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3 hours ago
Straight Male, 48
0 miles · Al Khobar
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My Girl

She has me wrapped up around her finger... but she doesn't know how much Daddy loves his daughter!

She sat in front of me crying her eyes out… the daughter I had dreamed of when I got married. We were blessed with her eighteen years ago and here she is crying because of the stupid, irresponsible and immature boys she was getting involved with. I think...

My Vinegar

They started it online, and they finished it in real life... but in between, they enjoyed each other!

My heart was thumping in my chest, and I could almost hear it knocking with each pulse! My hands were in my trouser pockets and I kept having to move my bulging cock to one side. I had already noticed some female (and male) bypassing strangers looking dow...


UPDATED 17th May 2024

New story!

Just had my latest story published… and perhaps my most controversial one to date. I don’t want to spoil it for you but ‘My Girl’ is perhaps my most darkest, most secretive fantasy I have which I haven’t spoken much about to anyone.

Would love to get your views on it…

UPDATED 17th Feb 2024

Why are so many people blocking me?

I have noticed a lot of people, primarily women, have been blocking their profile from me. I actually don’t come to Lush to cause any pain or make anyone upset. I am actually a rather sensitive kind of guy in reality… perhaps too sensitive. I come to Lush to bring some balance to me… to try and be what I have not been able to be in real life. But, I am not a horrible person out to ruin people’s mood and to be a nasty piece of shit. So when I get blocked, it really does hurt me. It is especially painful because I normally don’t get given a reason. So how am I supposed to address the root cause? May be I don’t realise what I am doing… but how will I ever if someone doesn’t tell me.

I guess what I am trying to say, to those of you who have continued to chat with me or those who have yet to get to know me - please… if I do something to upset you, please tell me. I’d rather have your friendship over your wet panties.

UPDATED 13th Nov 2023

No!!!! Can’t do it!!!

Still here and can’t let go even after what I went through recently. I think I need Lush in my life more than I realized. I tried going quiet for a while but I felt depressed and sad! So I am back… May be not as often but I am here.

Seeing that so many people have done this BDSM test, thought I’d do the same…





82%Primal (Hunter)




65%Brat tamer



55%Rope bunny





22%Primal (Prey)









UPDATED 2nd Oct 2023

Just arrived back to Saudi after what was, is and will be the most difficult thing I have ever done.

On Saturday 30th Sept 2023, I buried my father with my own hands, with my 2 brothers at my side. I didn’t spend enough time with that man… having had a turbulent relationship with my parents for 20 years didn’t help but just when I started to work on re-building my relationship, destiny took me away from the UK to the Middle East. When he was diagnosed with dementia 10 yrs ago, I was not there to help look after him. My 2 younger brothers had to take on that burden themselves. I’m just grateful I was given the blessing of being able to travel back within hours of having found out and I was there with my brothers to fulfill our duty to complete the burial rituals.

These last 5 days have made me realize how far from my real reality I have gone. Yes, I have made some great friends here and I have had some very fun times… but I have not fulfilled my duties to those in my real world who rely on me and need me.

I don’t know when and if I will ever come back to Lush. Right now, the way I am feeling, I probably won’t. But I will leave my account open… I will check on my messages and respond periodically… I may carry on writing… I actually don’t know. But I won’t be spending my every moment on here like I have been doing for the last year or so.

Thank you Lush for being a place where I could come to give my inner self a home where I could be who I wanted to be. But it is time I continue being who I need to be now… a husband, a father, a son to my frail mother, a brother to my brothers whom I left to do what they shouldn’t have had to do on their own for so long.

Bye Lush

UPDATED 24th Sept 2023

Back home after a whirlwind visit to the UK… why whirlwind? Have a look at my media folder ‘Me and another Her’ and you’ll see why!!!

UPDATED 15th Sept 2023

On the plane right now… en route to the UK Will be staying in Manchester and Sheffield on my own. Feeling excited because it is not often I am on my ow for any length of time (unless I am at work) so I am having all these wonderful thoughts about realizing some of these Lushing thoughts I have been having. However, that would require a Lushing woman to be my partner in crime… is there anyone?

UPDATE 9th Feb 2023

Saw this quiz on a friends profile and it turned me on so much, I decided to take it myself and post it here. Would love to hear others responses to these...

