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Topic The Supreme Court Rulled in Favor of an Anti Gay Marriage Baker
Posted 04 Jun 2018 13:15

Don’t see this ruling as a rebuke against the LGBTQI community. As Principessa pointed out, it’s a rebuke against the hostile language used by Colorado commission on civil rights towards the baker. The justices found that members of the commission made “official expressions of hostility to religion” during their deliberations on the case centering on Masterpiece Cakeshop and baker Jack Phillips. This was the violation of his first amendment right to freely practice his religion and why SCOTUS rulled in his favor. SCOTUS made no determination as to the constitutionality of the law in Colorado that protects LGBTQI people’s rights. And I think, in the majority opinion liberal and conservitive justices alike expressed the need to ensure gay and lesbian couples are treated with dignity in the marketplace. This perhaps telegraphs how they may rule in the next case they will hear involving, I think, a photographer who refused service to a gay couple.

I think the court opined that the Colorado commission had shown a hostility towards religion in approaching this case by their intemperate words, violating the principle of fairness requisite in administrative law. They perhaps could have ruled against Phillips without this contested language and it would have stood. So it is, I believe, the apprehension of bias that weighed against the commission, rather than their precise ruling. I realize that this is splitting hairs, but that is what is done in legal argument. I would not extrapolate from this that SCOTUS would sustain all manner of discrimination based on purported religious convictions. I have no doubt that this decision will be tested with different fact situations which will lack the animus of the Colorado commission. My own view is that the commission's language did not fatally taint the argument that Phillips had discriminated against these customers and SCOTUS was wrong.

Topic The Supreme Court Rulled in Favor of an Anti Gay Marriage Baker
Posted 04 Jun 2018 09:34

This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Although it seems that the Colorado commission did not approach the case fairly, a core principle of administrative law, SCOTUS has now made a greater error by siding with discrimination in the provision of goods and services to the public. When you open your business to the public, you are obliged to service all clients and customers regardless of race, religion or any of the other protected categories of discrimination. That is the deal when you get a license to open your business or hang your shingle to provide professional services. If you want to pick and choose, open a private club.

Will we now return to the era when hotels, restaurants and businesses refused Jews, blacks and others - now including the LGBTQ community which was closeted then? Will there be signs proclaiming those who are welcome and/or unwelcome? Even if the decision acknowledges that it should be read narrowly because of the animus of the Colorado commission, it opens the door to the closing of doors and will no doubt be tested not only by those against discrimination but also by those who wish to use their religion as a reason for shameless discrimination.

Freedom of religion does not give you the right to impose your religious values on others or subject them to a religious test in the provision of goods and services to the public. Both are unconstitutional.

I do have to add that the work of art argument is ridiculous. The baker does his job well. He sells his products to the public in the open marketplace. They are not museum pieces. By his argument any artisan who does good work could discriminate whether they were a baker or a bricklayer.

Edit: I just read this in an opinion piece in the NYTimes on contrition and it is apt here:

"You can safely assume that you’ve created God in your own image,” Anne Lamott famously pointed out, “when it turns out that God hates all the same people you do.”

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 01 Jun 2018 14:16

The "grab 'em by the pussy" remark was not made in public.

Trump's not exactly a world class orator. He's a real estate developer. There are many instances where what he said was a bit ambiguous. "Fine people on both sides" of what, exactly? The haters, always going for the worst interpretation, decided he meant both sides of the riot. But they've also decided he called every immigrant, or every illegal immigrant, an animal. If you listen to the "animals" remark in context you realize the subject being discussed was MS-13 gang members. Hopefully you'll agree that decapitating teenage girls as an example to others would qualify someone for being called an animal.

As far as jailing Hillary Clinton, if she committed crimes, not just "gross negligence" in her mishandling of classified documents, why shouldn't she be in jail? Some of those documents were classified at the highest level the US Government has. And the laws regulating how they are to be handled have no allowance for lack of criminal intent. If she mishandled them, and we know she did, she's guilty of a Federal crime.

I assure you, if you or I had done what she did, we'd be locked up. Why do you think she deserved the special treatment she received?

I believe that she was entitled to due process and that it was determined that no charges be laid against her. That happens when prosecutors are not confident that they have enough evidence to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt. You will counter that the system was skewed in her favour by the FBI and Justice Dept., but this is the same FBI that undercut her campaign before election day and same DOJ that seems to be populated by at least as many Republicans as Democrats.

