Crossroads Ch.4

Another chapter in this fantasy tale of a young man's journey into becoming who he is.

  I am on an airplane flying to Vancouver. I have an appointment with a doctor to have sexual reassignment surgery. I am so excited I can't stand it. I know this is what I want. My recent encounter with a woman convinced me. I have no doubt about it now and won't look back. We land and as we deplane I notice, as always, the admiring looks I am getting from men, including the pilots. I...Read On


Crossroads Ch.3

He has to find out if this is what he wants

A tale of pure fiction and fantasy. I was actually considering going all the way. Going all the way in becoming female. I had been living as a female in all phases of my life for some time. I continued on the hormones and all my desires said I should do this. I had called the plastic surgeon who had done my breasts and explained what I wanted. She suggested going to see a doctor...Read On


Crossroads Ch.02

A young crossdresser take things farther.

The second chapter in this crazy little tale. I really loved my little adventure out as a woman. I liked the power I had over men. I was seriously thinking that I would like to live as a woman full time. That would be quite a commitment and one that would change my life forever. As I said before I worked for a really liberal company and one day I got up some courage and went to...Read On



A young man explores his feminine side.

A crazy little story where a young man finds out if his hidden desires are what he really wants. This all started with my desire to see what it felt like to have big breasts. That's a little odd for a guy. I was a normal heterosexual guy who dated some in high school and now that I was in my mid 20's I found myself at a crossroad. A couple of years ago I had decided to...Read On



A fantasy fulfilled

A young woman fulfills her fantasy with a daring journey.

  I have a fantasy. I am sure everyone has had a dream of being out in public totally naked. Maybe in a store or in a classroom. It's a common dream. My desire is to be outside, naked, and be in a situation where I almost get caught. My name is Carol Jones. I am 24 yrs old and weight about 110 lbs. I am a runner and work out 3 times a week in the gym. I have shoulder length blond...Read On

First Time(1)


I was seduced

A young guy finds out that exchanging nude pics online can be dangerous.

  This is a story I think every guy should read. It is a story of how close you can come to really fucking your whole life up just for pussy. My name is John and I'm a pretty successful guy. Successful in business just not with the ladies. I just turned 29 and have had some long term relationships. I just haven't found anyone that I thought could be the one. I'm in good shape, I...Read On



My Stepmother Ch.5

Will and Lin face the future.

  I was sitting at the kitchen table with my Stepmother. She had just told me she thought she was pregnant. My Dad, her husband, is 53 and had a vasectomy years ago. I am the one that has been fucking her, so we have a problem. I reached across the table and took her hand in mine. She stood up and came to me, sitting in my lap. I hugged her close. Lin, my Stepmother, is from Korea....Read On


My Stepmother Ch.4

An outdoor adventure

  The next morning everyone got up early. My Dad got ready to go fishing. I was prepared for him to ask me to go, but he surprised me. Lin wanted to go down to the beach/swim area and he didn't want her to go alone. He asked me to go with her to keep her company, but also watch out for her. He packed a lunch and said he would see us tonight. It was barely light outside when he left. Lin...Read On


My Stepmother Ch.3

Will and Lin's relationship develops.

  I knew it was light outside before I opened my eyes. I blinked a couple of times and stretched. Suddenly I remembered the events of last night. I reached out and looked around. Lin wasn't there. She had come to my bed in the middle of the night. My Stepmother said she had to have me. We had some serious sex and then fell asleep. She must have woke up at some point and left my room. I...Read On


My Stepmother Ch. 2

Will is not sure if his affair with his Stepmother can continue.

  We held each other, my Stepmother and I, knowing what we had just done but not wanting to let go. Finally Lin got off of me and my big cock slowly came out of her tight pussy. She kissed me one more time then gathered up her clothes and headed for her and my Dad's bedroom without saying a word. I grabbed my shirt and shorts and headed up to my room. I took a shower and still could...Read On


My Stepmother

A young man is tempted by his young Asian Stepmother

  My name is Will and I'm 19. I still live at home with my Dad and my Stepmother Now I know you're going to say that's pretty normal, but in my case it's anything but. My Dad is 53 and after Mom left him for a younger guy he was very lonely for a long time. He recently got remarried. My Stepmother is from Korea and is 27 and a knockout. My Dad took a trip over there about 6 months...Read On


Dances with my Sister Ch.2

The story continues about a young man and his hot sister.

  I'm driving back to my college town today. It's been about a month since I was last there. My company had signed on a new client located there, our biggest. I had been invited to a weekend getaway for their company and it's vendors. I had been encouraged to bring a date for the weekend and I knew exactly who I wanted to bring, my sister. On my last trip I found out she was...Read On


Dances with my Sister

A young man gets a surprises when he goes to a strip club.

  I have to travel a lot for my job. My name is Pete and I am a 25 year old guy with a great job. I have been out of college for a couple of years and have moved up in my company. I am an account manager and I find myself on the road again today. I am actually in my old college town. I am with my boss and we are trying to convince a prospective client to use us instead of our...Read On


Obsessed with Sex Ch. 2

April continues her obsession with sex.