Masturbation Quiz

Are you male or female? male

Age? 48 

At what age did you start masturbating? Around 8... I was exposed to pornography earlier and I guess my addiction set in during those 'informative' years

How many times a week do you masturbate? min once a day

How many times do you orgasm each time you play with yourself? II generally do it once per session but I draw it out through edging and gentle pain administration (cock slapping, ball squeezing)

Where do you masturbate:

In bed? Yes 

In the shower?  Yes 

In the bath? Yes 

Outdoors? Yes 

At work? Yes, most often as this is here I am away from my wife

Every room in the house? Not the kids rooms, not the utility room

In a car while traveling along the interstate? Most def

What do you fantasize about when you play:

A significant other? Yes

A friend? None worthy enough to be in a fantasy

A friend's spouse? No

A stranger? yes definitely 

A co-worker? Yes 

A member of the same sex? No

A member of the opposite sex? Yes 

A past lover? Yes

What position do you play in:

On your back? Yes 

Standing? Yes 

Kneeling? Not tried

Sitting? Yes 

Lying on tummy? Only done this when it is being administered for me 😉

How do you play:

With left hand? Yes 

With right hand? Yes

With a toy? Yes sometimes 

With water from bath? Interesting idea...

Written erotica? No... reading and masturbating together is not something I find easy

Pictures? Yes 

Movie clips online? Yes

Something on TV? Yes, if it is a porn movie or channel

What is your favorite porn:

Straight sex between man and woman? Yes 

Gay or lesbian sex? Yes, lesbian porn hits different for me

Group sex or orgies? Yes 

Blow jobs/oral sex? Yes 

Cumshots? Yes 

Age play? Not pensioner age but otherwise ok

S&M? Yes (I'm a dom) 

Role playing? Yes 

Kinky? Fuck yes

Have you ever masturbated to:

Email messages? No

A chat room dialogue? Yes 

Exchanged stories or pictures? Yes

Have you ever:

Been caught masturbating? Yes by my mother

Masturbated for a man/woman? Yes 

Masturbated for the same sex? No

Masturbated in a group? No

Masturbated for a photo? No

Masturbated for a webcam? Yes

Masturbated for a video? Yes

Do you ever:

Play with nipples/breasts when masturbating? Yes 

insert something or play with your ass? Rarely, but I can get extra naughty and then

Insert something in mouth when masturbating? No 

Use pain as a method of playing? Yes

Final questions:

Do you taste your cum? I have done... upon someone's request during a webcam session

When was the last time you masturbated? Last night 

Are you wet or hard now? Hard

Are you going to masturbate now? No but I could very easily do

Are you a masturbation addict? Yes

Does it turn you on to talk about masturbation? Yes

What is the most you have orgasms in one day? If day means daylight - 6... if day means 24 hrs - 9


I see you again… sitting in your seat on the train reading your book. 

We have been seeing each other on the train for the past week and we have been ‘eyeing’ each other all week… stealing a look here, there, together. Holding each other’s stare for long minutes before one of us can’t hold it anymore… most of the time, it’s me who pulls away my eyes. It is too intense… too much for me.

This time, I decide to sit opposite you. Our knees inches away from each other’s… almost touching. As soon as I sit down, you lift your head and notice me and quickly go back to your book but you can’t ignore the sudden increased heart beat. You look up again and you see my eyes staring at you… intense… unwavering… constant. And you hold the stare as your book slowly lowers down into your lap.

As we continue to stare, the train starts moving slowly away from the platform. We now have a whole hour to ourselves. The cabin is not that busy. No one in our half of the cabin. Just you and me. You notice my eyes shifting down and then back up to your eyes. Again, my eyes shift down and you wonder what it is I am looking at. You look down and that’s when you realize your top button of your blouse open, exposing your neck. You look back up at me and see me smiling… and then I lick my lips. That sends a shudder down your body to in between your legs and you shift slightly in the seat. My eyes move again but this time they continue to move down your neck, over your chest, down until my eyes arrive to your legs. You are wearing a knee high skirt so your legs are exposed knee down. You feel another shudder followed by a warm feeling. You part your legs just a little… and you see my eyes shift slightly higher and widen. My eyes dart back to your eyes and we hold the stare again.