As to Trump's remarks, it was clear on Charlottesville that he was drawing a moral equivalence between the neo-Nazis and those protesting them. You would have to turn yourself into a pretzel to interpret it another way. David Duke was grateful for this remark. Trump did nothing to walk it back.

You and I will never agree on any of this.

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 01 Jun 2018 13:08

So if someone said it about Michelle Obama, you would be fine with it? Michelle Obama definately does not stay in the background.

I would be fine with them criticizing her. Not with them calling her a cunt, which is exactly what I said about Bee and Ivanka.

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 01 Jun 2018 13:05

Perhaps a bigger question here is how does S. Bee have a "comedy" show and pass herself off as a "comedian" when she's not funny? If you examine the quote being discussed here, there's no joke there. There's nothing funny, nothing particularly clever, nothing at all except hurling vile invective at a target that she knows her audience hates, thus reinforcing their shallow, mindless hatred and earning brain-dead zombie howls of approval. It's masturbating for a crowd, taking pleasure in their mindless approval and their laughter at how "edgy" and "brave" she is. Or maybe they're all still in junior high and they find dirty words intensely funny. "Oooh, you said cunt!"

People that laugh just because someone throws around vile, offensive language with no other content that's remotely humorous are drones. A laugh track can perform the same function and not waste so much oxygen. I suppose, though, that as long as you mouth all of the right liberal pieties and only target people from "The Official List Of Persons We Hate", that just being hateful and using vile language is what qualifies as entertainment for the far left these days. Seriously; if you find this brand of "humor" funny you should probably have your IQ checked.

Then again, Biden, Slick Willie, and Harry Reid all got a free pass for saying some very stupid, racist things about Obama back in 2007-08. I guess if you say the right things and pretend to support the approved causes you can get away with saying almost anything with no fear of ever paying a price.

With respect, you should read your post again. You realize that everything you said about Samantha Bee could be said about Trump and his audience at any of his rallies. She has done nothing that he hasn't already done to the adulation of his followers. Remember the "grab 'em by the pussy"" remark? Remember the "fine people on both sides" after Charlottesville? Remember him promising to jail Clinton? I could go on and on with examples from the campaign and since he was elected with remarks about people, groups, and institutions that he has disrespected. Is it more seemly from an elected president? Are his followers any less in the thrall you described? Your last sentence particularly applies to Trump.

I hate the what- about argument, but it is apt in this case. Funny is in the eye (or ear) of the beholder, I guess.

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 01 Jun 2018 11:27

Seax wrote:

Taking Ivanka on regarding her father's immigration policy and the 1500 missing children was fair game.

The usual definition of missing is that you don't know where someone or something is. I understand that a large proportion of these children may be with relatives or others that have stepped in to take care of them, but until this is confirmed, we don't know for certain where they are and with whom. The fear is that some may have fallen into the hands of human traffickers. Surely the US government has the resources to find them.

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 01 Jun 2018 09:46

Remember that Ivanka is not in the background. She purportedly works in the White House. There is no comparison to other presidential offspring because they were removed from politics. She put herself in the political arena and all that comes with it. Being Trump's daughter does not give her immunity from criticism or ridicule because of that.

I think that "cunt" was unnecessary and inappropriate. Taking Ivanka on regarding her father's immigration policy and the 1500 missing children was fair game.

So, as I said before, an apology for the slur.

Topic Did Samantha Bee Owe Ivanka an Apology
Posted 31 May 2018 16:41

Only for the "C" word. The rest was fine including calling her feckless.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 13:08

Something like 4% of Americans are prescribed Ambien or the generic. You can bet that there are more that take it without a prescription. It is fairly easy to get mail order from one of your Canadian pharmacies. The warnings on the label indicate that the side effects can last well after the drowsiness wears off. Are some of those people at the rallies still under the influence of a sleep aid? I think you can assume some are. How many? That's probably unknowable without making them all pee in a cup. But be advised that the folks at any political rally are feeling similar side effects. What effect if any is consumption of mind altering chemicals, all of them, having on American politics? I have no idea. But I think we can all rest assured there are some.

indiscriminate discrimination => nice turn of a phrase!

