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Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 06 Aug 2012 20:36


Topic Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted 06 Aug 2012 20:15

The first person I ever feel in love with was a person that I couldn't have emotionally. It was my best friend at the time and we would often have sleepovers together and they would always end in sex. However, I became very attached and wanted more out of our relationship than just friends with benefits. I wanted her to recognize us as together, but because she was "straight" or was only looking for a quick fuck...she rejected me. Whenever she had a boyfriend, she was off limits to me physically and she acted like sex between us was just weird, but as soon has she didn't have a guy anymore, she would be right back with her pussy on my face. What can I say...I tortured myself for nearly a year by thinking that I could get her to love me, but I soon learned that you can't always get what you want.

Topic That Perfect Someone..
Posted 06 Aug 2012 20:10

I am with a guy who I intend on marriaging one day, but I wouldn't call him the "perfect person." I don't really think that there is a "perfect person," because there will always be some of their habits that will annoy you or the fact that perhaps they don't get along so well with your mother...or your cat. Perhaps they won't have the physical features your want in a partner: circumcized or not, short or tall, etc. But you get the point, no one will ever be exact perfect...fitting you like a glove (physically, emotionally, mentally). You just have to find the person that you don't want to live without, the person that you want to be with...even if it means you have to deal with their stinky feet and their crappy singing while in the shower. lol

Topic Be honest: Do you REALLY like sucking a cock?
Posted 06 Aug 2012 19:59

I think it really depends on the cock and the person. The guy, I am currently with, I love to suck his cock because it is clean shaven (even his sack), circumsized, and always fresh. He actually will discourage me from sucking his cock, if he thinks it will be too rank down there. However, there have been guys that I hated sucking, because I would also get pubes in my mouth or they wouldn't have taken a shower in the last few days. It really all depends on the cock, but as a general rule of thumb, I do have an oral fixation!

Topic Fucked awake?
Posted 06 Aug 2012 19:55

I have never actually woken up with someone eatting me or fucking me, but I have woken up with my boyfriend shoving his hard cock between my legs. That is always a turn on! But what I like even better is when my boyfriend will play with my clit while I am asleep (it is great to wake up to) though I have to be in the right position for him to do that.

Topic What is the longest cock you have been able to take
Posted 05 Apr 2012 18:26

about a year ago i had sex with a guy who was 11-12inches, he still had an inch or so left when he bottomed out inside me, it hurt. ive cried before from being fucked by a dick that was around 7" length and then 6.5" around, almost hurt as much as giving birth

My boyfriend is basically just what you described and I agree it hurts very much...that is the longest cock I have ever taken lol.

Topic Total honesty, please....How quiet are you??
Posted 05 Apr 2012 17:58

When I have to be discrete, I will always try to stifle my noises. However, most of the time I am quite loud.

Topic Hey Girls, What do you fantasize about most frequently when masturbating?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:10

Most of the time, I fantize about spying on guys desperate to piss!

Topic Can you feel it.
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:09

I have to say, I don't always feel it, because most of the nerves in a woman's vagina are concentrated about 2 inches in. Any deeper than that and there are that many nerves to get all the sensations. Most of the time, the cum is about my internal body temperature and I can't feel it.

That is the main reason why I love it, when a guy sticks his dick right at the end of my ass hole and shoots past my that really feels good!

Topic Do you like sex with your clothes on?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:06

Sex is sex! Clothing or no. Though I would say only have clothes on for a quickie, because any longer than ten minutes and they would just get in the way!

Topic Would you watch your mate masturbate?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:04

YES! I love to masterbate while watching my partner is so hot!

Topic good or bad?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:03

Good boys all the way. They are the only kind that I ever end up in relationships. Bad boys are just one-night stands

Topic Music during sex
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:02

To me, I prefer no music. Just the sounds of good wet sex. However, I have never actually tried it with any music...except loud heavy metal or rap coming from the apartment next door! lol

Topic Drunken Mistake?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 10:01

It depends on the type of relationship that you have open...or closed? lol
For me, it would certainly be forgivable, because we are all human, drunk or not...cheating is bound in happen in most relationships over time.
Just remember, if your girlfriend cheats on can't be mad at her.
Forgive and forget I say...or invite the mistress over and have a threesome!

Topic fastest way to get you off
Posted 02 Dec 2011 09:59

Pinch/suck on my nipples and rub my clit...easy enough and gets me off everytime!

