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Quickie Sex

Quickie sex, quickies or "having a quickie", all refer to a brief or spontaneous episode of sexual activity, with the couple finishing it in a very short amount of time. A quickie does not require full copulation, it may be limited to oral sex or mutual masturbation. Generally a couple will skip foreplay as the urgency of the situation dictates a speedy finish. Quickie sex stories are also referred to as short sex stories, where the plot is normally quite scant, and the characters are thrust into the action almost from the word go.


Teacher Needs It

Two teachers in conference

The bell rang. I began to put away my papers and notes, stopping now and then to acknowledge a goodbye or answer a quick question.  "Hi, Ms. Jay!" I heard someone in the hall kids say as Tina walked into the room. She was a popular teacher at our high school. Tina was in her mid-twenties and as cute as a button. She was wearing what I call "a woman's suit." It was a navy jacket, white top...Read On

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A lone finger slips inside as your tongue slowly swirls with mine and I immediately feel the slight vibration of your mouth against my mouth. And that seems to send a jolt through my senses.  The way you taste, the way the slight spray of perfume on your pulsing neckline is so light but also seems to travel to some place in me that struggles to find the words because it's light, but...Read On


Idle Exhibitionist

The Idle Play Series - no. 6

Little Leora flicked a quick glance up to the spot above the television on the wall. She was stretched out on the large, curving sofa in her living room. The chubby small dog was sprawled on a rug on the floor. It was sleeping soundly even if the television was on. The TV was always on. She was looking rather cute this evening in her new eyeglasses. Paul had finally made her go get her...Read On


Southern Hospitality, Part 2

Alex and Chloe have fun on their lunch break.

Chloe pulled into the parking garage at the corner of 3rd and Peachtree St. at ten to seven. Normally she wouldn't arrive this early, but it was Monday, and she knew it was going to be a full day. She got out of her car, a light blue Prius, and crossed the street. She entered her building, swiping her badge as she did so. She flashed a smile at the security guard at the front desk and made...Read On


Professor Davis, Asst Cheer Coach 6

He continues his extracurricular activities

"Take him home, gentlemen," I told the mascot escorts standing next to me. "Roll him back to school, and this time watch your six!" I was referring to the last game when the mascot had almost been stolen by the rival fans when the guys had their attention on some local ladies.  I'm Professor Davis. I work at a Junior College in Texas. We offer most sports at our school and we have...Read On


Something About a Girl in a Truck

Taken for a ride

We were on the way to my boyfriend's family cabin up in the hills. I was looking forward to it. Spring break at our college just couldn't come fast enough. I had packed a small bag with very little clothing. I was planning on laying in the sun on the dock of his pond and getting an all-over tan. The only other clothing I packed was a bikini, some denim shorts, and a few tops. On the way to...Read On


Don't Tell Mel

My perfect girlfriend - and her older sister

My girlfriend and I have been together for just over two years now. Melony was perfect for me. Twenty years old, five-foot-five, soft milky skin, beautiful emerald eyes, and jet black hair. She was a wild card fashion-wise. She enjoyed everything from studded leather pants and a biker vest to skin-tight party dresses and fuck-me pumps. Her ass was plump and spankable and her natural 38DDs...Read On

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Clouds of lavender scented steam billowed through the doorway as she stepped out of the warm confines of the gray tiled bathroom and padded across to her bedroom. A switch was flicked, her towel was dropped and the top drawer was opened as she sorted through her smalls, looking for her good pair of black thigh high stockings. The silk caressed first her fingertips, and then her smooth legs...Read On


Cottage Quickie

A visit to the cottage has some exciting moments

It was a beautiful, hot day as we all sat on the dock. Every summer we visit my wife's sister Lori and her husband Ed at their lake house. It is a great place on the water with a large dock and fantastic lakefront view. We spent time swimming with the kids and soaking up the sun. Lori looked great in her bikini top and short skirt. She is about to turn Fifty, eight years older than my wife,...Read On


Making Dinner

Relieving your stress after a long day at work.

