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Looking for a pretty young woman free from inhibitions,
In return can promise a thorough gentleman, witty civil, well read well spoken gent who doesn't get clingy and respects your space and independence!
I am hoping to meet some one educated well groomed and non-judgemental, and may be pretty with brains too? Love kids to bits, (family oriented if required)
very discreet, can respect confidences and am a good listener by training (not natural and had to work hard! we Indians are notorious in interrupting others during conversation, it is a national trait!)Curently work part time by choice, own home, car, and a part time Job.
Highly imaginative and loyal to a fault,No Piercing, no Tattoos and uncut
seeking SWF (young 25ish blond, blue eyes, dangly ear rings and French plaits, slim,flat tummy, petite, small perky breasts contained in sheer white cheese-cloth top,knotted in the front,(old English dictum; "anything more than a handful(or is it 'mouthful'?...L O L) is wasteful?" he he he L.O L) and ethnic flowery skirt,------ L O L, I am dreaming again!!! (Tongue firmly in cheek!)
Seriously, not fussy but I AM looking for (NSA) grown up fun. With some one, any age (not keen on disproportionately large or fake/silicone busts!)

dont fancy wrecking any marriage and NOT at all into 3 sums MFM, or anal etc, looking for straight 121 intimate encounters then,with time,right person... who knows.....
Aiming to write a best seller! L O L!Not as easy as I thought!
what makes me unique?
I can listen patiently!and I am very sensitive to how a woman feels,I am VERY caring!Trained to be discreet and maintain confidentiality and keep secrets,lips R Sealed! please also check me out,same ID, on Rudefinder dot com
naughty brain bristling with ideas for naughty role-play too many to mention!

I have two fetishes but you have to specifically ASK me and if you can generate enough trust I will tell you! L O L!

If I have upset any one with the frank statements in my profile I tender my unreserved apologies
LOVE to read sex stories and erotica particularly from the pens of women authors ...thogh i have no problems admitting i love reading sexy stories ....

First Date
Coffee shop,Starbucks? Costa? Barristas?just supermarket cafeteria? or a romantic dinner if the woman is not threatened and willing, not fussy, can also go on long walks!( derbyshire,manifold valley? afternoon teas at any small village coffee house??? Hartington?
Truckers stops/ cafeterias? all day breakfast?
Local chippy and Fish and Chips for 2 ?
dont mind movies or any thing the lady chooses!
If I have to choose it will be a good romantic dinner,which tops THE LIST,(Dont mind, if lady chooses the venue) where ice breaks and talk just flows, with wine? L O L!

Rodney Murphy
Relationship Status:
Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
Local Time:
26 May 2018 21:06
Love reading erotica ... highly imaginative will soon publish on this site ...
Favorite Books:
any thing by John Grisham, Irving Stone, Charles Dickens,Victor Hugo, and lately Richerd Dawkins , Stephen Hawking The list goes on and on and on ...
Favorite Authors:
loads of Indian Authors and English Authors .. far too many to list here
Favorite Movies:
Casablanca,12 angry men,whose life is it anyway,Day of the Jackal; any film starring Audrey Hepburn, French Actresses, Indian films ( Very few) Hindi,Tamil and Kannada Bengali language films
anything starring Sean Connery The Lawrence of Arabia ww2 movies,thrillers scifi and the batman spiderman series etc .. far toolong to mention here
Air accident investigation doccumentaries Egyptology doccumentaries ...
Favourite TV Shows:
Black Adder, friends...sex and the city.....
Favorite Music:
too exotic to write about..... Love opera and classical music as well,... mainly chamber music....


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19 Oct 2012
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04 Nov 2017 (203 days ago)
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Topic: What’s your most embarrassing moment when Naked?
Posted: 10 Feb 2017 10:21

<img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> It's crazy, because I'm usually very comfortable being naked in front of other people, but this was in a doctor's office of all places! My regular gynecologist was out of town and a substitute did my pelvic exam. He no sooner pulled the speculum out of me when he asked me for a date!! I just sat there with my legs spread wide and couldn't believe he actually said that, especially the unbelievably inappropriate timing. I think I turned beet red!

