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Well everybody, I've finally found a little bit of time to start writing again. Hope you enjoy it! More will be on the way soon... Any suggestions or requests, you know where I am xXx

18 Nov 2011 15:21

I'm absolutely sickened that someone has stolen all my stories!! They are on and the theif hasn't even bothered to change the names. Pissed is a total understatement. This is war...

16 Oct 2011 18:45

Hey Lushies! Sorry, I've been AWOL for a few months. Been working on some new films with a lovely new company Down Under. I'm thinking of finally putting up the next chapter of my series "Claire's Awakening" ... Let me know if you want some more xXx

16 Oct 2011 08:28

is finally going home after an AMAZING month in the USA! xXx

22 May 2011 15:47

Had a very sexy shoot today... xXx

18 May 2011 07:04

I'm back & I mean business.... xXx

02 May 2011 11:51

has a million things to do today again.. Sorry if I don't respond! I'm just busy, not ignoring you! xXx

29 Mar 2011 08:12

is sooo freaking horny today! xXx

28 Mar 2011 04:45

Everybody should read & let me know which chapter is their fave! xXx

22 Mar 2011 11:07

has new photos up... Let me know if you enjoy them! xXx

22 Mar 2011 09:17

hope's every1 is enjoying the stories... xXx

22 Mar 2011 06:51

is so proud to be one of the Top Authors of the month!! Thanks everybody for all the support! xXx

20 Mar 2011 05:06

Is feeling creative today! Any suggestions from any1? xXx

17 Mar 2011 08:04

Hopes that everyone is enjoying the new stories I've posted! I know I had fun writing them.. xXx

17 Mar 2011 03:31

Had a good fucking earlier for being a naughty girl.. Was awesome! xXx

16 Mar 2011 10:18

Has finally gotten back into writing & finished parts 8 & 9 of Claire's Awakening! xXx

15 Mar 2011 11:34

is looking forward to reading some new stories & having a it of fun xXx

15 Mar 2011 05:34

Is feeling sooooooooooooooooooooo horny! In need of some fun hehe xXx

14 Mar 2011 11:19

Is feeling inspired today.. hehe xXx

14 Mar 2011 07:40