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Topic Ex-Stanford Swimmer convicted of rape
Posted 09 Jun 2016 15:34

It is outrageous. He lives in denial and has shown no remorse. The statement his father made to the court only acknowledged how this was hurting his son, including loss of appetite for his favourite ribeye steaks. Neither father nor son has any moral compass. He is just another entitled rich white athlete.

I understand that he intends to appeal his sentence. I hope the prosecution not only defends that but makes a case for a less lenient one. His time in jail will not be pleasant. At least he lost his scholarship and is now labelled a sex offender.

Someone posted the link to the entire statement from the victim in another thread. Everyone should read it, particularly young men and women.

In Canada, unlike the US, judges are appointed rather than elected. I hope it is not too late for someone to give Judge Persky some opposition.

VP Joe Biden has written an open letter to the victim. It is worth reading too.

Topic Using one word describe the person above you
Posted 09 Jun 2016 10:17


Topic The Night Manager Mini Series on AMC
Posted 07 Jun 2016 18:21

Saw it. Loved it.

Topic The World Women Live In - Rape Culture Part 2
Posted 07 Jun 2016 16:17

I understand that the judge is running unopposed in the current election. I wonder if it is too late under California law for someone to run against him. I heard that over 800K signatures have been collected on a petition to have him recalled.

As to the now convicted rapist, his lawyer is appealing his sentence. We will have to see if the prosecution does anything beyond defending this appeal. I suspect that this young man will get his just deserts in jail. Being an entitled athlete will not protect him there. We will see what his father says about a few minutes of action (paraphrasing his statement) when his son is on the receiving end of it.

Topic Alphabet Cities (A-Z)
Posted 07 Jun 2016 14:55

Charlottetown, PEI (Canada)

Topic Things that cheer you up
Posted 07 Jun 2016 14:12

Special someone
Fresh flowers
A real giggle
Unexpected good news

Topic What actor(s) do you dislike so much, that you won't even bother watching their movies/shows?
Posted 07 Jun 2016 14:09

Woody Harrelson
Tom Cruise
Mel Gibson
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Aniston
Angelina Jolie
Kristen Stewart

and I am old enough that there are a host of young twenties actors that are outside my consciousness of popular culture.

Topic Use My Last Word First - in a 5 word sentence..
Posted 06 Jun 2016 16:56

Unexpectedly is often the best.

Topic Using one word describe the person above you
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Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 02 Jun 2016 18:10

I guess I understand what you mean with the power differential. What I don't understand is why it would work in her advantage.

I meant the idea that she must be telling the truth because he is a larger figure in the glitterati universe than she is, more powerful, richer, so why would she falsely accuse him. That is not my view, but possibly a tack her PR people will use. Or, it could be seen as a deliberate attempt to threaten his position and therefore be used as a cudgel in divorce settlement negotiations with a promise that the terms of that settlement will remain confidential and therefore the truth of the allegations will never be tested or made public. Whether either of these two or some other scenario is the truth, I don't know. Both are possibilities.

Topic February Fast Approaches... Donald Trump is being taken seriously... Should we be TERRIFIED???
Posted 02 Jun 2016 15:57

Hillary ripped him a new one this afternoon. Let's see how he deals with legitimate criticism or if the only response he is capable of is schoolyard name-calling. Even his supporters have to admit he has no depth of understanding of policy issues whether domestic or international. Talking about deal-making and catchy slogans do not translate to the reality of being in the most powerful job in the US, perhaps the world. The litigation about the now defunct Trump University will not help as it appears it was a massive scam taking advantage of those he now calls the undereducated.