I stand in the kitchen distracted from the dinner I’m supposed to be cooking. It’s been a long day of thinking about you. Fantasising about what you could be doing to me, what you’re going to be doing to me once you’re home. I can almost feel your body against me whilst I mindlessly chop the veg, imagining your toned, sweaty body all over mine. I realise I’ve completely zoned out and when I...Read On


Claiming His Magic

When Gabby embarks on a mission to seduce her crush, Sam, things get very naughty!

I've always wanted to have sex with a guy who is utterly gorgeous on every level, but for years I've held off because of my moral principles. I was in a faithful and committed relationship with my boyfriend, Andy for six years. Things were good between us, but kind of tame—I'm not going to lie. Two months ago, however, we mutually agreed to end our relationship after drifting apart. As...Read On


Jaq Dresses The Part

St Trinian's evening...

Friday night at our club was a themed night, the theme was St Trinian's. I arrived home a little after six in the evening. Jaq had been home for a while and was already dressed. Her outfit was navy panties, white school socks, a white blouse and a short navy skirt. I showered and within half an hour we were on our way to the club. We arrived at seven thirty, the club was filling up nicely...Read On

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Wedding Wiles

Weddings are the perfect place for impromptu fornication...

Stepping out of the lift, I walked casually into the reception area of the Ritz Carlton Hotel and took in the sight of a wedding reception in full swing. People filled the area, decked out in their finest livery as they took an evening off to celebrate the wedding of a friend, relative, or colleague.  I stepped over to the groom's registration table, flashing the young lady behind the table...Read On

The Professional Woman Part Three: Back In The Saddle

Rough beginnings lead to a smooth ending.

Things hadn't gone to plan. I expected there would be some delays, maybe a hiccup here and there, but  I was wrong, dead wrong. Nothing had gone right from the start. The building needed more work than we expected. The first day that we tried to turn on a tap, three pipes burst through the walls resulting in flooding on both floors.  It took another three weeks to get some of the girls back...Read On

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The Story of Us: Take Me

There are moments when hunger must be fed.

Perhaps this is where I should begin, with public moments—intense, intimate and sometimes discreet. It matters not who is present or how many surround us. This is the story of us and why I am his... My husband does what I call “flexing”. He laughs when I use this term. In general, it is that look of restraint he gets right before he is about to pulverize someone either mentally or...Read On


Wife Sucked A Strangers Cock At Local Bar

Before I knew, it my wife was unbuckling his pants as she tried haphazardly to get at his cock.

It was a few years back when my wife and I were at our favorite bar shooting pool, when this guy asked if he could challenge the winner. I told him that it would be better if we just played a three-way game and he agreed. We played quite a few games as we all drank and got to know each other. It wasn't long before I could just sense his testosterone and I began wanting him to fuck my wife....Read On


Library Trips

There was nothing better than swinging on the deck, journalling my thoughts of the day and enjoying the warm spring sun. I took a minute to appreciate how beautiful all of the flowers we had planted and how cute they had bloomed. Faintly, I heard the familiar footsteps in the house. I look over to see Caleb standing in the doorway looking at me. I never grew tired seeing the smile he has...Read On


Naomi Sends A Text From Work

It was getting close to 3 o'clock at the physio clinic. Naomi had been at work since 7, and she was almost done. She was also horny. "I'm hungry 4 cock," she texted to Julian. She had been fucking him for a little over a month. They met at the clinic when Julian came in for work on his hamstring. At twenty-eight he was eight years younger than Naomi, but that only encouraged her further....Read On


Driving Her Crazy

He played with her so much that she was dizzy with want for him. His strong fingers brought her right to the edge — and then he teasingly stopped before kissing her. She was light-headed and faint, the hunger between her legs ravenous, her ripe pussy swollen from the spanking delivered with his hands and hard cock.  "Not yet, sweet baby," he moaned against her nipple. Inside her, his...Read On


Star and a Quickie, Squirting on a Car Seat

Star and her fuck buddy have a car sex quickie

On one gloomy, rainy Saturday in October, Star decided to take a three-hour drive back home to relax for the weekend. During her time back home she paid a visit to her 101-year-old grandmother, whose mind was still sharp enough to ask her when she was going to get that special man. At 22-years-old and emotionally unavailable, Star just smiled and said: "Grandma, when I meet a man who is...Read On