That’s when you notice my hand move… I place it between my legs, and then slowly move to my bulge and push it to one side. This sends electric shocks to your pussy and you sense something warm… you are wet.

The train is now moving faster, and the cabin is rocking gently side to side making us move side to side a little. I focus on the swaying, and the movement makes me feel horny which results in my cock getting harder. You look down and notice the sizable bulge in my pants which is now visible. I notice you looking so I grab the bulge in my pants and pull up and then push down. You smile, and part your legs slightly more. I suddenly take out a pen from the inside pocket of my jacket… and I drop it. Your breathing stops momentarily as you picture what might happen next. You picture it correctly as I play out your vision. I stand up, kneel down in the gap between our 2 facing seats, I hunch forward a little so my head is line with your knees and I pick up my pen and look up, between your legs… You know I will see your panties and I will also see the wet strip in the middle. You are looking at me and my eyes look up to yours. I remain in that position, my eyes locked with yours for a while minute until my eyes fall back down to the panties you are exposing. I smile and lick my lips and look back up at you. You look around. No one is near our seats and you expertly slip off your panties without getting up. You hold up your panties to me and I take them quickly without hesitation and sit back down in my seat. Your heart is thumping, my cock is pulsing. I look down at your panties. They are still warm, hot off your pussy, still wet. I lift them to my nose and I sniff the wetness and I close my eyes momentarily. I open my eyes and your eyes are locked on me, mouth slightly open. I open my mouth and my tongue comes out and I lick the wet patch on your panty. I let out a low moan and then I put the panties in my jacket pocket. I get up and walk away to the on-board toilet. You sit in your seat and wait. You continue waiting for what must have been 5 mins and then you see me walking down the aisle and I take my place again. My face is red, and you can visibly see my hands shaking. You look at me with an inquisitive look. I smile and quickly put my hands in my pocket and reach out my hand towards you. You reach out and I drop my panties in your hands, significantly more heavy and wet then when you gave them to me. You immediately realize what I have done and you lean back in your chair and let the hot flushing feeling consume you for a few seconds. You close your eyes, moan and shudder. You open your eyes and immediately are staring into my eyes, millimeters away from yours. I plant my lips on yours and lock my mouth with yours. My tongue slips inside your mouth… coffee… caramel… coffee latte with caramel is what comes to mind as you allow your tongue to intertwine with mine. We remain kissing for a few seconds before I move away and sit back down. We remain sitting, looking at each other for what felt like hours. Our moment is broken by the announcement of the train arriving at my station. My eyes widen with panic… and I notice you returning the same sense of panic. You look around for your mobile and quickly punch your own mobile number in and reach across to give it to me. I take it, read the number, take out my own phone and save the number. I give the phone back to you and as soon as you hold it, it starts to vibrate. Both of us are holding your phone… and both of us see the name appear on the phone… hubby! You look at me, and with a wince you look away. I wait. You get up, take your handbag and book and walk to the train door and walk off the train.

Later that evening, you are sitting on your own as your husband clears up the table from dinner and you hear a vibration from your handbag. You have been trying to act normal all evening but the events on the train have consumed your thoughts. You take your phone out and it buzzes in your hand. You look down at the screen… your eyes widen, you look around panicked and quickly look back at your phone. You delete the message and put the phone back down… with a smile curling around the edges of your lips.

Everything and anything goes... I don't want my wants to create a barrier to friendships.

But let your mind connect with mine… don’t hold back…

Favorite Books
DA Vinci Code
While you were sleeping
Anything by Stephen King or Dean R Koontz

Favorite Authors
Stephen King
Dean R Koontz

Favorite Movies
Hmmm... U seen Emanuelle?
Edward Scissorhands (first film to make me cry)
ET (second film to make me cry!!)
I am Sam
12 years a slave

Live Die Repeat
Anything Marvel related...

Favorite TV Shows
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Different Strokes
Star Trek
Two and a half men

Favorite Music
I have many different fav’s but it all depends on the mood... too many to list but here you can hear some of my selection...


Cyber sex
Erotic Pictures
Erotic Reading
Erotic writing
Making Friends


Age: 18 - 50
Distance: 2000 miles