Their debates will be interesting.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 02 Jun 2016 13:05

If I understand what facts we know correctly, the police did not find any evidence of physical abuse to lay charges and Amber refused to press charges in any event. She nonetheless alleges that he hit her and had done so in the past. It appears that she intends to litigate this in the court of public opinion, not in a court of law where her allegations would be tested to a legal standard. If this is not about a criminal prosecution resulting in possible jail time, then it seems to be about money. She was married to him for fifteen months, not fifteen years, so that would normally come into account in their divorce given that they did not have a prenuptial agreement. Demanding $50K monthly, including $10K for pet maintenance gives us some insight into how this will go. My prediction is that it will carry on for months with a feeding frenzy for tabloid and entertainment media.

I don't know if Johnny Depp hit her or if she is setting him up to threaten to undermine his career as happened to Mel Gibson when he was in a similar situation with an estranged girlfriend. As I said earlier, only two people know the truth and our impressions and feelings about each or both of them do not translate to any certain knowledge about who did or did not do what to whom.

Topic News: Johnny Depp and Domestic Violence
Posted 01 Jun 2016 14:11

I find it interesting that we are comfortable expressing opinions about this based on liking or not liking either of the parties or finding one or the other more believable. The truth is that none of us knows either of them or how credible they are. We don't know what happened. We can be amateur psychologists talking about Amber being a trophy wife seeking the advantages of being married to Johnny Depp, or imagining him being capable of doing this. We all have opinions about such situations, and I certainly tend to believe victims over the accused, but it may be different with such a high profile alleged abuser. He has a lot to lose in terms of his reputation as well as money. There is a power differential between them that perversely works to her advantage. I am not saying that she is falsely accusing him, only that we should all suspend judgment until we know more based on evidence, not our feelings about people who we know mostly through the image put forward and polished by their public relations people. Who knows what they are like behind closed doors? None of us.

Topic Your First Erotic Story
Posted 26 May 2016 18:19

Before my first solo story I wrote a long series of stories with another Lushie. This first effort was called "Stacey's Choice". The idea for the story came to me thinking about being out and about after a long winter. June days are beautiful in my city, lovelier than the humid heat that comes later in the summer. The days are warm and clear, the sky blue, the parks lush and there are flowers on lampposts and lining sidewalk cafes. I also thought about the vibrancy of the south of France and its colours as reflected in its art. The main character was (I hope) an interesting woman who, like me, had many contradictions. She meets someone by chance and the story unfolds.

I was happy with the story then and would not change it now. It was a debut with some expectations as I was a story moderator then and fairly demanding with others'work. I was relieved that it was well received because it is in the "Love Stories" category, not the most popular one here. It was written two years ago and has earned a "Famous Story" badge for exceeding 30,000 views.

Topic Five letter word - change only one letter
Posted 26 May 2016 18:01

carps - parse

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 26 May 2016 14:34

A thoughtful man.

Topic Who should be the next US president?
Posted 26 May 2016 11:02

Maybe you Yanks want to borrow Justin Trudeau? Or for those of a more conservative persuasion Stephen Harper as quit politics here. I suspect that despite all of the joking, Canada may get a spike in immigration applications from US citizens fleeing as they did in the '60s from the Viet Nam war.

Topic Censorship or not?
Posted 26 May 2016 10:57

It's Joe McCarthy who was responsible for investigating many in the arts and educational community in the US for their political points of view. This led to the Hollywood blacklist. The recent movie "Trumbo" is the story of Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood Ten, a group of writers who refused to cooperate and testify before the House Un-American Activities Committee. He wrote many Hollywood classics including "Roman Holiday". "The Front" is a Woody Allen movie in which he is the named writer for blacklisted writers. Both are worth seeing.

Topic What are you reading?
Posted 26 May 2016 07:10

With her being so obsessed with materialism, and particularly designer goods, it’s making me think of Patrick Bateman. It seems the author is drawing on all sorts of influences, but with some of the negative reviews I’ve read, this seems to be lacking the satirical bite of something like American Psycho.

I think I’ll wait until the paperback comes out. I haven’t read Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley novels for a few years, and I’ve only read the first of the Millennium trilogy so, at the moment, I think I’d prefer to jump into those before trying this. Even so, it’s one I’ll keep an eye out for.

