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I like most people did not know what to put here, so if at the end of reading this you still want to chat, come find me.

I believe in "Say what you mean, mean what you say, but don't say it mean". I will be honest with you, however, I will not be an arse about it. In saying that I am not responsible for how you interpret what I say.

I am an Aussie sheila who is can be very pragmatic (when it is called for), I am also a fun, happy, easy going person, until you piss me off and then the bitch comes out. Don't be too pushy with me otherwise you will get the bitch, because for me it is about building friendships. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SO DO NOT BLAME ME.

I am not a girly-girl but that does not mean that I do not have the same feelings and emotions and if you fuck with them you will be on the receiving end of the bitch and there is no coming back from that. My mates both male and female refer to me as one of the boys, and it is who I am, that does not mean I do not have a softer side (once you get to know me). I want to make it perfectly clear, I do not like people calling me stupid pet names like honey, sweetheart, baby, dear, babe, beautiful, gorgeous, or any of that shit, because it will go down like a fart in a sleeping bag with me.

If I am in a chat room, NO private whispers unless I know you, if you do I have no problems punching you in the throat with my words. Also DO NOT send me a friend request unless we have interacted in some way prior to entering a chat room. I am here for me and not for every Tom, Dick, Harry, Maureen or Doreen to get their rocks off, my mates call me an Equal Opportunity Bitch.

If I am in a chat room and I say "nice one" or "sweet" or "hubba-hubba" or any other variation of this to a pic or gif that you post does not mean that I want to do it to you or have you do it to me. For me it means that there is something about the pic or gif that I like or find aesthetically pleasing, plain and simple. Also, if I am in a room and I do not acknowledge a hello or a wave, I am not being rude, I am either chatting with a mate already or I just missed it because the rooms can move pretty quick at times.

There will be times when I will cut and run, whether that be from a chat room or just a chat because life steps in, and I may not have the chance to say good-bye, it just is.

I do have an Aussie sense of humour (who would have thunk it, hey) and if I say something and you do not understand, please ask, I have had to explain myself a few times already and I am sure I will again. My sense of humour can be quite blokey and I enjoy banter but don't take this as a come on or again I will punch you in the throat with my words.

I am a loyal friend (some have said to a fault), I do not see it that way, and I will always protect my friends. In saying that I want friends that talk to me, because there is no use having them if they don't talk. To me a friendship has to be a two-way street and if I feel that it is not happening like that I will be happy to end the friendship because I have wasted enough time and energy on one-way friendships over the years and I do not have the time, energy or patience to do it again.

I am one big for personal responsibility, accept responsibility for your actions and we will get along, and dont come the raw prawn with me if I pull you up on your behaviour, we are all adults here. Don't be an arse or carry on like a princess and it will raise the chances of us being friends.

I have discovered that I like mirrors. There is something about the reflection.

I am not into blowing smoke up someone's arse, so take me at my word and we will get along, if not so be it, ave fun and move on.



I am a proud All Blacks supporter and I know that I may cause some controversy, with me being an Aussie and all but fuck it they are the best at what they do. I am going to add to the controversy by saying rugby is the best game.


I am a Carlton supporter in our national game, I will admit that my interest in the game has waned over the years, but I have my passion back for the game with the introduction of women into the game. The women have made it feel like the game of old coz they are scrapping and scrambling for the ball and I think they are bloody amazing, just spewing they (the AFL) could not pull their fingers out earlier.


When it comes to the State of Origin I am a Queensland girl thru and thru, go the Maroons. While we are in Queensland I am also a Bronco's fan.


Beer is another big interest of mine, I am not into the fru-fru type and I am by no way a connoisseur, I like what I like and I like it a whole lot. For me there is nothing better on a hot day cracking a nice cold one and taking that first gulp and letting everything melt away. I like a Virgin Buster and for all the non-Aussie's out there, that is Victoria Bitter. I also like a Bogan Drought, again for non-Aussie's that is Boag's Draught, there are others and if you want to know, just ask.


There are many other interests as well, just ask.

Favorite Books:
Asking someone who loves books and reading which is their favourite is like asking someone what is your favourite song, they all mean something in different ways, but here are some that have always been on rotation.

It - Stephen King (this is the one book I have had to replace coz it keeps getting stolen)

Memories of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

For the Term of His Natural Life - Marcus Clarke

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas - John Boyne

A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess

The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings Trilogy - J.R.R. Tolkien

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trilogy - Steig Larsson

Tess of the d'Ubervilles - Thomas Hardy

Great Expectations - Charles Dickens

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck

Animal Farm/1984 - George Orwell

When Rabbit Howls - Truddi Chase (totally heartbreaking)

One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Ken Kesey

Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov

The Catcher in the Rye - J. D. Salinger

To Kill a Mockingbird - Harper Lee

The Life of Pi - Yann Martel

Cry, The Beloved Country - Alan Paton

Perfume - Patrick Suskind

Anna Karenina - Leo Tolstoy

The Power of One/Tandia - Bryce Courtney

The Last of the Mohicans - James Feinmore Cooper

The Count of Monte Cristo/The Three Musketeers - Alexandre Dumas

Wuthering Heights - Emily Bronte

Hunger Games Trilogy - Suzanne Collins

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Mark Twain

Playing Beatie Bow - Ruth Park

Dracula - Bram Stoker

Tender is the Night/The Beautiful and the Damned - F. Scott Fitzgerald

Love in the Time of Cholera/One Hundred Years of Solitude - Gabriel Garcia Marques

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R. R. Martin

The Wind-up Bird Chronicles/Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World - Haruki Murakami

There are many more but I need to stop there or I will continue.

Favorite Authors:
Here, and in no particular order, are:









There are others, and this list will grow
Favorite Movies:
10 Canoes

Rabbit Proof Fence

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas


House of 1000 Corpses

Devils Rejects

Field of Dreams

The Colour Purple

Clara's Heart

The Power of One



Running on Empty

Full Metal Jacket

Mad Max - All of them

There are more and I may add to this
Favourite TV Shows:

Vikings (give me Ragnor and Lagertha, together)

Black Sails

Breaking Bad

Favorite Music:
varied, from opera and classical to rock, punk, heavy metal and everything else in between.


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"Without You, I Can Be Me"

When you entered my life I was lost Aimlessly wandering Confused, empty and afraid But from seemingly nowhere So effortlessly And oh so painlessly You filled me with your love I fell in love with you And you made love to me. You called to me And I could not resist You or your temptation For you did not hide from me  Who you truly were There was no dance of seduction It was plain to see The...

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The Body Soon Follows

You whisper that anticipation is everything, you can sense the intensity already... I can feel your words race across my skin, like a faint but palpable wind, summer's final traces of heat, a final secret given to me. Our words are just the catalyst,  elements stirring electricity, a complex intangible storm, that is always about connection. The body soon follows. Hands roaming along...

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