Erotic Poems(7)


Something Taboo

I want to role play with you Perhaps something a little taboo We can be step sister and brother Giving ourselves to one another A dirty little secret we would keep inside Forbidden lust is what we have to hide Sharing our deepest darkest desire Admitting our shame igniting the fire Having feelings we have to fight As we make love through the night Forgetting we are step related ...Read On


Good Girl

I am a good girl. Nice and sweet You would see that in me if we were to meet But I am a woman, so let me remind I have a vivid imagination. A dirty mind I will say things that could make you blush Get your blood flowing, and give you a rush Giving you an erection that won't go away That you'll never let go, begging me to stay I will do things that will make you cry out Take...Read On


Primal Need

I want to mark my territory. I want to make you mine I want to show the world a love we can't define An animal instinct. A deep primal need One that only my heart and soul can feed Take me now. I want to give my body to you You drive me crazy in everything you do Kiss, touch, and take over me I want to let go. I want to be free Giving you my unending trust As loving actions...Read On


Two Men

I sometimes wonder how hot it would be If I had two men pleasuring me Kissing me all over making me theirs Creating a passion that endures Pleasing me in double completion My body comes to life in pure celebration One would be deep inside The other would touch me while I enjoyed the ride Pleasing me in a way like never before I would give myself to them and so much more ...Read On


Ready and Wet

Lust mixed with sweat Your touch makes me ready and wet I want you. Can't you see I want your hands and mouth all over me Fuck me now. Ignight the flame I want to come and cry out your name I'll admit it now. There is no doubt I want to be the woman you fanaticize about I will be ready. Legs open and spread When you call me yours and take me to bed...Read On


Wide Open

Open up my legs. Spread them wide I am ready. I have nothing to hide Anticipation rises as you kiss up my thigh I want more as I let out a sigh Hips rise as I start to have a fit As you use your mouth and suck my clit I become dizzy and so very hot As I hold your head when you get to that spot I feel my sweet nectar start to flow Crying out your name as I let go...Read On


Sweet Nectar

His eyes meet mine I feel tingles up my spine Lips explore my flesh Making me calm. He takes away my stress He finds me hitting that spot My body goes from cold to extremely hot Hips rise as I clutch the sheets He wants more. My nectar's so sweet I let go. My body begins to shake I keep throbbing like a mini earthquake His lips are on mine. They calm me and reassure He finally...Read On

First Time(1)


The Appointment

I am sitting in the waiting room for my six thirty appointment. I glance nervously at the clock and lightly tap my foot on the floor. I am waiting to see my therapist. I've been seeing him for almost six months now. I am a thirty five year old woman, but I've been keeping a secret that is a little embarassing for someone my age. I am a virgin. I have never had intercourse. I've come close,...Read On



Made To Order - Part 2

I sat there with my mind going a million miles an hour. Did he just kiss me? Did I let him do it? I did, and I liked it. Damn him. Why did he do that? I knew it was on purpose trying to complicate things for me. I was annoyed, and yet turned on, but I wasn't going to let him get the best of me. I finally got up and walked over to his bedroom. The door was shut. I didn't bother to knock....Read On

Love Poems(31)


Princess and Porn Star

I am your princess, I am your porn star I will be sweet, and give it to you where ever you are You treat me with such beauty and grace I could be a good girl, or sit on your face Make love all day and all night It isn't wrong, but so damn right My body is yours, do what you want with me Let's be naughty for everyone to see Out in public showing our pure lust and need Taking...Read On


Cold Emotions

You are slowly pushing me out the door When you call me a bitch and a whore It is such a dirty rotten shame That I am the one that is to blame Grow up; this is both our faults It's time we stop this shit and act like adults Don't be nice to me to get what you want I am not your whore. I am not your cunt I know you don't like this being told But it is you that made a warm heart grow cold...Read On


Good Morning

I lie next to you wide awake Thinking of the love we are about to make You sleep soundly. I am right by your side I need you now. My feelings I can't hide I take your face and bring your lips to mine I kiss them sweetly and so fine You wake up and look at me Smiling, cause I'm the first thing you see You take me that morning making love so very sweet Kissing me softly from...Read On


Sweet Love

I want to break in your bed. You can make me yours We can do this behind closed doors Lead me upstairs. I want to stay Make my imagination take me away Just a sweet kiss and I am hot These feelings I need to let go. They can't be fought I can't stop thinking of what you do to me Making me let go. Making me free I should stop thinking. Get you out of my mind But such sweet...Read On