<img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed"> <img src="/images/emoticons/book1.gif" alt="book"> sorry
wanted to know what was your reply! I am sure you told him off but how would he have had any other chance to ask you out??sorry, I am a man
mea culpa

Topic: What’s your most embarrassing moment when Naked?
Posted: 10 Feb 2017 10:19

wanted to know what was your reply! I am sure you told him off but how would he have had any other chance to ask you out??sorry, I am a man
mea culpa

Topic: Sleeping with my Boyfriend's dad
Posted: 15 Jan 2017 11:18

<img src="/images/emoticons/pintdrunk.gif" alt="Pint Drunk">

Oh I get it.

This is a piss-take.

Carry on.
wish it was true ...if had a daughter in law was as pretty as you I would have LOVED to give you a baby

Topic: Ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?
Posted: 09 Aug 2014 20:32

what a silly question ... is the Pope catholic?

Topic: Agony Aunt Olivia's Inbox
Posted: 07 Jun 2014 20:57


I'm assuming you're asking me how to get your girlfriend to have sex with you while she's on her period, so I'll answer accordingly.

Yes, it's true that some women get ridiculously horny during their time of the month, and having sex during that time comes with a lot of perks as well (cramp relief, for one). However, not all women are the same and some just prefer to be left alone during that time. It's no slight to you. Women go through very different things down there during their time of the month. If she says she's not into period sex, take her word for it. If she could be persuaded otherwise, she would have been by now. Period sex is one of those do or don't things. There's no in between.

Besides, it's only a few days. Use it as bonding time. Pamper her. It may get you some serious brownie points you can use to your advantage when it's not her time of the month, and it may get you a hand and/or blow job. Everybody wins.

If you're one of those guys that really have a thing for having sex with a woman during her period, then I understand this will be a tough time for you. But pressure often leads to alienation. If you're one of those guys that doesn't care either way and just wants to have sex period or no period, then just wait those few days out. You're not gonna have good sex with a woman who's uncomfortable.

Also, I hope you haven't mentioned to her that other women in the past have been more than willing to have sex with you during their time of the month. That won't go over well at all at ANY time of the month.

Thanks Olivia ...
even tho I am a man i appreciate your answer .... so so common sense ...particularly the last bit of advice ....any way I digress ... I love the way you explain the differences between women ... and their psychological make up ... one has to be crassly thick as two short planks to ignore such signs... Iam unhappily celibate and unhappily single but i do feel sorry for women who are lumbered with insensitive stupid MCPs for a partner BF/lover/husband ... any way you are very good in your pronouncements/advice...Please accept my complements

Topic: All Those Seeking a Master/Mistress or a Submissive Please Post Here
Posted: 10 May 2014 07:37

I am looking for a master. i had a bf once and i loved it so now im looking for another
hi sweet girl,
can I apply? look at my profile and please reply?

Topic: date, fuck buddies or pass?
Posted: 29 Apr 2014 02:40

<img src="/images/emoticons/fish.gif" alt="fish"> I want to be a fuck buddy too!

Omg....could I get so lucky? Mmmmyou look so pretty,care to look at me...please...and...comment?

Topic: Do you pee when your partner is in the bathroom with you.
Posted: 26 Apr 2014 11:09

Yes. And sometimes I have to wait aaaaaaages until he comes in so I can pee. I'm going to do myself an injury one of these days!!

I would
LOVE to see you pee and then volunteer to wipe you clean ever so gently or IF you allow me... Lick you clean.....yummy<img src="/images/emoticons/binkybaby.gif" alt="binky"> <img src="/images/emoticons/binkybaby.gif" alt="binky"> <img src="/images/emoticons/embarassed.gif" alt="Embarassed">

Topic: guys eating you after they cum inside you
Posted: 15 Apr 2014 14:09

I try telling my wife this same thing and yet nothing....I have told her if she would ask me to or if it would turn her on that I would do this and yet nothing. I get really bummed out with her. She never expresses her turn on's.

Are you real?....don't ask.....it is YOUR wife...I mean in a affectionate way... Not possessively or like slavery....claim an affectionate/respectful ownership,take charge and ...DO IT....like the Nike advert says....Don't just ask and blame her.....comprehende? What can go wrong if she doesn't like it say sorry and.....Don't Do it Again.....!

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Seduction Stories" Competition
Posted: 26 Mar 2014 01:52

Congrats to all the richly deserving winners....some day I will enter a competition....till then...just love to read....

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