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I'm 22, lesbian, single, and a virgin. I've got a real nice southern drawl, and will likely blow you away with the vocabulary I know. I'm a grammar and spelling Nazi, so beware if we chat. I'm looking for a special someone to call mine.

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24 May 2018 14:28
Love to go shopping. Hanging out with my friends. Going to lunch. Walking through the park on my days off. Etc etc
Favorite Books:
This is going to sound corny, but Im such a sucker for a good ol' romance novel. :)
Favorite Authors:
J.K.Rowling. Stephanie Mayer. Charlotte Bronte. But really I'll read ANY book that interests me, so I don't really have a favorite.
Favorite Movies:
Resident Evil. The House Bunny. Harry Potter. Just Like Heaven. Easy A. Water For Elephants. All Tyler Perry Movies (And Plays). Crazy, Stupid, Love. The Help. Vanity Fair. Mona Lisa Smile. Life As We Know It. Sex In The City (1 and 2). Arthur. Burlesque. The Darkest Hour. My Fair Lady. Transformers (All). The Notebook. Breakfast At Tiffany's. A Shine Of Rainbows. Love & Other Drugs. Soul Surfer. Anastasia. Happy Feet (1 and 2).
Favorite Music:
Lights, Brantley Gilbert, Erin McCarley, Demi Lovato, Lady Antebellum, etc, etc.


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23 May 2010
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16 Jun 2012
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Valentine's Day Part 1

It is just a normal Saturday for me, as I'm at home cleaning house and planning on baking something special later. You are off running the few errands I gave to you, and should be back anytime soon. It feels so good as I go room to room, dusting, fluffing up pillows and such, making the books on shelves nice and neat again, and so forth. It's about 2 p.m. now, and I've made my way back to...

Added 15 Jan 2012 | Category Love Stories | Votes 6 | Avg Score 4.83 | Views 3,541 | 2 Comments

Never Keep Me Waiting

I'm sitting on the couch impatiently looking at the clock waiting on her arrival. "God, she better hurry up!" I mumble to myself. As if on cue, the doorbell rings and I get off the couch to cross over to the front door and open it with a flourish."Finally! It's about time you got here, you are late and that is unacceptable!" I tell her as I turn to the side, allowing her entrance. She...

Added 09 Jan 2012 | Category Lesbian | Votes 8 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 8,172 | 3 Comments

She Invades My Thoughts

I can't get her out of my head, and it's interfering with me studying. I heave a sigh, and try to get my head back into studying, but it's no use. There the thoughts go again! "I give up!", I mumble to myself, and I grab my phone to call her. She picks up on the second ring, and I say hello and hurriedly ask if she is busy. Thankfully she isn't, and we make plans for me to come over to...

Added 08 Sep 2011 | Category Lesbian | Votes 9 | Avg Score 4.56 | Views 8,641 | 7 Comments

I Can't Believe It

I can’t believe it. This all has to be a dream. That cunt, she used me. Why did I not see it from the beginning? Here I sat and thought we had become such wonderful friends. But boy, did she ever pull the cloth over my eyes. All I can do is sigh again as I think of how easily she fooled me. As I sit here, my thoughts start to wander. That's it, I want my revenge on her so bad. And I think I...

Added 14 Aug 2010 | Category Novels | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.25 | Views 3,114 | 2 Comments

Little Vixen In My Bed

I walk into the house and was greeted by some heavy sighing and moaning. I go up the stairs and make my way over to the bedroom and notice the door is slightly ajar. I look through the crack and the sight I am greeted with stops me in my tracks and my jaw drops. I cant believe it. It is the girl of my erotic dreams. Well, to better clarify, she is a mutual friend of both my fiancée and I....

Added 03 Aug 2010 | Category Bisexual | Votes 11 | Avg Score 4.45 | Views 15,479 | 2 Comments

I'm Hot For You Part 2

You stand up and lean over me to kiss me on the lips. I can taste me on your lips and I can’t get enough of my own sweet taste as I lick my lips. I sit up and move towards the middle of the bed, turning around so I’m on my knees in front of you with my legs spread wide, showing you my glistening pussy. I look back and grin as you move behind me and I sigh contentedly as I feel your clock...

Added 27 May 2010 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 4 | Avg Score 4.75 | Views 6,657 | 5 Comments

I'm Hot For You Part 1

You seem to be in your own little world as I watch you from the doorway. You are watching something on the computer screen and you seem to be aroused as I see you take your cock out of your pants and start stroking it. I just stand there and take in what you are doing. In my head I can clearly see me kneeling in front of you, softly and slowly licking and sucking on your cock. I’m getting...

Added 26 May 2010 | Category Quickie Sex | Votes 2 | Avg Score 4 | Views 7,284 | 2 Comments

Being Taught A Lesson

I walk slowly down the hallway. I am unsure as to why Ms. Minx wanted me to see her after school. I know I have been talking a lot in class, but she never seems to get onto me. I finally get to classroom 116 and I just stand in front of the door. Its slightly ajar and I push on it and walk through and I walk into the classroom and she is sitting in her chair behind her desk. I walk up to her...

Added 25 May 2010 | Category Bisexual | Votes 5 | Avg Score 4.4 | Views 13,330 | 6 Comments

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