My Baby Girl

Being a single parent is always hard, no matter which parent has custody of the child. My ex and I have split custody of our daughter, a twenty year old college student in history major. She is 5'9'' and is voluptuous and curvy with full perky breasts, a toned stomach and a nice round bum to match. During the summer, she always comes over to stay with me, so we can have quality father...Read On



Phone Call

"Hello there and how are you doing? I’m Jason it’s a pleasure to meet you. Thanks for giving me the chance chatting with you in this instant message. I know this can be a bother for you depending who’s on the other end but I assure you I’m not here to make your evening bad. So where from Ericka?" She tells me California and I reply, "Oh that’s awesome I have visited a few times I myself....Read On

Oral Sex(1)


My Teacher

Well today I’m just sitting here in class feeling bored, not being able to stay focused with the assignment as I been extremely horny all weekend long since I met this sexy older woman online. We have been texting back and forth and chatting online. We have even spoken over the phone. I smile as I remember her saying how she loved the sound of my voice, how she found my accent to be sexy,...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


A Day at Work

As I walk through the door of my workplace looking around, I notice how all eyes and heads turn. I look down thinking my clothes look a mess. I look down at myself again and check to see if I am buttoned up; I am. I walk by everyone and all I hear is snickering and giggles. I sit in the back room all alone and come out to the floor to catch a glimpse of everyone and walk back to my corner. I...Read On

Straight Sex(4)



A day of relaxation would be awesome and so enjoyable with you. Waking up with you in the morning- nothing could get any better. I turn to you, looking at you still wearing your peek-a-boo nightie from Victoria Secret in pink and smile. You're still asleep and I begin to caress your face slowly and softly with the back of my hand. Reaching your soft lips I lightly touch them and smile,...Read On


Mr. Officer

I have been a part of the New York Police Department for some time now. I have made many arrests. Some criminals give up easily, some want to play rough, and some try putting up a fight. They even try to escape, but in the end, they never win. Well, let me tell you about today. As I start off my day like any other, I wake up in the morning and get dressed in my uniform. I'm looking sharp,...Read On


My Vacation

I have been a journalist for about ten years now and from time to time I do a lot of hard work and traveling. Covering stories and having to write them up, to make sure the public is getting all the correct information as soon as possible, I am busy constantly. So after more hard work than usual these past couple of months, I decided to take a little R & R trip to Brazil. Out of habit I...Read On


The Storm

I am having a good day so far. After kissing you and saying I’ll miss you as we both walk out the door, the day goes on and I constantly think about you, wanting you so much and missing you. Sending little texts here and there, telling you "hey baby, just thinking about you. Hope your day goes well". Before I notice it the work day, which I thought would be long, comes to a close. It...Read On