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Topic Lesbian's
Posted 04 May 2017 07:43

check to see if she is drunk :)
then... take your time, unless you want one or both of you to be hurt by the experience.
and expect that it might just be a curious thing and may bot mean anything to her and still be hurt by it...
guess i have been down that road.

Topic Groped in Public - Does it happen?
Posted 02 May 2017 15:35

yes in subway or dance floor, but its more like a accidental touch that sometimes lingers and then i just move away because its hard to tell who it is.

i have definitly groped and being groped by friends when dancing ... mostly in fun.

Topic If your teddy bear suddenly could talk...
Posted 02 May 2017 15:20

depends on which teddy bear

Topic Dominate or to be dominated or pass the above person?
Posted 10 Jan 2017 15:52

she is too lovely to be a real domme... but worth a shot
be dominated

Topic Spank Or Be Spanked!
Posted 10 Jan 2017 15:50

be spanked for sure

Topic Sex on the First Date
Posted 06 Dec 2016 09:14

first date... no, but it depends on the communication before first date.

Topic Have you recorded yourself orgasming and uploaded it online?
Posted 02 Dec 2016 08:04

recorded it too dark for visdeo chickened out and never uploaded.

Topic What is a favorite pastime that is free..(No monetary cost)
Posted 18 Nov 2016 07:37


Topic What mainstream movie sex / love scene turns you on the most?
Posted 16 Nov 2016 08:04

Higher learning, there was kiss
also i can;t remeber the movie but i think it was called vampire or some such thing can't remember the actresses but there was a loveley seduction scene that pretty much confirmed my preferences.

Topic HBO's Westworld
Posted 09 Nov 2016 08:19

The Big Orgy Palace simply reminded me or Spartacus or Rome. Seemed out of place to me actually.

But here's what's interesting, curious as to how many men thinking raping a woman is ok... 40k a day just to fuck like they want to. Pretty interesting to consider the male pysche

or to ill some one, man women or child...
its a little sickening to me

Topic Going Commando
Posted 02 Nov 2016 15:32

assume you mean going out specifically. i have on occasion, but not a norm for me.

Topic Love
Posted 02 Nov 2016 15:28

Love you has become just a greeting (sadly)
personally ii don't use the L word unless i mean it. but i do think even then there definitely is a difference.

Topic Masturbating at work
Posted 22 Oct 2016 11:32

yes first time as a dare in the bathroom.

Topic what are you drinking?
Posted 01 Aug 2016 21:22

Starbucks latte

Topic What do you believe about heaven/hell/afterlife/reincarnation/etc?
Posted 26 Jun 2016 20:35

Hoping for something good, not counting on it.

Topic Gas Prices Need to Go Up!
Posted 26 Jun 2016 20:31

i for one have an older car thats not very fuel economic, only because i don;t make a lot of money and it was basically a gift... so rising prices hurt those that can;t afford it. i drive 45 miles a day for work which is not very unusual in US... i wisah i could have a cheap and eco friendly way to get to work, heck a public bus would be perfect and the govt can provide an electric one for all i care.

Posted 31 May 2016 16:00

happy happy birthday to you, bethany front whore ;)

Topic life lessons learned from lush
Posted 29 May 2016 18:55

keeping an open mind especially when you know its not your thing... you can learn a lot about yourself.

Topic Things You Should Never Hide From Your Partner....
Posted 23 Apr 2016 12:18

relationships are built on trust, so it just depends what kind of relationship you are looking for...

Topic Why is lactation so frowned upon?
Posted 18 Apr 2016 22:35

i for one love it, havn't been in an ANR for several years but just out of college i was in a long term relationship that was most precious and loving.

Topic a passionate kiss vs so so sex
Posted 15 Apr 2016 01:58

there are kisses i remember and sex i don;t... so i would take a passionate kiss for sure.

Topic If you had a penis...
Posted 15 Apr 2016 01:53

probably give it away to needy...

Topic Have you ever worn a short dress or skirt without panties in a forbidden or a very public place ?
Posted 12 Apr 2016 08:37

I can imagine a woman feeling extremely turned on in a church with no panties because it's all wrong. In your experience how was your feeling while you're there? Did it make you very wet ?

you know the idea of it was sexier than the actuality, yes i was turned on but that was even before i got there because my gf asked me to do it. it made it much more fun after though :)

Topic Would you sell yourself?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 08:28

i had sex once for a pair of Louboutin's with an ex
and a couple of similar things, never with a stranger though some one i had dated or was going to be dating... they are rich and i am not so in my mind its ok?!!

Topic Would you wear this out?
Posted 11 Apr 2016 08:20

yes, i have a we vibe that i have used many times especially on boring long trips.