Songs From The Heart

I wanted you, but you couldn't stay You had to go. You had to be away Love bites when you aren't around So I sit and think of the love we have found Feeling complete hysteria when you aren't near Trying to remain calm, wiping every tear I can't help that I'm high on you It's your sweet love and all that you do I can't hide it. I can't deny I want to be the girl that you see...Read On


Your Love

My mind is spiraling like an ill fated flight Can't get you out of my thoughts, can't get you out of my sight. Missing how you would kiss and touch me. Making sweet love, and making me free I should give up. I know I should let go I can't, cause it's your love I need to know One with appreciation and kind words Not one that crowds my heart with tiny swords It is the sweetest...Read On


A Dream Come True

I sometimes I feel I'm fading away, I miss you every night and every day. You're there. I'm here. Wish we could be together everywhere. Missing that connection we once had, Thinking of it makes me sad. If my lips could touch yours for another kiss It would be wonderful. It would be bliss. No one could understand the love in my heart Or what I was feeling right from the start. ...Read On


Innocent Girl

I'm an innocent girl. I don't know much I'm an innocent girl waiting for his touch Someone who is sweet, gentle and kind Who will love me and not play with my mind A moment of silence he'd bring his lips to mine It would be perfect. So well difined Undressing me, kissing every inch of my flesh Words of love in my ear is what he would profess Showing me the finer things. Making...Read On



My life is never as it seems It was full of chaos and broken dreams I dreamt of a love that would never die I dreamt of a love with one special guy A guy that would be amazed by me A guy that I could be myself, let go and be free I searched high and low For a love that would only grow I will always remember the time and the place When I looked up and love was staring me in...Read On


Perfect Love

Our flesh comes together. His body is close to mine Lips on lips. Our hands intertwine We are one as we make love Two hearts that fit like a perfect glove Wishing the moment wouldn't end Being with a lover. A very best friend It doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be ours A kind of love that was written in the stars A force between us that we can't explain A feeling...Read On



Don't leave. Please don't go away I want your love. I want you to stay Take me to bed. Make me yours tonight It might be wrong, but it feels so right Your kiss makes my knees go week It is your touch I want to seek Give it to me now. Don't make me wait Passionate love is what we will create It will be beautiful and sweet When you're deep inside making me complete...Read On


My Knight

He was my guy. He was my knight. When it was dark, he showed me the light. Giving me love like never before. He gave me his heart and so much more. Wanting and needing me. Opening my eyes so I could see. Overpowering my soul and my mind. He was true. A sweet and rare find. A one of a kind love that will remain in my head. He brought it to life when I thought it was dead....Read On


My Open Heart

I should love one man right from the start Be good to him and give him my heart My feelings are torn. I don't know what to do I want to give myself to him, but also do the same for you But I can't deal with the green eyes of envy It weighs on my shoulders and it is just to heavy I want to give my love as much as I can I want it to be possible with more than one man Is it...Read On


Back In Time

She wished she could go back in time When he was in his sexual prime Maybe he would meet her for a one night stand Looking in each others eyes. Walking hand in hand Lifting her chin as his lips meet hers Taking her to bed, leading to passion that endures Making love that was sweet, passionate and hot She would cry out softly as he hit that spot Her body would be his if only...Read On


Think of Me

I want to be the girl you dream about It is my name I want you to shout Touch yourself and think of me It is my face I want you to see Pretend that I am giving myself to you Think of all the things we could do Imagine your lips on mine Kissing me sweetly and so very fine Making love would seem so right Don't hold back these feelings. Please don't fight Just think of me...Read On


Meet Me

Meet me for an hour or two. Meet me. I'll know just what to do. I'm lonely. Please hold me tight. Make love to me all through the night. Take my face your hands. Look into my eyes. My heart drops to my knees. I feel the butterflies. Slowly, but surely he moves in for the kiss. I hold onto him tightly, feeling nothing like this. His kisses grow longer and deep. I never...Read On


Dire Need

My need for you is really dire Your kiss is what I desire Making love so passionate and sweet Filling me with your seed, making me complete When you touch me it's a true work of art Taking over my mind, body, and heart I want you to touch me. I am yours Our love can open so many doors I want to be the one that remains in your head When you make me yours and take me to bed...Read On


Torn Apart

So wrong. Not right. I feel so weak. I just can't fight. Like a rag doll being pulled. Not wanting to do what I am told. Deep down I am torn apart. Can't get rid of the ache in my heart. I want to run, but I don't have a choice. I am out of words. I feel I have no voice. All I know is I am hurting inside. That is one thing that is difficult to hide....Read On


