The fantasy neighbour (Part 1)

This is my first story. Hope you all like it and please criticize as you like it! Work of fiction.

I live in a very family friendly building in a condo. I am 16, currently in university studying Music. I am an average built and for some reason I am pretty successful with girls. I have dated many girls and a few from where I live. The building I live in has six floors and I live in the fifth one opposite to some quite beautiful women. The condo opposite to mine was inhabited by my ex and...Read On


The fantasy neighbour (Part 2)

Thanks for the positive response! Part 2, hope it satisfies you all!

I still couldn't get the grasp of what had just happened in the car. Was it all in my imagination? Was I just a horny young virgin desperate for Mrs.Cassie? The party was dull, all the oldies socializing and the youngster getting intoxicated. I was almost sure now that the car incident was just a part of my fantasy,when I saw Mrs.Cassie talking to my mum. No matter the truth may be, she was...Read On