pussyfan's Blog Entries

i have a craving for some eggs benidect wonder where this comes from

02 Mar 2011 05:06

another shitload of snow anybody want it???

21 Feb 2011 05:02

happy valentines day to everyone

14 Feb 2011 03:30

don,t want to go outside today, too cold, winter is starting to suck big time!!!

08 Feb 2011 04:09

i think i really should visit new zealand soon there are some site,s i,d really love to see. i think i know a lovely tour guide if she,s not too busy?

25 Jan 2011 04:12

i hope my houston hottie is not working to hard at her new job kinda miss her lots :o(

10 Jan 2011 05:51

seems like a nice day for reading and chatting to cold to go out anywhere!!!

07 Jan 2011 03:45

thinking of my houston hottie today you know who you are xoxo

22 Dec 2010 04:00

thinking that leana and i should be in a warm shower together no thats hot!!

19 Dec 2010 03:52

no stories written yet, but enjoyreading them i have a few favorite catagories though

11 Dec 2010 04:34