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2 hours ago
Bisexual Male, 28
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Im a 28 year old young man. I like to write erotica about naked people doing naked things. I also like to share sexy photos. Masturbating is encouraged while you read, so rub that pussy or stroke your cock til your hearts content.😈

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The Naked Carwash

Two coworkers have to wash cars naked after getting in trouble at work.

Erica strutted into work one early morning carrying her large coffee. Her brunette hair was up, and she hadn’t put on makeup that day. It was only Wednesday, and the week was already long and terrible. Erica worked at an office supply company as a recepti...

Cougars at Play

A College Student Finds Himself in a Threesome With Two Mature Professors.

Greg was gathering his things to begin the first day of his junior year in college. He buttoned up his shirt and slipped on his flip-flops, so he could leave soon. On the car ride there, he drove by a group of female students with whom he had classes. The...