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  I picture you dressed all in white a veil on your head  and unspoiled as a freshly fallen snowdrift. My heart catches in my throat, As I gaze at your ethereal silhouette through the Vaseline glaze of tears in my eyes. Frozen in place  and not daring to move. Afraid I might wake and find everything has vanished from this dream place. Dare I tempt my heart  with these images? Stoke...Read On


Love you though it

He is her weakness and greatest strength...

Looking at the blank page in front of her She realizes that she could fill it a million times over With all her thoughts and emotions Currently running through her veins.   But what is it that she feels she really needs to say Is it thank you for the all the love and support? Or maybe that she’s sorry? No, it is all that and more…   You see as much as she is going to fight With...Read On

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Summer Rain

I lose myself in the taste of summer rain.

Tousled dark hair, vivid green eyes Self-confident strut I can’t help but think, You’re sexy as fuck.   My flesh instinctively awakens the moment you are near. Your molten heat surrounds me, and unspoken desire slickens my skin beneath the midnight summer rain.   Deft hands expertly shed the drenched clothes of our daytime masquerade. Deep, ragged whispers of...Read On

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Things that Make Me Go "Ahhhhhh"

What happens in the dark, stays in the dark

Walking blindly into darkness, I should run and hide Shaking with anticipation, Who do I sense by my side   One hand touches my cheek, While another unbuttons my shirt More fingers are felt running up my leg, Down drops my skirt   Feeling eyes upon me, I hear the close of the door Deafening is the silence, What are they waiting for   Lips touch my lips, A wet tongue pries...Read On


The Smile of Love

How do I describe my love?

What words can I use to describe The subject of my love? I can paint pictures of all she means   But when I see her,  What do I see? What fills my vision? Just what is it that captivates my heart?   Is it that she is Luminous, radiant and glorious?   Is it that she is Sensitive, gentle and gracious Or deep, quiet And then her passion    When she reaches out her hand To...Read On

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Rose Colored Glasses

It's hard to let go when it's like this.

She tells me she loves The Doors, And her smile is wide and inviting. We’re getting high, and she’s dancing As smoke and music fill the air around. She comes closer to me and her hand Brushes against mine. Shivers spread Even though this night isn’t our first. Her long chestnut hair moves with life Just moments since I told her, “ I hate you .” My breath comes in slow, shallow gasps As her...Read On


I Can Take the Wheel

Have I ever been your shoulder? Have I ever kissed your tears? Hidden behind this screen Hiding all your fears I know you’ve been my ear Have I ever been yours? Do you tell me all you feel? Or do you still lock your doors? I may not see your face But I know when something’s wrong Still you try to hide it Determined to stay strong But you don’t always have to be I can be your strength Let...Read On


My Navajo Girl

I’ve met this girl right here online The nicest you could meet She lives across the ocean She is so very sweet Naomi Sonja and Bonny Marie Two angels from above I met her in the ladies room And then we fell in love I told her that I loved her I loved her at first sight She said those three words back to me I was hoping that she might I wake up every morning And lie there on my own My...Read On


New hope was born

We reached that place  Of utter bliss, Devoid of thought Just pure unadulterated pleasure! It started oh so simply When late one night When she walked into the room What brought us together? Why was I there in this different place? Questions that remain unanswered. The journey from loneliness to love Was slow, Yet we reveled in the journey We danced, we talked, We learned to...Read On

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Time Travel

An escalation.

• It's been so long Just a faded memory accompanied by certain urges Blurry and distorted contorted by time more distant than the horizon I see you  my heart races seratonin surges,  intellect turns to retrospect and feeling emerges • • It's hard to believe this unending attraction You are forever an irresistable lure You were always the one  that the whole room had their eyes on ...Read On

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Innocence Lost

Please! For the grace of lust go I

Syncopated lights Freeze dark features in frames Libertine limbs  Writhe in invisible flames Pulsed beats Reverberate in rivulets of sweat Synthesized strings  Entwine with bass booms of riffs Pheromones fill  Damp air with lust Hair tousled Mussed, scented with musk Dark eyes  Enslave hers, he silently calls Invisible chains  Pulled hard, imprison this innocent doll Animalistic...Read On

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I wanted more

The first time I tasted you, you smelled like spring. Blushing, staring into my eyes you said: -- Do me first, I’ll do you next. Lifting your dress, I hesitated letting fractions of time pass me by, knowing we weren’t alone. In a neighbouring room with the TV on low, your parents were home. Like a stranger I let your hands guide me, tracing fingers along your inner thigh. ...Read On

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A Lover's Game

The tools of sensual sorcery, are contained within the armory, Of every woman, who takes aim at another My weapons of sexual subtlety, all that bewitching alchemy Are presented, for the pleasure, of a lover   It is a playful, escapade, a teasing, loving masquerade A role-play, intended to inspire All of course, to tease and please, and ultimately fulfil your needs I am disguised in...Read On

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If this was a painting...

Alabaster skin met with classical smooth curves' artistry The essence of predawn crystallized in a single tear on a mask of cobalt blue,  chartreuse irises gazed beyond with heated pleasure.  Silvery stardust lined the waves of midnight curls that framed her face, a patch darker still crowned the silken petals of her sex. Elizabethan collar fanned thickly around a peacock's neck,  matching...Read On

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Creating memories through the senses. . .