  April Miller was addicted to sex. She had started down the road of having random affairs strictly for the sexual release. So far she hadn't been caught by her husband. He was tired most of the time and rarely asked for sex. He worked a lot and April didn't nee to have a job. This left April lots of time to satisfy her sexual cravings. For a woman of 33 she justified things by thinking that...Read On


Stuck on Mom

Brian continues his afair with his Mother. Will they get caught?

  It's been a couple of days since my wild night with my mom. I still find it difficult to believe we actually had sex. Not just normal sex either, but some wild stuff including anal where not only did I get stuck in her for a little while but I shot a big load of cum in my mom's ass. At least that's what I think happened. I was pretty drunk that night and it looks like I might have said...Read On


Stuck again with Mom

Brian comes home drunk and his mother is waiting up for him.

  Hi, this is Brian again. If you remember my last adventure it was with Amy's mom Beth. They live across the street and I have been fucking Amy for awhile now. Amy's mom Beth came over one day and kind of forced me to have sex with her. I actually enjoyed it alot. She had a smoking hot body and her tits leaked milk. They started doing that after she had them redone. She told me not to cum...Read On


A MILF Story ch.2

The story continues wil a trip and a decision.

  My name is Meg Williams and I am a MILF. At 43 I could easily pass for 30 or even younger. I am 5' 8” and I have the time and resources to take good care of myself along with good genes. I have long legs and a tight ass from working out and playing sports like golf and tennis. I have long brunette hair and an all over tan. My tits are my best asset. They are 36 DD and are heavy but...Read On


Was It Fate?

Fate brings two lover together with a surprise.

  I lead the typical boring life of a stay at home mom. My husband Tim got a big promotion at work that made it possible for me to quit my job and become a simple housewife and to be at home for our 10 year old son Billy. We got married when we were both 20, I was a virgin, and we had Billy 2 years later. For a woman of 32 I think I look pretty damn good, though my husband never...Read On


A MILF Story

A sexy mom is surprised by her son.

  I am what all the young studs describe as a MILF. I a 42 year old housewife that looks 30 if I might say so. I work hard to look good. I workout everyday, play tennis, swim, bike and golf. My husband has a high paying job that allows me to do this. We have a great home with a pool on the golf course. To have this lifestyle I have to put up with a little of my husbands philandering, and...Read On



My Best Friend Mom Ch.3

Tommy and Laura, Alex's Mom continue their affair

  Hi it's Tommy again. I have a crazy life right now. It all has to do with my best friend, Alex. You see I have been fucking his Mom for quite awhile now. She is insatiable and I am her little sex slave. We have done it in my truck, her car, her house, my house and just about any other place we can come up with. She calls me when she can get away and I run. I can't say no. Her big...Read On


My Best Friend Mom Ch.2

Tommy's affair with Alex's Mom continues with a risky get together.

  My name is Tommy and I have a confession. I had sex with my best friend Alex's Mom and I liked it. I am sure she did too because we did it 4 times the night I stayed over there when Alex and his Dad were camping. It's Friday night and we are getting ready for our football game. It's been a week since Laura and I had sex and she is all I can think about. I still can't believe how tight...Read On


My Best Friends Mom

Tommy's fantasy comes true one night.

  Laura is my best friends Mom. Some might describe her as being on the large size, but I think she looks great. She's tall, about 5' 9” with a full figure and long brown hair. Lots of curves with a round shapely ass and huge breasts. She has a belly but it's actually flatter then you would think. She's in her early 40's and always smells great and smiles at me when she sees me. There is...Read On


Stuck Again

Brian's story continues with Amy's mom.

  Hi this is Brian again. If you remember me from my previous adventure I have it pretty good. I live across the street from a gymnast, Amy, and regularly fuck her. She loves my big fat 10 inch cock, especially the 4 inch wide head. We usually do it in the afternoon after school before her Mom gets home. We are both 18 and seniors. We have come close to getting caught especially the first...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


Stuck and Almost Caught

I wrote this after watching the Olympics.

  My name is Brian and I'm 18 years old and a senior in High School. I'm a pretty decent looking guy. I have played sports all my life and am currently on the football team. I am about 6' 2” and weigh 220lbs. There is one thing odd about my anatomy, but we will get to that in a minute. I have never had any trouble getting girls, just keeping them. You see the problem I have is my...Read On



The price a slave has to pay - Part One

A slave must obey their Master even if it means permanent changes to their body.

I was driving my car to an address that Jimmy had given me. It was an apartment in a part of town I rarely went to. It had been almost a year since I had met Jimmy in a bar that catered to transsexuals and guys who were interested in them. We had sex that night and have been ever since. Jimmy is married with 2 kids and keeps that part of his life totally separate. Our relationship had...Read On


My Virgin Ass

A straight married guy picks up a virgin tranny.

