Love Stories(1)


Rainy Night - Part 2

“I’m your hot little slut now” she whispered back at.

Lori met me as I got out of my car and took my hand with a naughty smirk. We walked towards the hotel and I opened the door letting Lori go through first. Not because it was the gentlemanly thing to do but because I wanted to see that luscious ass. There is something about a sundress like that. The way it moves over the curves when women are walking that just drives me crazy. I think she knew...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


Happy Halloween

A memorable costume party.

I was lying in bed one night in my apartment that was on the second floor of a two-family house. The tenants downstairs were three college girls, and, apparently on this night, one of them had her boyfriend stay over. There was complete silence in my apartment other than the low hum of the twenty-year old refrigerator in my kitchen. Silent at least until I heard a slight rhythmic...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Rainy Night Part 1 - The Parking Lot

“It’s been a long time” I barely had time to say as she pushed me up against the car

The rain was sheeting across my windshield while the wipers barely kept the road visible. I laughed to myself because I couldn’t believe I was actually going to drive three hours in this shit just to see her for a few hours. Lori and I had known each other for years and she only called me when she wanted to fuck. She had a boyfriend but I think he was a little too conservative for her...Read On


She knew what I needed

She knew what I wanted and I was about to take it

It was a crappy day. I had just walked in the door from a funeral. One of the older gentlemen from accounting passed away suddenly. I was greeted by the stampede of lab/pitbull feet as I tried to make my way up the stairs. I felt like strangling the asshole that told me taking care of two dogs was just as easy as one. What was I thinking, getting a second lab/pit mix? I closed the kiddy...Read On