Already gone like yesterday Having you in my clutches never amounted to much While present in the physical, your thoughts were always wandering Dare I think of your heart Erratic elusive encounters Consistently keep me chasing Sanctuary found only in memories; for that is when you are solely mine Keen hazel eyes travel the landscape before them Pupils dilate as they survey generous curves of...Read On

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Just close your eyes and imagine. Imagine I tied you up and loved you. Black silk scarves bind your wrists, Secured tightly to the bedposts As I journey down your body to spread your legs Ankles anchored to the east and west Lain bare and wide open before me I take my pleasure from teasing you. First one lick on the peak of your tit As you wait for more to come, Fingers slide past your...Read On

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Perfect night between mistress and slave

Submissive beauty vulgarly contorted Surrendered flesh a gift to Mistress’ eye Once pure curvaceous form now bruised and striped Aroused but bound, a pretty toy violated   Forced to all fours her holes penetrated Vibrations pleasure wet engorged insides Sore nipples clamped sweet asshole stretched wide A treasured pet so lovingly tortured   Smothered in Mistress’ slathered nether...Read On

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Sometimes I wonder If traces of us Will still linger in The places we love If people will ever hear Echoing midnight laughter Dancing through the tired rooms Of uninspired hotels Where our worlds fade out Clothes following doubt Onto the laminate floor Unrelenting fingers digging Into the tanned sand of my skin Searching for a way in And I’ve missed the bliss Of your persistent kiss As you...Read On

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Ice Cubes And Whip Cream

My new sex toy is immobilized Red velvet handcuffs keep him that way Blindfolded too Must depend on his other senses As I bring him sexual pleasure His cock semi erect Needs attention first I put an ice cube in my mouth And take in his semi-erection  Causing him to jump as the coldness hits his cock The next ice cube in my hand Runs up and down his shaft Making him so hard Precum flows...Read On

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In My End Is My Beginning

The life, death and redemption of a libertine through the power of overwhelming love.

In the days of my hedonistic youth I set my sails to cross the wine dark seas To find the lands of the lotus eaters, There to sate my sybaritic desires  On the luscious fruits just waiting for me To pluck and gorge in a carnal orgy Of untrammelled depravity and lust, Living only for each new sweet climax. For a decade or more I spent my life In search of yielding luscious bodies To conquer...Read On


An Angel So Divine

She was just like an angel to me

An angel so divine, She was so perfect In every single way With her halo Shining so bright. I was falling in love With the girl next door She could have been An angel from above, Sent down to be with me. Her lips were so soft, And crimson red The thought of kissing her Was stuck in my head. When we kissed, It was just so succulent Tasted honey sweet She was just like candy Her beauty was...Read On

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The Games We Play

An erotic poem of teasing and seduction.

I saw you in those faded jeans you wear, the ones so tight, I can almost see your cunt, and how they grip your ass and make me want to hump you, and ride you like a stallion.   You're such a bad girl who likes to tease me with that tight shirt you wear, the one that can't contain your tits, the one that lets me see your nipples, lets you see my lust for you before you walk away,...Read On


Her Angel

One magical night

Nervously she waits Knowing the night will be magical  Sipping her glass of champagne The time passes by  tick tock  She glances at her reflection Brushing back a strand of hair Smiling Knowing she looks hot for tonight  She glances at her watch  Knowing any minute  Her date will appear  Gorgeous long blond hair blue eyes and soft red lips The date appears and they share a  Magical kiss  ...Read On


Country On The Radio

Music in the background

Country music on the radio  As we are driving down a dusty back road  Lookin for a spot to park  Need time alone  Without outside distractions Country music playing on the radio As we find that perfect spot  To get lost in the moonlight Losing ourselves to the passion burning Our bodies move together in time To the music on the radio  The night becoming a memory As we drift off...Read On

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Lilacs and Tangerines

The rippling glow of the setting sun; silent, stark and fair. Where the light surrenders to long, dancing shadows. Barefoot, a summer dress of white, Lilacs in her hair And the sweet taste of tangerines upon her lips. As light slips into slumber, her dress fades to grey. The soft summer rain soothes her burning flesh. Tanned skin revealed through thin cotton being washed away. The easy...Read On

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I Can Always Read Your Skin

I can always read your skin... But I want you to first be a whisper soothing us in the deep dark night, I want the closing proximity to ache until your body begins to scream. Until that slow heat rises and you remember the embers which continuously smolder in the absence of my touch, the constant note of desire  threading through all that you are. It becomes a harbinger of flesh crying out....Read On


Memories are enough

Being with someone is easy, but losing them is unbearable

Your memories are enough for me I will store them in the dark corners of my mind Where no one can see. I knew you will disappear Like a cute dew drop;  The brief sojourn with you Is enough for me, For, you will be with me always As an invisible friend By my side always. What will I do when you are gone I have often wondered. I knew you're going away Would happen anytime. If you...Read On

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The Star

So, you’re a star On the road  Name in lights Face on billboards Obscene amounts of money You can have almost anything. And anyone. Tonight’s show is over Or beginning. Backstage, you stride into the crowded room High on adulation superstar adrenaline junkie. At the stage door girls jiggle in line Meanwhile, you snort one. Bourbon lubricates a raw throat. Touring can be rough. Soon,...Read On


The Scirocco

When the wind of love blows

I felt the wamth of the wind Catch me Lift me  Take me to my love   I called to her from the wind Come join me, I stooped down to catch her to lift her  To take her to be with me.   Transported by the wind  We found our home. Above all nature,  Floating through the air.  My only care, The one I love.   Within the wind, We made love, Transported to a new place, Our...Read On

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You Took My Clothes Off

You took my clothes off, years ago and lay beside me on the bed Though I, being shy (it's often said), demurely turned the lights down low I wanted you. But still I was embarrassed by the feral wet between my legs; the dewy sweat that wrapped me in its liquid gauze My first touch was devoid of grace: the cloddish way I stroked your dick – all bark-hard menace, yet so slick my fingers...Read On