By your information that accounts for less than 95% of them and assumes that everyone who was prescribed it had taken it, even if I disagree with this as an excuse. What's the excuse for the rest of them, or are you willing to admit that they're enthusiastically endorsing bigoted content spewing from Trump's mouth? I mentioned in another thread that I had seen documentary film of George Wallace in the 1968 campaign recently. The parallels in their appeals are striking.

In any event, my view is that this entire Ambien argument deflects away from the real issue of racism and bigotry displayed by Rosanne for many years and the orgiastic applause and refrains from Trump supporters for the same thing at his rallies. You have spent an awful lot of time explaining Ambien to us instead of addressing the environment created by Trump that has given life to this bigotry in public.

Ambien made me do it is like the dog ate my homework (and I don't know the Latin for that): a lame excuse for accepting the consequences of deeds and behaviour.

Firing Trump will not be as easy as it was for ABC to fire Rosanne. But it can begin by taking back some of the levers of power with the election of more Democrats in the fall.

(That sound is the mic being dropped by me.)

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 11:47

I'm guessing that Lush really does need some kind of way to delineate sarcasm and/or humor. Nevermind!

"In wine there is truth" refers one effect of ethyl alcohol, the lessening or complete dropping of the filter that tell most people, "That's OK to think but you'd better bite your tongue before you say it." I was trying to point out that Ambien has a similar effect.

No, Ambien didn't make Roseanne Barr a racist, but it could have very well been the factor that led to her telling the twitterverse that she was.

Next topic. You've seen me use an ad hominem attack before. So they're something you've seen me stoop to. They're something I avoid unless in response to an ad hominem attack that is leveled against me. I don't believe you've seen me treat you in such a fashion. That certainly wasn't one.

We have certainly seen a bunch of folks on all sides of the USA's political spectrum suffer from "foot in mouth" disease of late. For instance, watch "The View" and take note of some of the abhorrent stuff routinely spouted by Joy Behar, or Whoopi Goldberg. And I'd be willing to bet you that Kathy Griffin wishes she could take back that Trump severed head "joke". Since it seems to be affecting just about everyone, I doubt Trump is the primary trigger. But I'm not ready to say that Ambien isn't.

Ambien did not make Rosanne a racist. There we agree. She exposed herself as a racist for years before this blew up yesterday, including the content of her tweets and conspiracy theories. She had already shown us who and what she is.

I do think that Trump has been a trigger for the loosening of many tongues, one that happened without any assist from Ambien. His indiscriminate discrimination voiced to the adulation of crowds at his rallies is there for all to see. Or do they all take Ambien the night before?

The Pandora's box of ill will that has been unleashed is unacceptable. Under any circumstances. I am not sure if the content of some people's hearts and characters are filled with hatred that their keeping quiet about it makes it better. It is only marginally better not to hear it all.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 10:43

Congratulations on missing the point of my post.

You might want to look up a translation of "in vino veritas."

In fact, now that I think on it, given the number of people world wide taking Zolpidem Tartrate, that in and of itself could explain a few odd things.

Are we seeing a perhaps western, but maybe global, reduction in speech filtering?

I seem to recall incidents where Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin, and a number of others rather publicly blurted out things they wished, after the fact, that they hadn't.

Something to think about. ;-)

I understood your point. I just disagreed with it. Sarcasm and talking down to me does not make you right. I don't buy the excuse if what is uttered is unacceptable. Period.

Another assumption you made is that I need translation of "in vino veritas". Some of us are educated and well read. Another way you talk down to those who disagree with you. You think you know more and better. Ad hominem attacks do not make your arguments any stronger.

The only reduction in speech filtering is the tacit permission that Trump has given those having abhorrent views and opinions to voice them publicly just following his example. This has spread from the US to other countries. Not the best American export. There are things which (unfortunately) are thought which should not be said as part of civil discourse.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 09:50

But a documented side effect is the impairment of the filters that would normally prevent racist thoughts from becoming racist speech or in this case tweets.

If that is true, the racist attitudes would still be present to be unleashed at any time. And, if you buy the Ambien excuse, it works for this instance only, and does not mitigate her decades of racism and more.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 09:28

Depends on whether the racist in question is the subject of the joke or comment I guess ;)

I was referring to the racist content in both. Or was that an attempt at humour on your part?

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 30 May 2018 08:35

From what I understand, other cast members (Emma Kenney, for one) were starting to contact ABC and pull out of the show. Cancelling Roseanne was the right thing to do, but they also may not have had a choice.

