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Topic The Word Association Game
Posted 27 May 2013 13:14


Topic Things that cheer you up
Posted 27 May 2013 12:22

Sunshine, that first large coffee in the morning, a certain someone's voice, finding a project easier than expected. There are a lot more. I believe in small pleasures as well as big ones.

Topic Agree/disagree
Posted 27 May 2013 12:16


Moderation in everything, including moderation.

Topic What are your Lush "Pet Peeves"?
Posted 24 May 2013 14:50

The biggest thing that bugs me lately I guess is putting myself on AWAY especially when I am at work or just want to concentrate on reading a story. I cannot chat at work but I am able to read stories. But even on AWAY status there are still many folks who just ignore it and just bombard you with online messages.

You can change your status to invisible by going to your "online status" in your personal settings. Choose "Block all - invisible" from the drop down answering "Who can see you?".

You can read or answer PMs uninterrupted then.

Topic The person below me is...
Posted 24 May 2013 13:31

I do.

TPBM feels their life is lacking something.

Topic This or That
Posted 23 May 2013 19:28

the cabin

(I would have said both to diamonds or pearls, but was too late.)

blue eyes or brown?

Topic Guilty or Innocent.
Posted 23 May 2013 18:11


Have you ever cheated in a committed relationship?

Topic This or That
Posted 23 May 2013 17:59

Mussed hair.

Coffee or tea (in the morning)?

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 23 May 2013 17:45

He doesn't tell us much, but the image communicates suave.

Topic Say something nice about the profile of the person above you
Posted 23 May 2013 17:08

Sprite is forthright and cuddly at the same time, and so much fun.

Topic Fuck off ~
Posted 23 May 2013 13:53

Mange la merde. (Quebecois)

Topic Lush V2 Bug List
Posted 22 May 2013 14:34

I have gotten a "forum error" message in blue twice now while trying to post in the story mod forum. The posts do end up there.

Topic Three words said about the person above you
Posted 22 May 2013 14:15

Sporty soccer Spaniard

Topic what is your favorite movie quote
Posted 19 May 2013 15:41

There are two here. "Fasten your seatbelts" from Bette Davis and ingenue Marilyn Monroe being introduced as a graduate of the Copacabana.

Topic What turns you off immediately?
Posted 16 May 2013 15:52

bad spelling

Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 16 May 2013 15:46


Topic Last Two Letters ....
Posted 16 May 2013 15:29


Topic Prostate Cancer chances high - I guess I should get mine removed now?
Posted 16 May 2013 10:30

I am not one of Angelina Jolie's fans, but I do admire her for making her decision public. Part of it may have been motivated to stop tabloid speculation, but it was brave of her to do. It will give courage to other women in this situation and help them to understand that they are no less women after these procedures.

Every person makes the decisions that are best for them, based on the information that they have. I don't think we should second guess such a personal decision, even if our choice would have been different. No one knows all of the information that Jolie has been given or what else impacted on how she decided and frankly, that is none of our business. We should all just wish her well in her recovery.

Topic Forum Game: Sexy Chain
Posted 15 May 2013 17:04


Topic What new story categories would you like added to Lush?
Posted 15 May 2013 14:19

There are aspects of true stories that would not be permitted under the site's guidelines e.g. underage sex and incest. This would have to be kept in mind should true stories become a category.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 14:16

I agree with CD about the importance of graphic communication (which is her expertise) and branding and in no way meant to make small of that. Input from members is always welcome to my knowledge. My point was that the symbol itself had taken over the discussion rather than positive remarks about what it represents. This is a way for those who have not reached the level of recognition that some writers here have to become better known. That is a really good thing.

Topic New recommendation symbol
Posted 14 May 2013 13:46

I think that people have lost what should be the focus here. That should be on being pleased that writers will now be getting recognition in a new way rather than complaining about the colour and shape of the symbol.

This is not a cooperative where every member has a say in every decision made. It is Nicola's site and the decision is ultimately hers. It seems to me that it is really ungracious to carp about this. All of the suggestions are acceptable.

Topic Favorite Movie of the Year so far!
Posted 13 May 2013 18:14

Would it be too nerdy to say Lincoln?

No, it would be intelligent.

Topic Journalists protecting each other
Posted 13 May 2013 17:02

I don't know what to say about the child molester, but the story about the kidnapped journalist was likely kept quiet because of negotiations that were going on to get him released. Most governments say that they will not negotiate with terrorists, but do when they have to, only under the radar or through intermediaries. This is why nothing appears in the media.

The story about the molestation would likely have become public in most countries with a free press. I wonder why it did not happen there. Even if his colleagues did not report it, one would imagine competitors would.

Topic IRS admits they deliberately harrassed Conservative groups
Posted 13 May 2013 15:38

If these allegations are true, of course the IRS has been inappropriate. They are supposed to be scrupulously impartial.

The irony is that these tea party groups were not charitable, but indeed were political, and therefore should not have had tax exempt status as I understand it. And yes, this applies to liberal groups as well.

Topic Book recommendations
Posted 12 May 2013 14:36

For those who might have read Alan Furst on my recommendation, try David Downing. The main character is a journalist who ends up a spy in wartime Berlin where most of the stories take place. As this is a series, the books should probably be read in order.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 09 May 2013 18:38


Topic Does 'No-Fault Divorce' cheapen the 'institution of marriage'
Posted 09 May 2013 14:36

People who want a divorce will get one no matter what the system. It still has the potential to become acrimonious without having to prove fault. Surely, we do not want to go back to a time where fault had to be proved, and was staged with people allowing themselves to get "caught" in motel rooms with someone other than their spouse. There were photographers and others who made a business of this.

It makes no sense for people to have to stay together who cannot stand each other. Women had no choice decades ago when they were financially dependent on men. They had to tolerate their situations as they had no other options. Nowadays, the responsibility for making things work depends on both spouses and both have choices. That is a good thing.

Topic Alphabet Movies...
Posted 09 May 2013 14:15

On the Waterfront

Topic Pet Peeves
Posted 07 May 2013 14:50

Bad manners
Textspeak/"Like" as every third word