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Topic My New Book!
Posted 08 Dec 2009 12:17

Enter the twisted mind of Louis Friend, proprietor of and author of bizarre sexual fantasies. Life On My Knees collects a bevy of sinful stories into one volume that will appeal to your prurient interests.

Topics include cuckolding, multiple sex partners, bondage, hypnosis, strap-ons, medical, ageplay, crossdressing, forced feminization, BDSM, D/s, and all variations of hetero and homosexual couplings.

This is not erotica. This is pornography. Adults only.

Buy now! ://

Stories include:

* A Thousand Kisses
* An Afternoon with Marcy
* Shopping Day
* Dinner and a Show
* A Gift for Daddy
* Hitchin' a Ride
* Political Maneuvers
* The Games We Play
* Doctor's Visit
* Cacklin' Rosie
* Safe Haven
* My Beer Buddy
* The Voice inside My Head
* Video Nasty
* The Loneliest Girl
* Sissy Hubby
* Friday Night Plans: Louis
* Friday Night Plans: Faith
* A First Lesson
* Saturday Night Plans

Buy now! ://