Adventures of Olivia Chapter 3

Lexi introduces Olivia to the Lesbian World.

The next morning, I woke up to find Lexi snoring on her bed. Eric wasn't there anymore but the sheets were all over the place and Lexi was sprawled all over her bed, at least she was wearing her pajamas. I mostly read magazines out in the balcony but my mind kept on wandering to how I was sitting on the same seat where Lexi and Eric had sex. In reward, my pussy throbbed and leaked because...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Adventures of Olivia

Olivia has finally graduated from high school and she is now with her BFF Lexi on vacation...

Chapter One Lexi squealed, hardly containing her excitement. She grabbed my arm and gave it a light squeeze. "Oh my gosh, Olivia! I am, like, so excited! What are your resolutions for this vacation?" She peered at me over her sunglasses, even though we were inside the airplane already. "Hmm... my plans are to fuck at least 3 guys in this whole vacations," I calmly stated. I looked...Read On


Adventures of Olivia Chapter Two

Olivia spies on Lexi having sex with a complete stranger.

We walked into the hotel room which was basically a penthouse. Lexi screeched with joy and did a little twirl, taking in the view of the penthouse. "Oh my God, Olivia! Just look at this penthouse! It's gorgeous!" Lexi threw her suitcases to the side and collapsed on the couch, sighing contently. "I'm going to have sex on this couch someday," I heard her whisper to herself. Ignoring her,...Read On