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Latest Love & Erotic Poems


Road To Nowhere

Walking into another day...

She finds herself on yet  another road to nowhere.  Obstacles and stumbles  have now scarred her knees, have now scarred places  that were once untouched, places that he once filled  with a beautiful nameless light Tears blinding her eyes while sobs now silently press past cracked lips, for those lips to part and taste such a loss is the most human thing but does nothing to preserve...Read On

Trailer Trash Slut

Nobody watches over Bobby Sue She's considered trailer trash Her mama doesn't have a clue She whores herself for cash She wears itty bitty skirts With her see through tube tops She laughs and she flirts She plays with her curly locks She opens up her legs Giving the guys a show The crowd always begs Showing her their dough She plays with her mound While all the guys watch She makes...Read On

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Just How I Know He Likes.

Rewarding me for being good.

Gripping the base of his arousal, just how I know he likes I love to hear his excitement, lift his pleasure to new heights Gently stroking up and down, I lean forward and lick the tip His hands reach down and grip my hair, he pushes past my lips. Deep breath in as he holds me down, I try to relax my throat Knowing deep down its futile, he loves to see me choke He holds me there, I...Read On



Written for a very special friend

He comes in like a Romeo Throwing lines at ladies feet Teasing their senses With words so sweet Never caring what he does For he’s there for him alone Giving out sugar From his mighty throne Hurting the angels With his sharp tongue Taking their innocence When he’s gone This worthless suitor Is the vilest of sins Giving a bad name To other men True men like myself Are left in the dark...Read On


Hall of Mirrors

Our love reflects like a hall of mirrors

The love we shared Gave me a purpose  To keep me going In the days we’re together I wanted to recapture The magical atmosphere of millennia Of incredible vivid love Which we captured at first sight Of mirrored reflections In perfect loving symmetry  That shrouds the inner beauty Reflected in a hall of mirrors With the light from within That bounced back and forth  Along the corridors of...Read On



Cos she was cool Yeah she was smoking She had a body like an hourglass She made me pulse and throb   Cos she was tall And she was smoking Blowing rings around me, talking smoothly Really turned me on   Cos she was hot Man she was smoking She had me crying mercy please don’t break me She’d got me under her control   Cos she was mean Oh was she smoking She pulled the blindfold...Read On


Own Me

Touch me ... I shall cum ... Kiss me ... I shall cum ... Mark me ... I shall shiver ... then cum ... Own me ... I shall wait ... for your command ... to cum ......Read On


Sexy Secret

Insatiable Appetite

I am a sexy secret in my room of oblivion on my bed of desire waiting for my Master to come and set me free My body lays quivering my desire is peaking I am moist and leaking yearning for my Master to come and set me free My legs are shaking my pussy is craving my breasts are aching begging for my Master to come and set me free I am moaning softly my hands are roaming my need...Read On


Baby Girl

As we get deeper and deeper into our true lives. Nothing is being held back. Most of the time this seems like a fantasy. Just talking to you here and the phone. I didn't come here to find a true lover. But I did in you. Hoping with all of my heart that this is true and real. I understand your reservations and respect those to be true. I hope you feel my longing for you. Those feelings...Read On



Sex game delivers an unforseen twist

Sex becomes samey, boring, routine, Then recriminations, oft hurtful and mean. Need to rekindle the fire we had, Must think of something to break this regime.   I think up a plan, to bring back the spice, Nothing too kinky, just enough to entice. She’s in agreement and up for the game, The plan has been formed, so let’s roll the dice.   For our little charade, she’ll dress to impress...Read On

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We're burning beneath neon light  and her body is featherweight bliss  racing to dance and glide against my own, nothing left to hold these measured fevers back. And I'm remembering the day  I gave her my heart at the bridge, told her what I can't tell anyone else before warm lips graced my cheek and I wished she was all that I needed. But now the beat pauses and the crowd parts, an...Read On

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In the Dream It Rains

in the dream it rains for a thousand years there's a house you can never see the edges of the girl who lives there dances alone to music she remembers hearing that time she fell in love with a boy who didn't exist she never listens to the blue voice of the dreamer i fold into a secret joy so sad and immense it feels like breaking...Read On


The Magic Wand

I was young and foolish, I thought I knew it all. Men were tools for my delight. Life was just a ball.   Then one day I met a man Who took my breath away. He taught me things I did not know. I remember him to this day.   He was not tall and handsome, And yet we formed a bond. I loved him so, because, you see, He had a magic wand.   When he touched me with his wand He made...Read On


A Jeweled Monument

A man reviews an important evening spent with the lady of his life

Ah, that night, Only days into our gifted years together, in the warm glow of a sparkling summer’s eve, Was it then, on the firm foundations of a declared love Building began, with kisses and so much more? As we walked that heaven blessed cliff Each seeking and murmuring words to further express, The deep endearments we shared. Our fingers entwined in their own intricate tango, To...Read On


Good Morning

The best part of waking up...

saccharine lips enveloping sweetly my throbbing knob, suckling, swirling playfully with your vortex tongue - as a maelstrom roaring into the ocean, your thickening saliva glistens upon my bulging shaft, encroaching ever further within your tightening throat your delicious pressure shudders my aching being beyond sensation, beyond comprehension and my mouth cannot control its...Read On