Today, she's saying she was hopped up on Ambien and Tweeting under the influence. ....

The drug company has responded: "While all pharmaceutical treatments have side effects, racism is not a known side effect of any Sanofi medication."

Rosanne has been doing this for years, if not decades. Racist, xenophobic and anti-semitic comments are nothing new along with passing on wild conspiracy theories. She even posed dressed as a Nazi complete with Hitler mustache at an oven with a tray full of human-shaped gingerbread cookies that were burned and called them "Jew cookies". There have been no boundaries of decency or taste in her public pronouncements. Given that history, the Ambien excuse is laughable.

And why did she think that saying the comment was a joke would somehow make it better? A racist joke is no better than a racist comment.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 29 May 2018 16:26

You got to give Roseanne credit. She really did a great job capturing the average Trump supporter.

She probably did and does. And that is exactly what is wrong with normalizing the racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism and more that run in a straight line through the alt right all the way to the occupant of the White House with many of your average Trump voters in between, along with all of the crazy conspiracy theories.

It's interesting how much going on now was paralleled in the campaign of George Wallace in 1968 as shown in the documentary series of four hours about that year on CNN this past weekend. Trump is as direct in his views as Wallace was and appeals to the same anger and resentment. His making America great again is nothing if not a call to go back to the '50s when women, minorities and others knew their place and the white male was dominant.

Topic Three Cheers for the New Roseanne!!
Posted 29 May 2018 12:56

The show was crass years ago and did not improve with age. I watched the first one out of curiosity and did not watch again. The atmosphere in Trump's America has normalized offensive opinions and views that are not part of civil discourse. Rosanne Barr was saying racist and xenophobic things and repeating nutty conspiracy theories as fact before the show came back, just like Trump. From what I have read about the content of the show, her views were only slightly mitigated like saying (paraphrasing) that it was okay to like Muslim neighbours while disliking them as a group.

It should not have been a surprise that Rosanne would continue tweeting and commenting has she had before the show. Why would anything else happen? ABC was perhaps naive in bringing the show back in the current climate in the US. Like the scorpion in an Aesop's fable I heard in childhood, she could not change her nature and she was bound to do what she did. She showed us who she is long ago. She should have been believed by ABC.

Blatant racism is not acceptable with no ifs, ands or buts. ABC did the right thing. By the way, her apology was not an apology.

I understand that her agent has dropped her as well.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 29 May 2018 08:19

Yes. China's "one child" policy were a collection of government rules that limited how many children married couples could have.
I thought to let principessa know that it's not only possible, but it's already happened that governments can coerce a woman into having an abortion when she doesn't want one. As a matter of policy yet!

Anything is possible in places that are dictatorships where citizens do not have freedom of choice in many matters. I was talking about western democracies.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 28 May 2018 14:04

No one is ever going to force a woman to have an abortion who doesn't want one. That being said no one but the woman in question should make this decision with the advice of her doctor. No one else, especially a member of the government or clergy should have a say. This is a most personal of decisions.

I wish that all of the people bleating about the rights of unborn children would focus their energy on the children already here who are or have been abused, neglected, or abandoned by their parents. Do they foster these children? Do they volunteer their time for them? Are they Big Brothers or Sisters for children with struggling parents who need help and support? Put your time and effort where it is needed with existing children rather than trying to force your values on others who do not share them.

Ireland's voters have spoken and joined the 20th century at long last in the 21st.

Topic The Americans have spoken on gun control !
Posted 22 May 2018 16:11

The proposals are that volunteer teachers who pass screening and training protocols be allowed to carry on campus.

One can generally assume that people who volunteer to do something in fact want to do that something.

To the best of my knowledge, no one is suggesting that anyone be required to be armed yet I keep seeing people argue against such a plan as you just did.

I'm not sure where that idea is coming from. Is there any chance you could point us to your source for that information?

I understand your point. When I have heard this suggested by various politicians on television, the suggestion was a blanket one, and the ideas of training and volunteering are not usually mentioned. Even with these caveats, I still think it is a bad idea.

Topic The Americans have spoken on gun control !
Posted 21 May 2018 19:21

You want my guns ?? Come get them And while you are at it take the bullets first,, Dont be so fast to judge all because of a few,, The media sensationalizing every shooting doesn't help. ..

