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Well i would say I'm just a bored human who enjoys reading lusty stories but that may be slightly too simple. So for starters I am a writer too, Trying to work out how exactly you write a "Lush Story" and a sometimes poet.

As for who I am I'd say I'm a bit of everything, I love conversation and debate and I am a huge fan of people who can beat me at chess. My first love has always been absurdest writing so my erotica is still in its infant stage but I hope to focus on it a bit in the future when I have some time to work on it in detail. As far as men go I am generally one that prefers a bit of witty banter before you jump into my virtual pants and generally I don't accept chat invites except when in the mood which is seldom.

Sexually I am very open minded and interested in the views of others so I'm always up for a casual chat.

I will not accept people who do not have anything written in their bio or have no avatar so don't even bother adding me if that is the case.

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In a Relationship
Writing and cooking. I do love political debates though. I am very interested in metaphysics and philosophy but slightly more interested in philosophers (My major weakness in males is an interest in my favorite subject).
Favorite Books:
Life according to Garp by John Irving and the Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Stevenson but I generally love Milton and Blake so Paradise Lost and poetry collections are at the top of my list. I have to add Dracula by Bram Stoker because I think it may have been the reason I fell in love with literature
Favorite Authors:
Milton, Irving and of course Roald Dahl. Generally the authors I prefer are post-modern writers and I love Gothic Romance novels with their erotic elitism.
Favorite Movies:
Haha anything musical or action related where there is plenty blood or singing and a mixture of both would be amazing. Movies such as Silence of the Lambs and The Shining are always good because I have always been drawn to psychological thrillers.
Favorite Music:
The classics such as the beach boys and Bob Dylan but I do wonder into classical music every now and again and I recently started obsessing over the Black Keys again. Oh gosh I cannot believe I nearly forgot to add Led Zeppelin to this list.
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Topic: Ever been fingered in a public or semi-public setting?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 05:59

Many times when I was younger and didn't understand restraint haha

Topic: Have you ever has sex with someone you know you shouldn't have?
Posted: 24 Apr 2015 05:56

I don't really consider anybody out of bounds other than those that are not legally allowed to have sex but then I don't really want to fuck a teenager anyway.

The only person I ever regretted was dating a friend of mine, I felt awful for weeks. Embarassed

Topic: Lie detector
Posted: 20 May 2014 14:14

I'd probably ask him if he believes in astrology. One always needs to know those things.

Topic: Ever had something said during 'dirty talk' that offended you?
Posted: 20 May 2014 14:09

A guy once said that I should fuck him like Rasputin, needless to say I was confused. It seems like it should be insulting but then again I was surprised that he even knew who Rasputin was.

Topic: Is there a scent that turns you on instantly? or turns you off?
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:54

I love men wearing Bvlgari fragrances because those have always been my favourite. A turn off would be bad breath but this is probably universal.

Topic: Age Gaps! (Big or small)
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:45

Age is relevant.

I have no problem with a large age gap but when that age gap is the sole turn on in the relationship I find it a bit strange. Another weird thing about age is that unless you are very careful it can create a huge power imbalance which is very unhealthy.

Personally I'd stick to less than seven to five years just in terms of having similar life goals and such.

Topic: Eyes open or closed while kissing..
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:41

Eyes closed during sex or intimate moments but generally for a quick peck they are open.

Topic: Sensuality
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:38

This is an interesting topic and the replies have been interesting to read because I don't believe sensuality exists.

Sensuality seems to be a characteristic we attribute to people we already find sexually attractive or arousing in some way; it seems to me that the sensual aspect is just another term to describe sexual attraction.
Sensuality in and of itself without the foundation of attraction is totally abstract and as such it seems to be a redundant term.

Topic: Accents?
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:33

Strong accents aren't much of a turn on for me, I guess that's because I live in an area where there isn't a strong definable accent.

Topic: Facial hair on a guy, yeah or nay?
Posted: 20 May 2014 11:28

It seems I'm in the minority here because I love beards. If the man can't grow an even beard however it should be shaved, the patchy look is totally awful.

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Stories Published By PrincessC
This itch is more than desire

This itch is more than desire; It is an envy of your very breath for being inhaled Into the body of my such darkest thirst. It is the despair of every hair that falls From the perfection of the being that I most admire; The hair that that these very words inspire, to grow and bloom. It is the gaze I harbor only for you, your name and grace, absolute,  The gaze that wants...

Added 03 Jun 2013 | Category Love Poems | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 603 | 6 Comments

Mr R takes me home

I have been indulging in Mr. R’s cock for a few weeks, but I feel myself getting bored. He refuses to get between my legs and roughly eat me out just the way I like and there are more than a few men who are willing. For those of you who have not read part one I am an eighteen year old with long hark hair and firm 32C breasts. My hour-glass figure does not leave much to be desired with my...

Added 07 Jun 2012 | Category Taboo | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 13,984 | 15 Comments

Mr R teaches me a lesson

This is my first story so feel free to leave constructive criticism. I have always enjoyed older men, they seem to satisfy my urges better than any other could and, as of late, I found myself increasingly attracted to my lecturer. My lecturer was middle aged at late thirties and yet still held his youth in his well-proportioned body and broad shoulders. He had a dark tan which was...

Added 27 May 2012 | Category Taboo | Votes 26 | Avg Score 4.67 | Views 14,373 | 15 Comments

You are my muse.

You are my muse The tears to mine eye; The only path to fortitude The wind upon the sky. For the firmament is so pleased With all you do to me; That her azure tears Fill each obliged sea. So to the man who gives me all That a soul could give; To you I owe my very voice Without which, I can’t live....

Added 28 May 2012 | Category Love Poems | Votes 5 | Avg Score 5 | Views 516 | 5 Comments

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