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Topic Cum quickly
Posted 28 Jan 2013 09:33

I'd like to elaborate a bit more on two points that Sprite pointed out - Breathing and Pelvic muscles.
Actually these two are part of the very base of Tantra methods and are a huge sore spot when it comes to premature ejaculation nowadays. We are really shallow breathers, especially when the body is stressed/excited, even stop breathing at all during such times or during sex - say when nearing an orgasm. A good practice would to try masturbating or having sex while taking deep, steady breaths all throughout. (The former would be relatively easier, of course)
As for the PC muscles - What sprite said is a good way to practice it, but having compared it to the slightly different Tantra method I do find more success in the latter.
The difference is very small - it's that it's really split into two parts. The first part is just flex and immediate release while taking deep breaths. Do this for say 50 times a day as a start and work your way up. The other is again what sprite said, but with added breathing.
What this helps is not only that it trains your PC muscles in two different ways, but it teaches you to remember your breathing as many would try to flex the PC muscle to prevent ejaculation and then just forget about the breathing and end up at net-0 profit.
So yeah, good luck!

Topic Can I get an interview with you?
Posted 30 Dec 2012 12:42

Introduce the title of your story: The Piano Bar
Genre/Category: Technically - Ch1 is Love stories and Ch 2 is Straight sex, due to the fact that I couldn't find any better pick for them (explained later)
Provide the link:

1. What first inspired you to write this particular story?
Experimentation and desire for change. This is my first erotica story to be posted on a site like this, as all my previous ones had been private commissions, so I decided I wanted to try out a few new styles of writing on them and see how the community reacts to them.

2. How did you come up with these characters?
I barely came up with them, and you'll find out why right below.

3. How does it differ from some of your other stories?
It differs in the style of writing view-point wise. What I wanted to do with these stories is that I wanted to use what I call a double first person view. It means that I write the story in first person and give the reader a first person perspective as they read it. Therefore I need not give any details in the story about the two main roles, allowing the imagination to roam to whatever preferences may have, even though that could sometimes be not fully possible gender-wise.

4. What was the most challenging thing about writing this piece?
It was really quite a blast, but the only part that stumped me was, ironically, the actual sex scene. What I wanted, with the start of this story, was to make one that didn't go down the generic purely descriptive sex road. Now, I'm not saying that that's a bad thing, in fact I find such stories quite enjoyable, I just wanted mine to be more on an emotional basis, focusing on what the human mind is experiencing during those moments.

5. Anything else you want to tell us about it?
Yes, I would like to mention the exclusion of any detail to the seduction inside the story with the exception of the approach. I firmly believe that each such process, just like love itself, is purely individual and different in its own right, therefore, that combined with my double first person writing style, I did not want to force actions onto my reader that they may find unenjoyable, as unlikely as it is.

Lastly I'd like to thank for the creator of this wonderful thread as it is a really grand idea that could give the opportunity for new members of the community to share their writing style and thoughts with ease outside of the stories themselves.