Had it not been given to me, I would not have bought it. As I said, it is a departure from what I usually read. I was surprised that I did want to find out what happened next and kept reading, but it was strangely compelling.

Topic Please allow me to re-introduce myself: Hi I'm AvrgBlkGrl©
Posted 24 May 2016 20:31

Reggie, you never fail to move me. As one who loves words, your writing always delights me. You shine. It is even more admirable because of your humility about your obvious talent, which is flawless whether expressed in prose or poetry.

Posted 22 May 2016 16:55

LOL! This might be why the OP has never(?) received an RR..

Why are we still talking about this? (as this post gets buried in the thread as it grows longer and longer.)

That was the subtext of my post. You got it. angel7

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 22 May 2016 16:13

deceptively not angelic

Posted 22 May 2016 15:38

*clutches pearls*

A lowly forum moderator such as myself is not worthy to correct the mistakes of someone who gets paid to put pen to paper.

You're so audacious, my goodness.

Ooh, Dani. Just dripping with irony. :-" Thanks in advance.

Posted 22 May 2016 15:33

Could someone please remove the apostrophe from the title of this thread. Glaring spelling mistakes drive me crazy.

Posted 22 May 2016 10:02

I know my opinion won't be worth much as I'm not a story mod, but I'll comment on what I've observed on this as a topic in the forum.

People want RR's. RR=recognition. Although the RR system as it stands is mostly a perk for moderators, it's not viewed that way. You get a badge. You get that blue check mark. It reads as 'my story stands out from the rest', but that's exactly what it means.

From what I've observed, those who want to overhaul the RR system are those who don't have (m)any RR's or other accolades. "I'm being overlooked, so clearly the system is flawed."

I am in no way saying the system is perfect. No system is. But trying to make it more inclusive when it exists to highlight something that stands apart kind of defeats the purpose, no?

A Recommended Read means a site moderator recommends your story to others. They click an option, and it's done. And on to the next story. If the process were less simple, site productivity would take a huge hit. Then we'd see the 'It's been x amount of hours and my story hasn't been approved' threads pop up all over the place.

I suppose a happy medium could be a separate system where members can recommend the stories of their peers. We could just call it something else.

A clear and cogent analysis of the issue, Dani. Thank you.

RRs are by definition choices of the moderators, a matter of personal taste. Writing is not math. There is no correct answer. Choices made are subjective. If you understand that you will understand that moderators should not have to justify their picks. They choose what they think is superior work. You may disagree. You may wonder why no one chooses your work or that of your favourite writer. I am sure that moderators would welcome a PM about a gem of a story that has been overlooked. What they do not need is an attack on their integrity or accusations of being power hungry. There is a team of people doing the work. The person they answer to is Nicola. She would not countenance favouritism in the awarding of RRs, EPs, or anything else.

Topic What are you reading?
Posted 22 May 2016 09:21

Being a fan of Patricia Highsmith, and especially the Ripley novels, seeing your post sent me straight to Amazon. However, the reviews there are pretty scathing. Elsewhere, the majority seem to range from negative to mediocre. With that in mind, I’d be really interested to know what you think of this one.

I did not read "Fifty Shades" but had hoped that this book would be better and am told that it is. That said, there is a kind of fascination watching this character, how she insinuates herself into situations and with people and the violence that ensues. She is completely amoral. A clothes horse. It takes about twenty different designer products for her to shower and dress. We feel she is more in love with things, especially clothes and shoes, than people. People are a means to an end, and sometimes killed for the same reason with no struggle of conscience. Apparently this is the first of a triology. The NY Times described it as a pornographic shopoholic travelogue. Add some art history and murder and you have the story's elements. And yet there is a confounding appeal of a woman taking charge to pursue what she wants despite the bodies left in her wake. This is certainly not what I usually read, but I did. If there is more to this book, I am not hip enough to understand it. This is not serious literature but at least as good a read as all those Grisham, Clancy, and Brown books that people read in the summertime.

