possukissa's Blog Entries

31 Jan 2015 06:15

The wetter I get the more I want her legs wrapped around my head and her succulent wet pussy lips in my mouth.

11 Mar 2014 23:16

All is well within the confines of my mind.

29 Sep 2013 14:52

So happy that my internet issues seems to be solved! Amazing what a tree falling during a windstorm can do to normal life.

05 Sep 2013 22:18

So frustrating that I cannot see messages or respond to online messages from people at the moment. Anyone else having the same problems?

23 Aug 2013 21:10

I so luv a good rain to refresh the air.

15 Jul 2013 00:18

I had an amazing threesome with two very special sexy ladies this morning. Thank you to both of you.