Love Poems(27)


A Friend's Feeling

I get so restless, thinking about you.  What we can be,  What we can do. It's crazy,  It's just wild.  When I see your name,  I smile. This has never happened before,  To me, it's new. But, I know what I want,  And sweetie, it's you. I'm glad you are my friend, I appreciate you.  Everything you did,  Everything you'll do. I tried so hard, to be just your friend.  ...Read On


A Woman's Touch

Its truly amazing, How much I need to feel, A woman's touch, A woman's heal. I need the feel of a woman's touch. The love, the care, I have so much love, With you, I can share. Its so much higher on my list, Than when I was younger. Now I understand, And now I wonder. When will I get? When will be my time? To have the woman's touch this feeling should be a crime. I need...Read On


Beautiful prize

The way you dance The way you sway your hips It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way you walk on the beach The way your hair waves in the wind The way the waves hit your feet as you walk It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way you sit The way you stand The way you lay The way you talk It’s a beautiful prize, For my eyes. The way your beautiful eyes look at me The...Read On


Beautiful the sight


The fire glows hot The romance be the fire There are flames of white. Beautiful warm night Camping under the moon light Many stars are bright. A romantic night Romance and love in the air Beautiful the sight. In the sky they shoot Stars are flying over head A beautiful sight. Beautiful warm night Camping under the moon light Many stars are bright. A romantic night Romance...Read On


Broken Heart

It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ You said you were though I didn’t know what to do It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ Watching you walk out the door My heart fell to the floor It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ When your car pulled away My heart was not okay It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ Then you were gone And I don’t know what I’ve done wrong It’s achin’ It’s breakin’ They say time heals a...Read On


Can you feel that?

Can you feel that? When I look into your eyes Can you feel that? When I’m up in the skies Can you feel that? Over the seas Can you feel that? Where I want to be Can you feel that? It should be a crime Can you feel that? You’re a dime Can you feel that? When we dine Can you feel that? We will be fine Can you feel that? That’s my heart Can...Read On


Friend Zone

I am literally, always Stuck in the friend zone I’m always here To be phoned. I want to see you have the best. I do must confess I have nothing to own But all the love that is unknown. All the guys you are dating They are all asinine. Why don’t you stop baiting, And turn to me for a sign. I love you My dearest friend The friend zone is irksome I want it to end. ...Read On


How do i get this love?

How does it feel to get hit by Cupids Arrows? How does it feel to have someone to love? How does it feel to be the Greek God, Eros? How does it feel to be beloved? How does it feel to cuddle? To have someone to spend time together Someone to laugh with Someone to be there forever When I don’t have a smile on my face When times are down How does it feel to have someone there To...Read On


I Can Be Your Best Friend

I Can Be Your Best Friend You said all you need is a friend. Well girl, you don't need to look too far. I'm here for you till the end. In my eyes you're a star. I could be your friend. I could be your lover. I could be your best friend. I could be there forever. Tell me what you've been through. I'll learn from the past. I can handle anything. If not, I'll learn fast. You can...Read On


I don't want to feel like this

Stop, in the name of love Before you break my heart I don’t want to feel like this You might just rip me apart. I don’t know what to do Between me and you I don’t want to feel like this I thought that we were true. What happened between us? My heart is in the dust I don’t want to feel like this so what is all the fuss. Can’t we just make it up? I don’t want to lose your love ...Read On


I have no regret

I love you Do not forget I have nothing to rue For the day we met. This is what I claim I have nothing to blame. I’m glad we are together And I hope its forever. You are the best half of me I have no reason to flee. You blew my mind When we first met What I had lost, I did find I have no regret. ...Read On


i want you

I want you, No I need you, All I do,  Is think of you. I want to be there for you. I want to care for you, I am ready, To be with only you. I want to make this work, I will do everything in my power, To make you happy, In every hour. I will give you my heart, Please choose me, And give my lonely heart, Some company....Read On


in love

I’m in love! You might not see, My heart above, It’s for you and me. I’m only half And you can make me whole I’m down a long shaft You can pull me up full. When I’m not humble You can help me out With a big bubble There’s no doubt. When I’m in trouble All I think of is you, my wife It makes it double Because you’re my life. All I heard From...Read On


love i have for you?

