is life If not a seed of love planted in all? Life is love without regard Life is love despite What is life  If not nurtured within all? Life is love without regard Life is love despite ...Read On


My Desire

I dream about the sweet taste of your lips as I gently suck them in between mine my tongue tip lightly tracing between them to your hard little clit as my fingers stroke your g-spot I feel your contractions squeeze and your hips rise as you moan and cry out in extreme ecstasy We are in heaven  ...Read On


Wash it Away

Doesn’t rhyme or have any sex!

The drumming on the roof Grows from a whisper to a loud roar Wash away everything  Please God, wash it away The bed is chilly I am in it alone but there is someone in it with me But our fire washed away long ago And I don’t want to sleep I want to think of you  My mystery lover We have never met, never spoken  But we have written  And the things you’ve written  Made me feel like I’ve...Read On


Up The Garden Path

Wait for me there, Up the garden path,  Take a step, and then another, Open your arms and then - Surrender. Let the vines entwine your wrists,  Let the cold air caress your lips,  Allow the rose thorns to tickle your thighs,  And the shrubs and tall grasses to make you – Sigh. Let me take you, standing there,  Breasts heaving, hot to the touch, Pushing aside your petals of sex,  By...Read On


Spark to Flame

I woke one morning to find another gone Not a trace to be found, no reason, no so long My heart is too soft I fall much too fast Months of chatting and messaging Made me think this might last Again talk of meeting as the summer would near My heart grew ever hopeful he might be the one so dear Yet here again it's not meant to be As so many times before Will it ever harden me? Here I...Read On


Gone Away

The despair of losing love

Winter came in mid-July Bright, hot sun, Yet frost in my heart. You had gone away No words, only emptiness My life suspended People spoke, friends consoled But there was no you. Nature’s Winter came, Never matching the frosts I carried inside. Self-harming, I walked tree-shaded, Paths we had shared, Almost bathing in that pain, No bitterness, only tears And longing. ...Read On

Love In Stages

He sleeps so still She thinks about her life Their lives are not a thrill For the little housewife Communication has worn away She wishes for other things She continues to pray She know there's been no sin Marriage is a lot of work It's not like in the movies He can sometimes be a jerk He can be a bit moody They still love each other Problems are all around They remain married lovers...Read On

Love Blossoms

A loving relationship marinades Over a period of time The love often cascades The love can be sublime Love is lots of work Problems will escalate It might drive you berserk Putting you both in a state With time, love is a journey Creating memorable memories There will be lots of worries Love can also be in jeopardy You must show love daily Never hold anything back Love can drive you...Read On


You Sent Me A Love Poem but It Was Meant For Someone Else

What are you wearing, baby?

You wrote me a love poem, I loved what you said.  Then I found out it was meant for someone else instead.  When you sent the message, You were a bit under the weather.  It was a twist of fate That brought us together. I wish you weren’t a stranger, An internet persona.  I’m online a lot too. so  I can give you a huge boner. I don’t have a real life,  Obviously nor do you.  Online is...Read On

My Gothic Violin

At times in prose my words wither With a pretentious fleeting Lacking oxygen of this bard's love As the valance of day shawls Then back to wither without a trace As a specter shakes my Gothic violin And as candlelight flickers in shadows   A breath of your presence breathes life On the walls of my sacred space As your kiss pollinates my soul With your lips of sweet resin As a specter...Read On


Feel Me

Hands bound above your head, Eyes cloaked in my delicate darkness. This isn’t about you being aroused, This is about how you will feel, About me, Getting you there. And, this won’t be poetic love, No, no song lyrics to the rhythmic Beat of your heart. Tonight will be a beautiful suffering, Tonight I’ll let your heart beat, To my rhythm. I’ll choose the pictures you will hear, And with...Read On

Recommended Read

Amongst the Arabian sands

Love is a treasure that is so great to find

There was a love worth finding Amongst the vast Arabian desert  Hidden in the warm golden sands A gold rush worthy of being chased A treasure so rich to find More than a carat of diamond To have won over my heart When I found you my love. In the heart of nowhere evermore To have walked a thousand miles barefoot  On sands, hot like embers on a fire With the wood crackles and sparks Like...Read On



At last...

