Public Submission: Earning my cumslut badge

Can you help her earn her cumslut badge?

Perhaps I am missing the point of public humiliation; as a submissive slut I should not walk proudly with my head held high and a shit eating grin plastered to my face. But, alas, I am so happy, giddy in fact, to be led through the streets of your beautiful city on a leash, led by such a beautiful loving, accepting man. My heart swells with pride and joy and love. I see how men and...Read On

Public Submission

Are you man enough to make me your cumslut?

Your instructions were very clear: collect my luggage and once I cleared customs there will be a driver waiting for me; do not speak to him; there will be further instructions awaiting me in the car. I am nervous as I follow the silent driver to the curb where a sleek black limo waits. It is a good kind of nervous because I totally trust you and am anxious to please you as you are the only...Read On

Training a New Pet Part 1

a pet meets her Master for the first time

Butterflies. Butterflies danced in my belly. I was nervous, excited, and probably a little scared. This would be my first meeting with my Master. We had been talking online for some time and now the time had come for me to finally feel my Master’s touch. Strange but if you would have asked me before I found my Master if I wanted to be submissive to any other human, especially a man, I...Read On

Training a New Pet Part 2

Master's training continues with his loyal pet...

Master and I sat talking for some time; I sat at his feet while he played with my hair. We reviewed my rules. I was to always call him Master or Sir, but he also allowed my Prince and my Love. I was never to call him by his given name unless we were in the company of others. I was only allowed to touch him with my mouth unless given permission to use other parts of my body. As...Read On


Bella's Business Trip

I was in LA on business for a week. I was really looking forward to the conference as I was the keynote speaker. This would be my first time giving that level of presentation and the audience was expected to be over 200 women. So it was understandable that I was too wound up to sleep. So even though I am not much of a drinker, I headed down to the hotel bar. The place was practically empty....Read On


A Stranger's Kiss

A total stranger kissed him and changed his world forever.

Chris had no idea what the day had in store for him when he left home that morning for his job interview. He was dressed in a tailored black suit, a shirt of the palest blue with a midnight blue silk tie. He looked sharp and he knew it. His head freshly shaved, his goatee neat and trimmed, his shoes polished. He looked like he stepped out of the pages of GQ. He knew he looked good and walked...Read On

First Time(1)

Bye Bye Cherry

Katie decides to seduce her boss to lose her cherry

I was still a virgin the summer of 1987, I had just graduated from high school and my 18 th birthday had come and gone. I didn’t want to lose my virginity in the back seat of a Buick to some overzealous jock with no dick control. No, I had big plans for popping my cherry. I had a job at a local fast food joint but had turned in my two week notice as I was leaving for college a couple days...Read On


It's About Damn Time

You will pay for making me wait so long to touch you, my love.

You have kept me waiting too long, my love. For over a year now I have longed to hold you, kiss you, taste you, spank you, and explore your body. Oh, I know you have suffered just as much as I have, but that doesn’t matter. All that matters is you are finally going to be here and I am going to have my deliciously naughty way with you. Your plane has arrived on time and I am waiting at the...Read On


Ardeur (Lust)

I couldn't hold back, my lust was too great...

It has been so long since I have allowed my ardeur , my desire, my wanton lust to surface. It is like a beast inside of me; a beast so strong and so demanding that even a fleeting thought of sex triggers it and it will not be denied. It has been over a year since I have allowed anyone to touch me and for months I denied myself the release of masturbation. This is not the first time I have had...Read On


Liam's Passionate MILF

Liam moves to the states and next door to a passionate woman

Alyssa Morgan was not a shy woman, nor was she paranoid about perverts. Truth be told, most people would considered her a bit of an exhibitionist. She would proudly walk through her home in her underwear or even, on occasion, totally naked. She just preferred to be naked and she liked the natural light over lamps, therefore, she never closed her drapes. It wasn’t that she was inviting voyeurs...Read On


Making The Waiter Our Bitch

This is a new writing style for me. I wrote as if I am speaking directly to the reader…are you him?

I was visiting you and we had decided to stay in a nice hotel rather than at your place where your roommate was. It is a very nice room with a huge bedroom suite. We have been fucking for hours and you get a mischievous look in your eyes when I tell you that I am hungry. You order food to be brought up. “We are going to play a little game, baby,” you whisper in my ear. I shiver at the...Read On

Seducing Jerry's Girl Part 1

Written for one of my lush friends...

I noticed them come into the over-crowded bar. He was average height, short brown hair, cute face, trim build. She was petite, had shoulder length brown hair with blond highlights, skinny but with nice C cup breasts and a round ass. They were a cute couple, holding hands as they worked their way through the bar looking for a place to sit. I knew they were out of luck as I had gotten there...Read On

Straight Sex(2)

6 Year Itch

Keith doesn't know what awaits him on this trip

We had worked together for nearly six years. I was attracted Keith the first time I saw him. I didn’t say anything because we were both new to the company and didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Keith and I worked in separate offices, over 100 miles apart for the first two years. Our jobs were often dull but more often stressful because of our inept boss Bob and his assistant Carol....Read On

The Tahoe

We were driving down a dark highway in his SUV. I was wearing a short black dress that hooked behind my neck, nude thigh-high stockings with a garter, a black lace thong and matching bra, and red pumps. He was wearing a dark suit, no tie with his crisp white shirt unbuttoned just past his throat. God, how I was dying to kiss his neck. Michael and I had worked together for years and I...Read On


Sissyboy's Punishment

He should have never refused her order.

Mistress was very angry and Sissyboy knew it. He had never crossed her to this extent. She had spent a year grooming him, training him, allowing his fantasy to come true, and allowing him the privilege of serving her. He had come to her, friends for many years and confessed his inner most secret to her. She had been flattered, honored even, that he trusted her with this. As friends she...Read On

Katie Does Her Drama Professor

Katie's adventures continue...

This story was posted previously but I have enhanced it because I didn't feel it was up to par...enjoy. This a continuation of sorts of Bye Bye Cherry. College was definitely a time for experimenting, as I think it is for most people. College is when we establish our independence from our parents and their rules. It is a time when we develop our adult personas, develop new interests,...Read On