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2 hours ago
Straight Male, 56
0 miles · London


British man who loves to write erotica and to chat with others.

I came here to write and share my stories. I have certain themes and genres that I naturally lean into, but am very interested in exploring new ones - it challenges and stretches my writing skills and can open up new friendships too. I have found wonderful inspiration from some of you here already and hope to continue to do so.

Not here to meet or start a relationship beyond friendship.

Hope you enjoy my stories.

That's all folks as the rabbit says.

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A First Collar For Our Kitten

Julia puts Zoe on a leash and introduces her to a special new toy, too

Zoe left our house that day a different girl, I am sure of it. Her first night and the subsequent morning could have remained as nothing more than a novelty, a fantasy realised. We called her our kitten and treated her like one. She could have gone away a...

My Master Possesses Me

Zoe feels her new Master's cock inside her for the first time

"What's wrong darling, have you lost your appetite?" My Mom reached across the table and placed a hand on my forehead, to see if I had a temperature. It annoyed me so much that she still treated me like a little kid. Fuck, what would she say if she knew t...

Zoe Becomes Our Little Cum Slut

The morning after the her seduction, Zoe's submissive training begins

The next morning, Matt told me to go to Zoe's room; he would get our girls ready for school. It was important, he said, that I was there when Zoe woke up. To avoid her panicking over what happened last night. Before I left, he slipped on my leather collar...


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