Jaq has a quicky

Jaq gets a quicky in the changing room

Jaq had gone shopping for the afternoon at a local shopping mall. Her aim was to buy a new outfit for a dinner dance the following weekend. Jaq went into a well known high street chain, she picked a couple of outfits and went to the changing area. She was just getting undressed in her cubicle when she heard some noises from the cubicle next door. She peered inside and discovered an...Read On


Mile High

Flying High

As I stood in line waiting to board the plane, a blonde caught my attention through the bobbing heads of passengers waiting in line before me.  I leaned to the left and right trying to get a better look but with no luck. As the line inched along and I got closer to boarding the plane, I got a better look at her.  She was about five foot, seven inches with a killer body.  I was hoping she...Read On


Mother of Three

years of flirting leads to an exciting experience

She called just before four o'clock. Could I stay late for her to pick up her car? She would there just after my usual closing time. I had told her no problem. She and her husband were long-time customers and brought all three of their cars to my shop for service. They are a nice couple, with three kids, the oldest driving for almost a year now, and I saw her 6 to 10 times a year. The...Read On


Good Morning Wake Up Call

Sometimes reality is better than a dream.

She smiled when her phone pinged with the familiar FaceTime chime. “Good morning.” “Good morning beautiful.” She giggled. “I wasn’t expecting to hear from you this morning. I thought you had an early meeting.” “It got pushed back an hour. So I seized the opportunity to see my favorite girl.  How are you this morning?” “Other than missing you, I’m fantastic.  The kids got up and off...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 14: Love Story in Sin City

Chad Dupree meets "The Sweetheart" again...

I fell in love with this town. This town called Sin City. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. I fell for it as an adult ironically. The first time I went, I was about eight or nine. There's really nothing to do until you're of age. This story is a tale of coincidence, luck, and sin. ~~ I went to Vegas almost every single year. I was looking forward to this one especially. I had plans to go a...Read On


The Housewife and the Painter

Jennifer gets bored of decorating her house...

“Honey, I’m tired of painting now.” Rich smiled to himself, shaking his head. He knew from the tone of his wife’s voice what she was doing. He didn’t need to turn around to know that Jennifer was standing across the room in her blue painter’s coveralls, her hair tied back in a messy ponytail, strands falling over her paint splattered face, one hip dropped with a hand resting on the other....Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 12: To Tami

Chad tells a story about how he got out of his shell...

This story is dedicated to one special person. Well, all of them are. But, this is to one of the sexiest women I have ever met. This is to you, Tami. From me. This is how I feel. The unadulterated truth from my eyes. I first met Tami in a history class in high school. I was 16 at the time. It was around 2008. I was looking at you from a distance. My mind was the sheer epitome of the...Read On


The Guitar Player

Sex, more sex, and rock and roll!

I had been chatting on an online erotic site for months with Paula when I accidentally replied to an innocent question and gave away my general location. Not a big deal, but over a week or so, she put two and two together and realized we lived closer together than either of us thought. We have had lots of fun, erotic chats, exciting cybersex and what we could be doing sexually to each other...Read On


Young man for Ellie

Lady( early forties) has a thing for younger men

Ellie Stanton aged forty-three, had, since her divorce, hungered for the amorous attention of younger men. Being fucked by a young stud fulfilled her lustful needs. Given her petite build, long flowing hair, and delicate girlish features, looking young was a deception she encouraged. Trouble was, younger men were, so frequently, unsure of themselves. Ellie had often hoped that someday she’d...Read On


The Yellow Book Fantasies, Ch. 11: Trina's Secret Box

Chad goes to his friend's birthday party and learns something...

This story takes place in the winter of 2012. I was 21 at the time. I decided when I was on Facebook one day as kind of a spur of a moment thing to go to my friend Trina’s 21st birthday party. I met Trina in high school, senior year. We didn’t know each other well, but I noticed her. She, of course, noticed me. Trina was a pretty girl originally from Florida. She was short with not that many...Read On