I shall meet you again, under dark portals, near the riverfront. Just lose yourself, in the hum of the waters, I shall find you again and be one with you, forsaking others. No chain is that strong to bind me or deter you, no whip that mean to scare me or stop you. Dominant and sub, master and slave, we will exchange roles, trascending dungeons. And defying boundaries our...Read On

Recommended Read

Songs of Seasons from the Past

Love is singing in our senses

Hear the melodies of seasons from the past Hum along the verdant pathways in my mind Subtle tempers of the years That may echo with a chanting With ballads of gentle cooing in my ears  Warbling Purring with seduction in my ears Like the insects  They are chirping They are whirring As I listen As I hear Heeding all the soothing calling They are offering An oblation Expiation Of the music  ...Read On


A Most Beautiful Gift

When you are given   A most beautiful gift When you see  A most beautiful sight  My heart rejoices  To know that one is there Beyond compare Who simply  Meets my needs How can you define With three little words,  Which hold such power,  glibly said by some, Yet, mean the world to others  What is my dream  But to hold my precious one? Precious one beyond compare  That comes off the page...Read On


Dance Of Silence

For the mind...

At the ends of the tombs is Silence. It is spread above the fields. Chill winds blow making Silence in motion. Silence now moves further ahead, eyes staring at it. Only the throbbing of the leaves can be heard. Even wolves don’t dare to growl. They just join the eyes looking quietly at the Dance of Silence. It embraces the earth. The air, the water and fire. An erotic act...Read On



Joining in memory,embracing darkness.

Just wait until midnight, then go back in time, enter the aisles of memory just to find your way  through the garden at night. Do not fear the darkness; it is just a perfect blindfold. Do not fight the thorny shrubs; they will keep you bound. Thus, bound and blindfolded, you shall wait in the dark. I will join you in the second you despair of finding me. I will then be one with...Read On



A very naughty Christmas for a loyal pet and his Mistress and friends.

  My XXXMAS edging session felt so fucking good like I knew it would  as masturbation should.   Free from my tight cock cage my Mistress made me stroke  for over seven hours  until I went for broke.   When she gave the order  I came into my mouth  wearing her soiled panties  which made her laugh and shout.   I didn’t swallow til she told me when her friends got out their phones...Read On


Feeling my love

Naked lying on my bare body She lays Hungering for my pleasure Feeling my love My hand at rest on her head  Eyes closed She lays  Her mouth at rest on his head Hungering for her pleasure  Feeling my love The peace  Following the storm The torrent of emotion spent Succumbed to need Worship Adoration Resting at peace She lays  Feeling my love Secure in my love In our world that’s perfect   ...Read On


Another Wolf

Another Little Red Riding Hood

  My, what big eyes you have The better to seduce you with, my dear   My, what big lips you have The better to devour your mouth with, my dear   My, what a big tongue you have The better to tease your nipples with, my dear   My, what big arms you have The better to hold you still with, my dear   My, what big hands you have The better to spank your bottom with, my dear   My,...Read On


Thought into Deed

Thinking of a much loved lady

If thoughts were deeds Would you blush If I told you of The promise I see in your eyes? That allure, that desire, Over sensuous lips That tug at my heart, Only to confirm The offer made by your eyes. If thoughts were deeds, Would you tremble If my touring fingers, Rustled through your tawny hair Stroked that curving shoulder,  To set your skin a-tingle?  As my hands trace...Read On


There is a hope

There is a hope that makes my poets eyes lift from the page and see your face.   There is a hope that stirs my fertile mind that gives me strength  for each and every day   There is a hope that burns within my heart my passions and my love for you   There is a hope that stands the test of time  that brings us close each day and night.   There is a hope that drives my...Read On


Garden in the Dark.

Desire finds its object...

And I saw you there, standing, your hair framing your face, your body, lines and angles, your mouth set in pursuit of naked sheer pleasure. And I saw your eyes shining with reckless desire,  defying the world we knew. The garden held us tight, our story is hidden there, under scented leaves, bound to live in memory, treasured by distant stars and locked in the moonlight....Read On


Romeo’s Tongue

Fingers licked and sucked Reaching into your dark crevices  Saliva coated tentacles Taking your star of naughtiness    Moaning loudly in desire Hunger at its peak  Ache between thighs so golden Words unable to speak    Tongue tasting dark honey  Fire flaming your lust Sucking on your clitoris Stars about to burst    Grinding against his beard  His fingers deep inside  How can...Read On



Laurie, Laurie, lay your locks down low, (and smother me with cream soda kisses). Let us skip away the day, wearing only an August sunset, and dance on the Lilly pads. We’ll make love to the harvest moon, for life, is beautiful. Laurie, Laurie, gather seeds to sow, (and get me drunk with amaretto kisses). Let us build a bonfire that burns deep, and scream each other’s name into the night....Read On


Dreams To Compromise

A friendship blindsided into a polyamorous relationship

Looking back now I should have seen it; the tunnel vision blinded me. One thought running through my mind; real life. One girl that took me by complete surprise without a warning. A warning of the spell that she would put me under. One look was all that it would take for her to change me forever.   Her world was fast and free but full of temptation. Temptation that reached out and...Read On