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Halloween part 3: OMG. I saw him. He was just standing there with a longing gaze, sneaking a peek from the window (I saw him!) while I was… at the party. Oh! Busted! He works at my church! Oh no!!

Yes, I remember, I was… oh god… it was so good. I was riding, what’s his name… oh fuck I didn’t ask. Big brown dick. Tall, hairy, buff, 40-ish. Just the way I like it. Ohh GOD he was so fucking good…

I was SO WET. I didn’t even finish when someone pulled me off, started banging me from behind. Straight into my throbbing cunt. It was SO DAMN GOOD. I screamed.

…and that’s when I saw him! The janitor. Works in my church! What was he doing there? How'd he know? He was just there out the window.

I couldn’t stop! I should’ve. I just couldn’t!! Huge cock ramming me from behind, big brown fucker jamming his cock in my mouth. I couldn’t help it. Sucking reflex went wild!

And then I saw the janitor lick his lips.

02 Nov 2013 02:59

Halloween part 2: Oh!!! Wet!!! I feel his hot wet tongue on my right titty. My poor little titty…

“Mmm,” he growls. “I want to fuck you so good. So badly.” suck*suck*suckle

“Aaaah~” I moan. It was a reflex. “Ohh… oh, please~”

“Yes I know you want it badly. You were riding those guys so hard just an hour ago. Oh baby…” suckle*suckle*suck “…I could only stand to watch so long,” he moaned, whimpered, almost pathetic. So longing. Almost like he was about to cry.

“Huh?” What happened? And why am I panting?

“Mmmm,” he suckled, fondled with his fingers, licked, squeezed, tugged, rubbed… “Ohhh, baby girlie…”


He bit me! He took a nip at my nipple!!

“Hehehe. Sorry,” he chuckled. “Ohhh baby, so tight,” he groaned, like he was in pain, and rubbed his stubbly hard face into my breasts.

Gasp! It’s the janitor!

02 Nov 2013 02:33

Halloween part 1: Help! It's dark! I can’t see a thing! Oh, my hands are tied above my head, and I’m on a big soft bed. I can feel the silk sheets on my skin. Oh my I’m exposed! My tube top is lifted all the way up and the cool air tingles my nipples. My panties are around my knees.

“AH!!!!” A coarse finger brushes my nipple! My left nipple. Ohh…

“Shhh!” a hoarse voice whispers. Gruff. Heavy. Manly. “It’s ok. I just want to rub my foreskin on your nipple.”


I feel the rough callous of his finger rubbing against my left tit. Ohh, the tingle…

“That’s it, baby, don’t be scared. It’s only Halloween.”

That’’s right! I was at a Halloween party last night! Can vaguely recall what happened…

02 Nov 2013 02:20

I desperately want you to do this to me... http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1624099

And this too... http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1266140

And finish it good with this...

And I promise I WILL come. Hard~

Please... OH PLEEEEEASE... I wish more guys would play longer with nipples... a girl really loves it you know. Suck them, squeeze them, lick them, tug them, twist them, suckle so hard like your starving for milk, french kiss them, raspberry them, motorboat them, soap them, massage them, rub them, suck them, suck them, suck them good... ~~
The secret to making a girl cum every time is to do all this wonderful things to her nipple

Boys, now you know

18 Dec 2012 08:55

Rubbing it feels so fucking good~
Sucking it even better! Of so fun baby
I want to do it all the time, like this http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=40SUS-S739-

18 Dec 2012 07:51

Mmmm... it feels so good http://www.xtube.com/watch.php?v=yKEpG-S639-

18 Dec 2012 07:45

Sexy image for my debut story "Millie's Slutbook profile" http://www.lushstories.com/stories/toys/millies-slutbook-profile-i.aspx ~~~I hope you like it ~

18 Dec 2012 06:30