Topic Girls, do u like sleeping naked? What do u usually wear to bed?
Posted 02 Dec 2011 09:58

Naked, unless I am visiting someone home...then I just wear a huge t-shirt (one of my boyfriends) and a pair of panties.

Topic Do men need to climax?
Posted 30 Nov 2011 18:38

This has happened to me a few times and it is frustrating, like I wasn't doing something right. However, when I talked to the guy about this, he said that he rarely cums with anyone and that it wasn't anything that I was doing wrong. Well...that still didn't really settle my mind and I was still bothered by it. It wasn't until he started to make me cum so many times and fucked me so hard and so long, I couldn't think clearly...I was so exhausted. Then I didn't really have the ability to think about him anymore.

If he said it isn't a problem, then I have just accepted it as not a problem.

Topic What's your favourite place to masturbate?
Posted 30 Nov 2011 18:27

Love to do it on the couch, right next to my open window so anyone passing by my apartment on the corridor outside can see!

Topic Nipple Play
Posted 11 Oct 2011 07:14

I can't orgasm with another person, unless my nipples are simultaneously pinched or bitten. I can also get wet and horny solely from nipple play! Lets not forget my lovely nipple clamps.

Topic O.K. Ladies, let us know, would you lick your pussy if you could?
Posted 11 Oct 2011 07:12

I would at least once or twice before I could decide whether I prefered my tongue or my hand. lol

Topic The current trend of Raccoon Eyes?
Posted 11 Oct 2011 07:08

I think it is just a current trend that will fade and be replaced by something bright bold red lips? lol
I don't wear makeup...I have no patience or talent for applying it and I always hate having to take it off too! Just give me some chapstick and I am a happy camper.

Topic Would you wear this?
Posted 11 Oct 2011 07:05

I think it looks fine with a shirt overtop, but just you and the bra...well the bra is ugly. I don't think that I would ever wear it.

Topic Would you wear this?
Posted 11 Oct 2011 07:04

I think it looks fine with a shirt overtop, but just you and the bra...well the bra is ugly. I don't think that I would ever wear it.

Topic bald pussy
Posted 11 Oct 2011 06:57

I shave my pussy bald because of the issue of hygiene. When at least a girl's lips are bald, it does not trap odor, regular female juices, or mentrual blood. Hair to be traps these liquids and odor in and I feel like I have to shower three times a day in order to stay fresh and clean. Having at least hairless lips, really helps.

Topic eaten out by man or woman
Posted 11 Oct 2011 06:52

I have had two females and two males eat me out. So far the sexes are tied in my opinion. I have had a female touch me in all the right ways, because she agreed with the philosophy "Touch the way you want to be touched." However, I have also had a girl try to suck my clit that way she would a it really sucked. The first guy I was ever with was a virgin and had no naturally he was shitty. The guy I am with now...well his sole aim is to he is magnificent.

It truly depends on the person and their experience level, not the gender.

Topic a dildo question
Posted 11 Oct 2011 06:48

My under 5 in fingers seem to work just fine for me. No dildos or vibrators...just the all natural stuff. lol

Topic Favourite sexual activity
Posted 11 Oct 2011 06:45

I love golden showers. Just having a guy piss all over me is a real thrill, though not on my face or hair that is the exception.

Topic Size , Stamina , experience or the person
Posted 03 Aug 2011 21:56

To me, when I look for a guy I look for one that has a great personality...that is one of the most important things to me (at least when forming a long-term relationship). Next comes clean and preferable hairless cock and balls. Size is certainly not important, but the experience and ability to use his cock is the only thing that really matters to me in the sexual realm.

Topic open relationships - swinging
Posted 03 Aug 2011 21:50

It definitely depends on the couple. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I am currently in an open relationship, sort of. We only have threesomes and getting "strange" on our own is not encouraged; however, if it were to happen we would work through it and not breakup just because of some other dick or puss. Threesomes are openly favorable and we are always on the look out for takers! Also on this subject, me and my man are not allowed to form emotional/sexual relations with other no long-term affairs or anything of the sort.

Topic would you ever pee on your bloke????
Posted 03 Aug 2011 21:43

I am into golden showers, however, I prefer being peed on as opposed to peeing on someone else. It is a relatively normal fetish. If you do not feel comfortable with it, then just let her know and she should be able to respect that. However, you could use it as leverage in your sex life...perhaps if you allow her to do that then she will do something that you have really wanted to do.