Everything We've Been Waiting For

warmth - soaking ecstacy as her ankles come to rest upon my shoulder blades pulling thrusting every penetration bursting, spurting delicious elixir culminates perspiration with shuddered breath between fainted whimpers deeper we willingly dive into this forbidden chasm tabooed behind ignorant eyes who fail to witness the lust of my cousin’s bliss  ...Read On


To Her

To the one I Love

Running out of ideas to make you squirm To make you writhe with bliss My heart beats like the rhythm of a song As I try to think of new ways to turn you on   The heat beings to rise, as I Wonder where to begin Feeling the need in me You are my world, my key   Running my hands over your skin Feeling your body start to sing Looking into your eyes, there is a hunger there Slowly...Read On


The Need

... missing you ... ... till I finally found sleep ... ... where I found you there ... ... in my dreams where you live ... ... naked ... ... nipples hard and erect ... ... pussy wide wanton ... ... rabbit slick ... ... moaning my name ... ... as you cum ... ... and cum again ... ... as I stir many miles away ... ... hard cock in hand ... ... as my cum bubbles forth ... ......Read On



I dare you to say it...

  You are mine Completely Without a question To be controlled  To be used As I please Controlling you My every want My every need My greatest desire That will be Yours too Without reservation On your knees At my feet Is your safe place To rest and Be with me Place your head Upon my knees My hand On your head Combing your hair To give you Comfort of feeling You are home Craving you Was...Read On


Hot Desires

Their love so hot, their tryst unforgettable!

Entering  the dark room, a light glow from the city lights is coming from the window. He holds her, their embrace passionate, hands touch both tremble with desire.   Leading her to the window, undressing her so slowly her body tingles as clothes come off in turn she does the same with him.   kissing, licking, moaning, groping. They don’t care if someone sees  the need too great,...Read On


In the Darkness

I open the window And smell the rain. I hear him behind me. I feel him behind me.   In the darkness He comes to me, Touching my skin, Caressing my flesh.   His erection touches me. It excites me. I spread my legs. He enters me.   His cock is hard And deep inside me. I moan with pleasure. I lose control.   In the darkness I smell the rain. I turn around, There's no...Read On


Fox And The Heartbreak

You made me come back to you.  You pulled me back with lies of love.  You had me trapped waiting for your touch.  Every bleep on my phone was heartache when it wasn’t you.  But it was all revenge.  It was your way of hurting me back.  You successfully broke my heart.  You did what you set out to do.  I hope you will forever be proud of what you did.  The hurt you caused, the pain...Read On

Frescoes Of A Gray-Grisaille

In a spirit's breath, of a moon so pale As leaves of autumn turn red palmetto Forever our love taking wind of the sail On the distance in the horizon's pail And the gracious wings of our songs On a chariot to heaven in the sky In adoration of hosanna's psalms As we grasp the rail of eternal swell And my poetry falling on to braille In frescoes of a gray-grisaille    ...Read On



If only I could map it out just once, I'm certain you would finally know. Because I can tilt your chin  and name every light in the sky when the night falls and we're left with nothing but glows that are  the equivalent of temporarily ethereal ghostly glows. I could name them all and tell you that beauty does not last forever, not in the ways humans chart it with a desperate nostalgia...Read On



Inspired... :)

There upon the stage you are Singer, songwriter - quite a star Watching as you sway your hips Yes, I think of THOSE sweet lips A glance exchanged between we two Tells me that we'll soon screw! A tingle starts between my legs An area for which attention begs Your set seems to take forever As I wait for our endeavor Then at last you leave the stage Now my desire is quite a rage To...Read On


I Must Say Goodbye

Goodbye to you. I know you left me awhile ago but now I need to leave you.  I need to let my feelings for you go.  To box them up and hope they never come out again.  I need to say goodbye.  I need this wait to end.  I can no longer wait for something that won’t come.  Even the friendship you promised me but you let die.  You won’t be able to contact me even if you tried.  Be happy. ...Read On


His Favorite Slut

Could he truly handle her...

She had a desire That couldn’t be quenched Needing his dick To take her quick Fucking her mind Claiming her voice. Kissing her breathless Fulfilling her void Taming her demons Was a full-time job Satisfying her hunger While dominating her mind Will he keep up? Or crumble under the fire Can his massive cock Answer her desire?  Maybe the answer  Isn’t his dong Maybe it’s a...Read On


The Cuckold’s Testimony

Locked in its gilded cage my cock throbbed With excruciating excitement  As I watched you prepare your body For your youthfully virile lover, Meekly anticipating the pain Of my willing humiliation As I witnessed again the rapture Of your adulterous ravishment By his proud and conquering weapon. Time after time I would have to watch, Impotent voyeur of your pleasure As he pounded...Read On


Pleasure Flight

A bit of a new direction for me :)

  As back you lay your lovely head Body supine upon the bed My hands rest on your bent knees Pushing apart by slow degrees Revealing to my waiting sight Your flower, pink, to my delight A moment there I, savoring, linger Before reaching out with just one finger Tracing 'twixt those glistening lips Waiting there, between your hips Then tasting the sweet nectar found As my heart begins...Read On

Ferry Me A Rainbow

Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn And the warm ripples of your heart With your lips as the emissary As the lotus awakes with dew on the petals With a scent of the pekoe leaves And September's gloss in your eyes Making love in a tree house of a bonsai Ferrying me a rainbow across the dawn With the way of the Shinto While making love on each swell Between luminous haze and...Read On