Are you suggesting that mass shootings should not be covered by the press? They have mostly refrained from mentioning the names of the perpetrators, so the goal of achieving fame is thwarted but surely people should know what has happened. Not paying attention will not bring the dead back and will only serve to trivialize these murders as not worthy of time and attention. Maybe it would also undermine public pressure for gun control, which would please the NRA.

As an aside, unrelated to the above post and comment, why do people keep suggesting that teachers be armed? Has anyone asked them if they want to be armed? Do they not have enough to do teaching their students?

Topic The Americans have spoken on gun control !
Posted 20 May 2018 13:47

If you are against sacrificing innocent lives, how can you support allowing all of this to continue? How many are killed by guns owned by ‘responsible’ owners’? You either support the guns or you support the victims. Can’t have it both ways


I don't understand how the well regulated militia mentioned in the Second Amendment morphed into the right for any and everyone to own weapons meant to kill as many people as possible quickly and efficiently. Wake up America. Your children deserve to go to school without thinking about being shot. How many times does this have to happen before things change. What do you value more: your children, families, co-workers and friends or the right to own an arsenal worthy of a criminal in a banana republic?

Someone has to become a profile in courage and champion the disarming of the America.

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 20 May 2018 09:28

There is some irony in having the idea of involuntary celibates emerge at the same time as the #metoo movement. I think that the bottom line in both cases is that women do not owe men anything sexual in any form unless they want it too. The ICs should spend a little more time understanding how to speak to and interact with women rather than approaching them with an entitlement to sex. The difference between them and the Harvey Weinsteins of the world is that those unmasked by the #metoo movement is more often than not the latter were in a position of power over their victims, in a position to insist and threaten that their lives would be impacted negatively if they did not comply. Although these men may be at different ends of the power spectrum, understanding women as human beings rather than prey seems to be the answer to both.

I have worked in male-dominated environments and have my own stories. The men who treated me with respect, talked to me and listened to me, supported my work and expression of opinions (whether they agreed with them or not) are the men who became friends, and in a few cases more than friends. I think that I am like many women in saying that the way to break down some barriers is to make me laugh. That almost always works.

Calling themselves involuntary celibates denies their responsibility for their own behaviour and its consequences. They imagine themselves to be victims of the women who have denied them. Maybe some introspection and perhaps some therapy would help them forge normal relationships. Seething anger against women is not the answer.

Topic Has Trump increased or decreased the world's opinion of the United States?
Posted 14 May 2018 13:15

Through the first world western democracies, Trump's tenure has impacted on the view of the US negatively. These countries are the historical allies of the US. Trump has given encouragement for the anti-immigrant nationalist movements in these countries as well as in eastern Europe and some Asian countries particularly those headed by leaders with tendencies toward demagoguery and tyranny. His pronouncements about America first, fake news, and attacks on the free press have given them leave to mimic him. This mirrors the normalizing of crass and ignorant remarks and views both outside and within the US because of Trump's example. Many journalists have been harassed and killed under the umbrella of "fake news" in non-democratic countries.

It will take some time to repair the damage done internationally. The Europeans and others such as Aussies and Canadians are learning to work around him. The US can no longer claim to lead in the world or be the example of leadership that embodies the values in the Constitution. The lights have gone out in what Reagan called the shining city on the hill. The idea of American exceptionalism has sometimes overstepped in the past in seeming to say that Americans were better than the rest of the world, but as an ideal of democracy and a free society, it no longer reaches the mark.

Topic Is slavery a choice?
Posted 06 May 2018 16:51

Do you agree with Kanye West that slavery is a choice? Maybe you don’t agree with what he said exactly, but do you find any merit to the idea that slaves could have done more to better their lot in life during slavery?

Anyone taking Kanye West's views seriously needs to give their head a shake. This remark is the ultimate example of blaming the victim. I suppose he has views on other weighty subjects. I suggest that people read reputable writers of history rather than his twitter feed. Maybe this is another instance of the dumbing down of America.

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 26 Apr 2018 08:21

Ten people are dead. The injured are still in the ICU in hospital. Families are shattered. A seven-year-old boy is now an orphan because his mother was killed. Bystanders and first responders will never forget what they saw. The rest of us in Toronto are trying to be extra kind and thoughtful to others as the antidote to the hatred of this individual and what he did in this wonderful place.

Can we please keep the gun arguments in another more appropriate thread. There was no gun used here, not even by the police officer who made the arrest.

Thank you for thinking before posting.

