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Happy to make new friends, not interested in cyber/roleplay. I prefer to talk about sex, fantasies, and what makes us tick. Or, you know...just be funny.

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Human sexuality, random conversations, gummi bears, baking, walks by the river, black & white porn, motorcycle rides, recording dirty stories and occasionally writing them
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Game of Thrones, His Dark Materials, Animal Farm, The Lovely Bones, To Kill a Mockingbird, Lolita, The Dark Tower
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Topic: Why would anyone like to be humiliated and degraded?
Posted: 24 Jul 2014 17:47

Holy necro thread! But I suppose it's still a thing people wonder about....

I'm not much into humiliation play, but most of my fantasies revolve around different degradation scenarios (from affectionate to condescending to dismissive). The appeal for me is the chance to feel small. I am very responsible. When I have something to focus on, I work hard. People tend to place a lot of expectations on me and come to me for help. I don't feel free to just be a mess, I have to keep my shit together. It can all get exhausting and trigger a lot of anxiety.

Getting to play at being less-than can be a huge mental vacation when I'm under stress. Falling into a role of innate inferiority, being tasked with laughably simple things, giving up the burden of responsibility completely...it feels like an enormous weight being lifted. I would be outraged by that treatment from some random person in day-to-day life. When it's part of consensual play, with someone you respect and who understands, scratching that itch is an enormous relief.

Topic: Girls, do you spank yourselves?
Posted: 24 Jul 2014 13:20

Tried it. It's difficult and awkward to get a proper angle and have enough velocity (even more so if I'm doing something else at the same time). It was more frustrating than satisfying and not worth the effort. It made the longing for another person's hands even worse.

Topic: Tit Fucking
Posted: 08 May 2013 07:54

Wish I had the goods to pull it off.

Topic: Difference between vaginal and anal sex
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 17:40

About an inch.

I think you win.

Topic: SAMs
Posted: 26 Apr 2013 17:35

Seems the focus here has shifted....If the Dom/me in this situation liked it - it would not be an issue. I in no way have said or will say that it's wrong or inappropriate if both people enjoy it. It then becomes a little consensual game between the two.

Though this should be widely known, I think it may be time for a refresher course about what acceptance of "1-party consent" means. It effectively places us in a class about equal to a virus, not requiring the host's permission to take over. It sets forth the acceptance of forced slavery, releases all rapists, wife beaters, child molesters, thieves; as because that person wanted something, it was their right to take it if they could. I refuse to live in a world where 1-party consent is accepted.

Now that we all understand that the situation described is non-consensual. Should we accept/defend it?

You go on about consent and what is agreed upon, but started this thread listing ways to "break" someone of behaviors they enjoy and seek out. Seriously?

If you're in a relationship with a brat and she wants you to tame her, then that would be totally fine and consensual. But the situation you outline is one of you just not liking the way she plays. If you can't agree upon the game, leave. She isn't violating you by inciting you to spank her...you can just NOT do it.

But staying with someone who has obviously differing interests and then trying to mindfuck her into the correct docile state you approve of borders on abuse.

Topic: SAMs
Posted: 25 Apr 2013 23:29

This behavior can be very hard to break, as physical means of punishment will only fuel the fire. If they realize that they can get the spanking, flogging, etc. they want in this manner without feeling badly for behaving that way it becomes second nature.

Trying to change someone who enjoys a type of play that you find threatening to your "authority" is kind of sad.

Topic: have you ever caught anyone masturbating
Posted: 19 Apr 2013 08:09

Yes, a friend's older brother (that I already had a crush on).

We were both startled and we froze for a good, long while. Then I "showed him mine", watched him finish, and snuck back out without either of us saying a word. We never talked about it and just went on like it never happened.

Topic: whip or paddle
Posted: 19 Apr 2013 07:57

Bare hand. I prefer the immediacy and intimacy of it.

I was never much into toys, gear, and accessories.

Topic: blank
Posted: 18 Apr 2013 21:08

Guantanamo Bay erotica?

Topic: Top, bottom or switch?
Posted: 18 Apr 2013 14:46

Thoroughly submissive pleaser in the bedroom, but an independent smartass outside of it. I could never be a lifestyler. I like to challenge and seek to be impressed or bested. It has to be someone I admire for me to really give over. I couldn't suppress that to be "owned" 24/7. I want him to see the change and know what he' s won.

Is there a word for that? I don't know.

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The Kiss

I'll never forget the taste when he stuffed your panties into my mouth. Soaking wet and right on my tongue...you were musky and sweet. I savored it, sucking on them softly. Your scent filled my nose and I breathed it in deeply. My eyes traced your body, devouring every new inch of bare skin as he finished undressing you. He stood behind you with his hands on your hips, as if forcing me...

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