This is why I wondered why what others who read the book thought about it.

Posted 21 May 2016 14:58

This is a problem for me. I'm quite observant, and I can't help but notice that most members are remarkably sensitive on this site. I have a story to upload, yet I'm kind of reluctant to upload it on the grounds that people might think it's "sick" or complete "dross".

My story abides to site rules, but it's not your usual, humdrum, run-of -the-mill erotica that you see day in, day out, 99% of the time. I think the erotica genre has became stagnant, and people are losing interest. I'm trying to inject a bit of personality and intrigue into erotica scene.

Let's not forget: "One person's rubbish, is another person's treasure".

I was talking about stories that clearly do not comply with the TOS here, not those that push the envelope away from vanilla. Snuff stories, incest, and scatology are examples of content not posted on this site. If that is a problem, you are on the wrong site. If you are merely adding personality and intrigue as you say, your work will pass.

Posted 21 May 2016 13:02

I have a handful of RRs and I have to say that I am extremely proud of them.

Can there be a policy for moderators that, if asked why a story fails to get an RR, they respond truthfully. For me, that would not hurt my feelings at all. I would start to understand what is required.

As mentioned before, story moderators volunteer their time. There are dozens of stories submitted each day and Lush members have become accustomed to a short turn around time for a response or their story being posted. Your suggestion could conceivably more than double their work if each member asked for an explanation as to why their posted story did not get a "Recommended Read". Surely it is onerous enough that some stories are resubmitted several times and therefore reviewed several times before they can be posted. An RR is the exception, not the rule. Most stories will not be awarded one. You will have to accept that and persevere with your writing not just in technical terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, but also with your story's plot, depth of characters, description, use of language, and that spark that sets it apart. Continue to edit and polish your work so that it has the quality of RR and EP stories. It will happen then.

Posted 21 May 2016 08:52

I was a senior story moderator for more than two years and burned out. I think that many of you have no idea of how difficult the work is, even when stories are good. There are stories submitted that seem to be random thoughts poorly spelled with no punctuation at all, just a mass of words. It makes your eyes hurt to try to read that even if you know you will reject it. You have to provide the writer with a list of things to do to improve it. Another thing that we do not talk about much is the number of stories that cannot see the light of day because the content is so far over the line - violence, incest, sex with underage participants, and/or other noxious elements. You feel like taking a shower or being sick after reading something like that and have to take steps to deal with the person who submitted such dross to the site.

So, finding a story that shines is worthy of an RR if you are a moderator. It stands to reason that those capable of quality writing should continue to receive them, just like someone with a high batting average continues to hit in baseball. The only caveat is an obvious one. Choices are subject to the personal taste of the moderator. That is the world of writing. Not everyone likes everything.

To say that the system is corrupt and subject to cronyism is offensive and an insult to story moderators and the hours of work they do gratis. As Buz said, if you want an RR, submit quality writing, and to do that you have to work at it and learn. This is not like children's sports where you get a trophy for showing up.

Topic Rejection vs Approval
Posted 20 May 2016 14:38

I just rewrote a story and counted on Grammarly. Perfect example. It actually INCREASED the errors. I have a LOT to learn about sentence structuring and punctuation. But, with every rejection or absence of what WE think should be an RR, can teach us something if we don't take it personally. 'Oh well, live and learn.

There is nothing wrong in using a spelling or grammar check, but it should only be used as a pass over your work rather than being solely relied on. Nothing will substitute for a thorough proofread, probably more than once. I always leave my work alone for a while to gain enough perspective to see mistakes. Grammar and punctuation rules can be difficult to take on board in large bites. Keep a good reference available as you check your work. After a time it will all click. There is no shame in spending time correcting and polishing your work. I sometimes agonize over finding just the right word to express what I want to say. All of this adds up to raise the quality of your writing and make it more likely to be posted without being returned for editing and changes.