In His Arms

Sweet and tender. Make me surrender. A kiss so hot. With all the passion he's got. Take my hand and I know where I will be led As he gently lays me on the bed. A song comes on as we make love so gentle and sweet. His hand on my face, looking in my eyes, making me complete. We succumb to the passion deep inside. A passion so deep. There was nothing to hide. Now it's calm...Read On



I wish there were things that I could rewind So much going on in my mind. My life seemed like a dream,  Now it is a nightmare, I want to scream. Figuring out when wrong, Trying to make it right, Beating myself up day and night. I look in the mirror,  I look at me, Not caring for the person I see. I know it is going to be awhile Before I can turn this frown into a smile. I have to...Read On



Addiction, it starts with a glance. It sometimes happens by chance. Goosebumps as eyes meet and lock. It's so hard to breathe. It's so hard to talk. We both feel the lust and primal need. It is a hunger we both want to feed. He is near. His mouth is on mine. A kiss long and hard. A kiss so very fine. Clothes come undone. We fall into bed. A lifetime of fantasies unfold in...Read On



Hot, sticky, and so very sweet. It is in me. I am complete. Thinking of the amazing love we made. A perfect moment that is portrayed. It begins with a kiss that is a true work of art. Making me want you right from the start. Clothes come off. Your hands roam me. You enter my body. I am free. Bodies pressed. We move in a steady pace. You hold my head. We are face to face. ...Read On


Confused Feelings

Alone she is crying. He kisses her tears away. A sweet and tender moment. That wasn't going to stay. He holds her. She doesn't let go. What was happening between them was something unknown. He takes her face and looks into her eyes. She sighs, trying to hold back the butterflies. Finally the mood is perfectly set. When the move closer and lips are met. A kiss that...Read On


Deep Inside

I cannot deny it. I cannot hide I need your love. I need you deep inside Your lips on mine for a perfect kiss The moment is right. Pure romantic bliss Your body's on top. We are finally one A beautiful moment that can never be undone We were crazy and clumsy, and so very hot We could be serious or we laughed a lot You were part of me. I was part of you It was the sweetest love...Read On



I am trapped in a web. I cannot get out. It is a web you have spun. I try to get away, but always fail. You got this hold on me, and I can't let go. I try and try to get you out of my head. It is difficult because I'm stuck in your web. I want to be released, but I keep coming back. Please let me go. Unravel your web. A web of urge. A web of need. A web of lust. Unravel...Read On


Find A Way

Eyes upon eyes. Lips upon lips. Arms intertwine. I'm tangled in you. My heart skips a beat. You feel it. You take me in your arms, and all is well. I'm afraid. You take the fear away. You make me feel wanted. Needed. You hold me. You touch me. You search me. I'm ready. You're ready. We are curious to know where it will lead. Now we have a need. A need to be together. A...Read On


Two Lonely Souls

He thought of her. She thought of him He reaches for her, but she isn't there Two lonely souls passing through the night What they were feeling never felt so right He was with one. She was with another Feelings are fought, for they wanted to be with each other The only thing they can do is remain friends But the feelings of wanting one another never really ends She is...Read On


A Summer Romance

A look, a glance. A question, a request. Denial, persuasion. An answer yes. Two strangers with different lives. Meet together for two summer nights. Dinner, and talking. Holding hands and walking. To end this night of wonderful bliss. With a perfect goodnight kiss. Another night of togetherness. Another request, this time a yes. Talking, kissing, and laughing. ...Read On


The Kiss

Eyes lock. Rapid breathing. Hearts racing. Palms are sweaty. Fire ignites us. Parted lips. You lean in. I lean in. Ready, so ready. Our lips touch. My heart flutters. Light and sweet. Passionate and needed. You hold me. I hold you. Desperately we hold each other. We don't let go. We want the moment to last forever. As we become one....Read On



Hand upon hand. Hot breath on my neck. I shiver, knowing what will happen next. I try to speak. Nothing comes out. I want to kiss you. You hold back. Anticipation is killing me. Gazes lock. Lips part. We move closer. Closer. Closer. Our lips melt. Tounges touch. Lips travel. travel. travel. I gasp. I try to pull away. Not wanting to give in. I close...Read On


Take Me

Take me now To a place I have never been before. Show me the way. The way to your heart. Lead me. I will follow. Take my fears away. Take my curiousity away. Take my doubts away. You are the one. The one that I want. Find me. Search me. Take me....Read On