Love I have for you? Love can fail or get stronger. Love can come and go. Love I have for you? If I let go of myself, My heart can get hurt. Love I have for you? I’m afraid you will break my, Very brittle heart. Love I have for you? I may never find my love, If I don’t let go. Love I have for you? I’m afraid because I do, Because, I love you. Love I have for you? Love I have...Read On


Love in Time

To dust to dawn, Dawn to dust, With the time, We will know about us. From the heavens above, And below, It will be our love, That will glow. ...Read On


My Love Song

I’m in love, And it feels so right. I just wanna reach up, And touch the sky. I’m burning with the, Fire with in my heart. I feel like a, Work of art. When I’m with you, I can never lose. Good or bad, I’ll be there for any news. I wanna be there, When you’re down. I will come and, Turn up that frown. I love you, With all my heart. I love you, With every single part. ...Read On


My Mind is a Mess

My mind is a mess. Everything I do I think of you.  I need a distraction,  just to get me through. You are different.  You are unique.  When I'm with you,  my emotions sneak. My mind is a mess.  My feelings grow. When I'm with you  I lose control. I'm happy with you.  The chemistry is strong.  I know you can feel it,  this can't be wrong. My mind is a mess.  There's something about...Read On



I’m sitting in your chairs. Wearing my Sunday best. Here you come down your stairs. In your beautiful dress. I stand, Holding roses in my hand. Which you took, As I tell you how beautiful you look. Putting the roses in a vase, You say you’re ready. We leave the house. For you I open the car door. Now heading for the shore. At the restaurant. We ate our dinner and talked. ...Read On


Road to knowing you

ABC Poem

A brazo as we first met. B eautiful as you look. C aused a stir in my pants. D ebating to talk to you or not. E ventually we do talk. F eelings start to grow. G em, you’re one in a million. H ugging as we part. I ask for your number. J ogging over to you. K indly you put your number in my phone. L eaving as you...Read On



Surprise You ask if you can have me. I ask if you'll be my valentine. Now i'm yours,  And you are mine. I think of you all the time, Day and night. When I see your text, Makes my day shine bright. I really like you, Yes, it's true. We're not in a rush, I love making you blush. This was a surprise!  I'm happy we met. With my eyes, Upon you, there set....Read On


That is what i say

Loneliness? Darkness? Emptiness? Does anyone want to be? Nay For thy, That is what I say. What is life to thee? That you might want to die. Every night before you sleep you cry. Every morning you wake up in nigh, Wanting to fly. Always taking a big sigh. Wanting to soar up high. Wanting? Waiting? Do you get anything done? Nay For thy, That is what I say. What is life to thee?...Read On


The Heart's Treasure

There’s something a miss In my heart, In my treasure chest I do keep it locked Because I get scared When someone comes to knock It’s hard to see When others get hurt It frightens me What will I say To that one On that beautiful day The one that gets my key To my treasure chest What will she be I hope my best friend, My lover, my spouse, my partner, and my equal For ever...Read On


The Rain, the Sun

I am the rain, So gloomy, dreary, and so lonely, And without you the sun, my sun, I am nothing but a wet and cloudy day. Without you, The flowers will drown, And upon every face, There will be a frown. If you sneak though the clouds, And shine upon me, We make a rainbow, For all to see. ___________________________ I am the sun, So hot, dry and so bright, And...Read On


What I will do

Do you know what type of guy that I am?

Do you know what type of guy that I am? I do not, but I do know what I will do. I try not to be a sham. I might be a jerk to you. I might mess with your mind. I will do my best to be sweet. And at times I like to be kind. I will give you a seat. I might be old fashioned. I will walk on the side with the street. So I can try and prevent any crash action. That might knock you off...Read On


Why do I Love You

Why do I love you? I don't know why, Maybe I do, I haven't search enough, Why I love you. You're special to me, You are great, Why do I love you? Maybe it's fate. I'm glad that we met, I didn't expect this, Why do I love you? You're the greatest....Read On


will you help me?

Why did you forsake me? What did I do wrong? Did I not treat you right? Will you help me? I don’t want to do this again Just to meet the same end. Why did you forsake me? Did I not love you enough? What did you see, That I could not see myself? What did I do wrong? For now I have a heartache Now you are gone What was my mistake? Did I not treat you right? Did you not love me?...Read On


Will You Marry Me?

You are so very righteous And so to good for me You are so very gorgeous Will you be with me all life and eternity? With our love so strong In the world of us Whatever is wrong There will be no dust. With our love So bright and tender All heaven above Can see that Christ is our mender. Oh, would you marry me? With nothing as strong as our love Will...Read On