Group Sex(2)

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A Promise

Girlfriend takes on her boyfriend and a stranger

The nightclub had lively rock music playing from the speakers scattered throughout and a thin haze of cigarette smoke lingered in the air as Matt and Jill entered. Matt scanned the bar area for a place to sit and saw many unoccupied seats. He grabbed Jill’s hand and led her to the bar taking a seat on the left side where they could scan the bar. “What can I get yeah?” they looked up at...Read On


Jared gets Caught

I catch my boyfriend with another girl and join in

Oh what a day from hell. Or should I say week. I have been sick for almost 2 weeks and finally broke down and went to the doctor, only to get news I wasn’t expecting. Then I came back to my boss getting on my ass for a file she couldn’t find, and too top it off I haven’t hardly seen Jared my boyfriend all week. So I was looking forward to seeing Jared after work, and I so need to tell...Read On