Love Stories(2)


Made To Order

It was an ordinary day. Ordinary-being the keyword. It was Thursday, and I was at the local deli ordering my usual - a turkey sandwich with cheese and lettuce, a treat for myself since it was payday. "No tomato or mayo, JD?" I looked at Chuck, the owner, who always teased me. I smiled at him. "No, thank you." He finished my order, and I paid him. I sat down and unwrapped heaven....Read On



I am not the type of person to believe what I read about my horoscope, but I just recently came across one in the newspaper, and I was drawn to it. I can't explain it, but I got a deep feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don't remember the exact words, but the part that stood out was- something will happen to you, and there is no turning back. What was this thing that was going to happen? I...Read On



Made To Order-Part 3

I woke up with a cramp in my leg. I bolted up and tried to walk around to get rid of it and finally, it went away. I plopped back down on the couch, and looked around confused. I wasn't at my apartment. There were empty beer bottles, and I realized what happened last night. He was still tied up. I smiled to myself not being able to believe what I had done. I decided it was time to untie the...Read On


The Appointment *Part 3*

An evenings twist

"Meet me tonight." I hear in my ear as I answer the phone. I am confused at first, but realize it is my therapist. I remain silent, and confused. He senses what I'm feeling. "I know we aren't supposed to tonight, but I have a little exercise that I think you might enjoy." He tells me the address to meet him at. I scribble it down and we say our good byes. What could he possibly want...Read On


Car Ride

A car ride turns into a hot and steamy adventure

It is a hot summer day. The heat is sweltering, and I am sitting in the car next to him. The sheer flower dress I am wearing is pressed against my skin soaked in sweat. The fabric feeling like heaven against my breasts. In all the excitement I wanted to create I purposely had left my panties in my purse. The windows are closed, and the air conditioning is running, but only blowing enough air...Read On

Office Sex(1)


The Appointment - Part 2

I sit waiting for my appointment once again. I was going to see him and I was excited. I keep on replaying what happened between us. How he took over and seduced me. How he made me feel beautiful and wanted. It might have been wrong with me being his patient but I didn't care. I knew exactly what I needed. The door opens. He walks out and butterflies fill my stomach. I hadn't seen him...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Animal Passion

The room was hot and dimly lit. Lust was in the air, not to mention extreme tension. I couldn't help teasing him. I knew it drove him crazy. I could see it in his eyes. I refused to give in, and it was killing him. I felt somehow in control. I was about to learn I was wrong. He looked at me. I knew he wanted me desperately, but I was going to make him work for it. I was sick and...Read On

Straight Sex(4)


The Ongoing Adventures of Misty Lane's House of Whores (Part 1)

"That's right, suck me, you dirty little whore. Do you like sucking my big cock?" I roll my eyes at the fat fuck I had to take back to my room with me. Son of a bitch had to pick me. Now I am sucking his cock and I am about to gag. I grab it and pull it out of my mouth. "What the fuck?" he yells. I rub the side of my face. "I'm sorry. I got this huge ulcer and I just can't," I lie...Read On


The Appointment-Part Six

I sit in my apartment and replay everything that had happened since that evening when I told him my secret. I relive the first time he kissed me and made love to me, and how afraid I was; his friend who helped with the fantasy that went on in my head, and how I felt when they were all over me; the rough sex in that building, and everything else, and that I failed to ask him what we were. I...Read On


The Appointment- Part 5

I lie in his arms. The usual session begins and ends with us making love. I can't help it. I know what we are doing is wrong, but I am under his spell. Maybe he is under mine. Either way it doesn't matter. I know I shouldn't put my heart into what is going on, but it is hard not to. I am supposed to ask what are we. A couple? Fuck buddies? Is he doing this out of pity? I don't want to know....Read On


The Appointment *Part 4*

"Why don't we talk about your childhood", he asks as I lie on the couch. For some reason I'm tired today. I think I must be getting the flu or something. I should have cancelled, but I had to see him. I know he wants more, but agrees to let me be. We decide to talk. Get the demons out that have been bothering me. "I had a good one. I had wonderful parents. A sister I looked up to. We...Read On



A Ghostly Encounter

I lay awake in my bed. The room is dark. I try to fall asleep but something is haunting me. I can feel his presence in the air. My husband, Michael who had recently passed away. I feel calm as I close my eyes and fall asleep. I wake up, and I can feel his breath on the back of me neck. It was him, and he was naked beside me. I turn around and our lips meet. It's been awhile since I kissed...Read On