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 25 Apr 2018 11:06

I suppose the gun did it and the NRA is to blame for the van running into really surprised someone's not on the wagon to ban vans....

NOLAHotGal already made said this about banning vans in another thread. I told her what I am about to tell you: it is a tasteless remark given that ten have died and fifteen or sixteen injured.

The NRA had nothing to do with it because this is Canada and we are not a clone of the US. The accused did not have a gun as they are more difficult to buy and own in Canada. The carnage might have been much worse if he had been armed. The police officer who arrested him managed to defuse the situation without firing a shot, another difference from what often happens in the US.

I posted this thread to inform people of what had happened and for their memories of Toronto if they had any, and generally for messages of support after a tragedy. I was not expecting cheap political shots so soon in the aftermath. Perhaps I was naive.

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 24 Apr 2018 19:47

It's sad for the families and the whole world. Ten people dead because one idiot wanted to prove some kind of point?

He was angry because he was not successful with women. Here is what the NYTimes reported about this:

A posting that Sergeant Gibson said the suspect had made minutes before the rampage praised Elliot Rodger, who killed six people in a May 2014 rampage in Isla Vista, Calif., before shooting himself.

Mr. Rodger had posted a YouTube video describing his rage that women had rejected him and that he was a virgin at age 22.

The Facebook posting by Mr. Minassian praised “incels,” or involuntary celibates, a term used in a Reddit group where men vented frustrations that tipped into misogyny.

“The Incel Rebellion has already begun!” the posting stated. “We will overthrow all the Chads and Stacys! All hail Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger!”

Mr. Rodger had referred to men who are successful with women as “Chads” and to the unattainable women who rejected him as “Stacys.” Mr. Rodger had also called himself an “incel.”

Last November, Reddit banned a community dedicated to “incels,” which had 40,000 members, and had included posts lauding the rape of women. Some posts were titled “all women are sluts” and “reasons why women are the embodiment of evil.”

Topic #onetoronto Vehicle plows through pedestrians in Toronto yesterday.
Posted 24 Apr 2018 08:13

Canadian news is often not on the front page in other countries in the world. I thought you should all know what has happened here yesterday.

It was a horrible day here. Toronto is now the newest member of a club no one wants to join. Someone with a van mowed down pedestrians walking on the street on a beautiful spring day. Just like what happened in Nice, France, in London, in New York, and elsewhere.

Kudos to the police, fire, EMTs and others who responded quickly to help. The perpetrator was apprehended without a shot fired despite his taunting the PO. Typical Canadian reserve and understatement. The latest number of deaths is ten, and I believe at least sixteen people were injured.

This is a wonderful city: beautiful, diverse, open, and peaceful. People are kind and generous. We will survive this and tend to those impacted by it. The hate that was the genesis of this attack will not root here.


Topic I am done meeting people half way. I'm done. Melt the motherfucking guns.
Posted 23 Apr 2018 20:00

So now we have to meltdown all the white vans, or should it be all vans? At least 10 dead in Canada, no AR-15, no 45, no guns at all.


I live in Toronto. Your flippant remark is tasteless in the circumstances.

It has been a horrible day here. Toronto is now the newest member of a club no one wants to join. Someone with a van mowed down pedestrians walking on the street on a beautiful spring day. Just like what happened in Nice, France, in London, in New York, and elsewhere.

Kudos to the police, fire, EMTs and others who responded quickly to help. The perpetrator was apprehended without a shot fired despite his taunting the PO. Typical Canadian reserve and understatement. The latest number of deaths is ten, and I believe at least sixteen people were injured.

This is a wonderful city: beautiful, diverse, open, and peaceful. People are kind and generous. We will survive this and tend to those impacted by it. The hate that was the genesis of this attack will not root here.


Topic Alex Jones of InfoWars
Posted 19 Apr 2018 11:01

This is what some people are ready to believe in the US today. He is a purveyor of conspiracy theories and lies to an audience ready to eat them up rather than actually doing some reading and thinking on their own. The world has changed in ways difficult for them to accept and explain. So this is a way of making sense of it as counterintuitive as that is to anyone with an IQ higher than their body temp.

To say that the massacre of small children and their teachers at Sandy Hook is a hoax is not just patently untrue, but is a despicable lie and disrespectful to all the parents and families who have lost someone. He is beneath contempt, or perhaps an intellectual in Trumpworld.