Love Poems(1)



...Let yourself slip inside...

Hands reach for each others chest, fingers gently entwined. Hearts by gentle beats defined, soft palms, come together, to form a nest. Rise and fall with each and every breath, shallow and of peace bereft. In a heave of calmness, let yourself go, let comfort assume control. Feel my pulse within yours, feel my breath fill you, head to toe,. Converge in me and I converge in you. Linked...Read On

Love Stories(1)


The Piano Bar Ch. 1/2

Most are that kind - they just want to keep it a secret from even themselves...

Suggested music - Depeche Mode - World in my eyes / Policy of Truth / Duran Duran - The Man Who Stole a Leopard. The smell of perfume was so thick that it could intoxicate you alone, save for the expensive alcohol-filled bottles, carefully lined up on the bar shelves, like museum pieces, shinning from the small lamps placed under them, meant to draw your attention and seduce you into each...Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Energizing evening

A simple touch to start it all off... (Only for the ladies)

Suggested background music - Depeche Mode - Sometimes / Fly on the windscreen The front door steps of a wooden house in the depths of a snowy forest, or the very edge of a cliff, dangerously dangling over the crashing ocean waves as the setting sun paints them gold with tiny accents of wine red, or the alcohol and gas-fumes-drenched front step of some piano bar as the autumn leaves of the...Read On


The Piano Bar Ch. 2/2

Lay down, I want to show you that chakra massage I told you about on the way here

"I hate you, you know that!?" you half-yell, trying to get over the sound of your own laughter as you close the door of your apartment behind me. "Yeah, yeah." I throw back at you over my shoulder as I look around the place, checking random doors. "You can say that as many times as you like, but you very well know your mind and body are saying the exact opposite - especially the latter." ...Read On