I sat in my car in the club parking lot, not able to move. I was dressed to the nines and my plan had been to enter this club and find a date for the night. A male date. It was a club that encouraged Transsexuals and Cross dressers as patrons to hook up with straight or bisexual males. I am not sure if I am a Tran sexual but I sure was crossdressing tonight. Why was I hesitating? This is what...Read On


Crossroads Ch.5

His fulfillment is complete, or is it?

A pure fantasy about a young man changing his life by becoming a woman. I pulled up to the valet parking of the hotel. As I got out I saw the young attendant look down my dress and then look at my legs as I swung them out to stand up. I smiled to myself. I was really going to do this. I was going into the bar in this hotel and pick up a nice guy. If I liked him enough I was going to...Read On


Female for a day 2

Johanna has the baby and settles into her new life except something goes wrong.

  As Bill and I drove back from the doctor's office I sat there in silence thinking about what had just happened. My name is John and up to a couple of days ago I had been a 24 year old guy. I had a fetish about what it would be like to have a set of female boobs and that is what got me in trouble. My friend Bill works at a drug research lab and provided me with a new drug that was being...Read On


Female for a day?

A young man with a breast fetish takes a step that changes his life.

  I have always been obsessed with boobs. I like them all but especially big ones. I stare at them in the grocery store and of course have an extensive collection of pics from the internet. Lately, I have even been thinking about what it would be like to have a big set myself. I'm a guy don't get me wrong, but I am fascinated by what it would feel like to have a large set of breasts. ...Read On

Wife Lovers(9)


My wife the internet swinger Ch.5

My wife becomes more independent.

  I was asleep on the couch when I heard a noise. I blinked a few times and looked at the clock. It was 2am. I heard the noise again and decided it was coming from our bedroom. I got up to see if everything was alright. My wife was in there with her newest sex partner, a very large black man. I wasn't sure what I would find and hoped she hadn't gotten into something over her head. ...Read On


My wife the internet swinger Ch.4

Beth makes changes and finds another plaything.

  My wife Beth had changed into someone I didn't know. The last round of sex with another guy showed me a totally different side of her. He was a teenager and she is 35. She role played with him as his Mother and he was her Son. The sex was very hot and I found a pay site that would pay for amateur movies showing incest. The movie was very believable and they paid me $1000 for it. ...Read On


My wife the internet swinger Ch.3

My wife role plays with a young man

  My wife Beth is living the swinger lifestyle. She has had sex with multiple guys and posted her encounters on the internet. She is very popular, not only because she is willing to do this, but also because she has a smoking hot body for being 35. It seems if she is not fucking some guy she is working out. Her legs and ass are toned and tight. Her stomach is flat and has lots of...Read On


My wife the internet swinger Ch.2

His wife decides to continue swinging.

  My wife was right. She had trouble walking for awhile after her encounter. I could tell she was sore for about a week. She had never had a cock that big in her and she wore the guy out. Even though she walked funny she seemed happier then she had in a long time. I was still recovering from watching my wife fuck another guy. Not only did I watch her fuck his big cock, I saw him shoot...Read On

Audio version available

My wife the internet swinger.

How my wife became a swinger.

Sorry that this first chapter is a little long.  I wanted to establish a background that would explain how this couple evolved into what they became.  I have seen real women just like her on a popular unnamed picture site.  They have no problem posting pics of themselves with men other then their husband.      My wife and I have been married 10 years. She is 35 and I am 36. We lead...Read On


Obsessed with Sex

A frustrated wife makes a decision to explore casual sex with others guys.

  Many people would describe her as just an average housewife. Her name was April Miller and she was 33 and had been married for 12 years. Her husband was 39. Her husband had a good job, so even though she had worked in the past she didn't need to at the present time. They lived in the suburbs in an average middle class neighborhood close to schools and shopping. Her life was monotonous...Read On


Turn the Tables Ch.3

A story based on all those websites that feature an amatuer wife swinging with guys.

  My name is Katherine, Kat for short. I am the star and CEO of one of the most popular pay-for-view porn websites on the internet. My husband Jimmy started it without my knowledge. That story is told in Chapter 1. I took it over 9 months ago and made many changes. I employ a full time film crew and have used 6 different actors in our videos. We update the site about once a week with...Read On


Turn the Tables Ch.2

This is a series of stories based on all those websites that have an amateur wife as the star.

  Hi my name is Kat. I am the star and owner of a pay for view website. My life changed forever when I found out my sleaze of a husband Jimmy had been filming me for 3 years without my knowledge and posting videos and pics of me to that site. When I found out I decided to take over things and make him pay for what he did. I found out I love what I do. My site is very popular and I make lots...Read On

Audio version available

Turn the Tables

A sexy wife finds out she is being used bt her husband and turns the tables.

  I thought my life was fairly normal. My name is Katherine and I am 25 and have been married for 4 years. My husband Jimmy works in video production and makes a decent salary. I work part time in retail. We live in a modest house and from all outward signs are a normal couple. When we first were married our sex life was good. We had sex like I expect most couples our age do. After...Read On