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Live near Cambridge UK. 47, married male. I have been off Lush for a while as I felt in the dozen or so stories I wrote in 2008 had taken me as far as I could go in writing erotic fiction. But I am back now in 2011 with new enthusiasm as I want to really explore the genre. I don't want to write like the majority of people on here - I'm searching for quality - realism. It has to be believable or it's just not sexy, for me at least. It's not porn - that is not satisfactory at all. I am no longer the writer that will open with a fuck passage - a good story needs characters and a good plot - and subtlety. Well judge for yourself - I am back with My Social Worker and Me - written in parts. Hope you enjoy and get in touch!

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Topic: Tragedy in Texas ~ Mass Shooting at Southerland Springs Church
Posted: 07 Nov 2017 02:37

If Americans were good British subjects, they would have lined up in neat little queues in 1775 to turn in their guns like the Brits did after Hungerford. Instead there was that little unpleasantness from Lexington in 1775 until Yorktown in 1781.

We're not Brits. We're not Canadians. We're not Australians. Write that on the board 5000 times!

In the mean time, if you have any ideas that would work here, please let Nancy Pelosi or Charles Schumer know. I'm sure they'd be glad to hear from you.

Better get out the stars and stripes and your George Washington hat, put your hand on your heart and sing it loud and sing it proud.

Patriotism is not a substitute for intelligence.

Topic: Tragedy in Texas ~ Mass Shooting at Southerland Springs Church
Posted: 06 Nov 2017 10:36

I dont quite see your point - in 2014, according to FBI figures - there were 8,124 gun homicides in the USA (pop 320 mill).

In the UK in the same year - a country with strict gun control laws - there were 60 gun homicides (pop 60 million)

That is 160 times more gun homicides in the usa per population.

In the UK gun ownership is 6.5 guns per 100 people. In the USA it is 101 per 100 people.

After the 1996 massacre at a school in Scotland in which 16 children were killed by a man with a handgun - the UK government went on an offensive against firearms and has taken off the street since that time approximately 200,000 guns and 700 tons of ammunition.

You will never change USA - you will keep watching the massacres happen and take no action whatsoever.

Topic: Tragedy in Texas ~ Mass Shooting at Southerland Springs Church
Posted: 06 Nov 2017 06:27

Personally, I would be more concerned about a pocket knife/ switchblade coming into play during a fist fight. Depending on what state you live in, most bars that serve alcohol do not allow patrons to carry their guns into their establishment. That doesn't stop people from breaking that law, but in general most people abide by the rule of not carrying your gun into a bars, schools, government offices and anywhere else it might be posted. The ones that do violate the law are usually looking to break the law anyway. They could care less about the laws. Do you honestly think a criminal stops and thinks, "Oh, no guns allowed, I guess I should find a different place to rob"?

We have concealed carry in my state and open carry. I have concealed weapons permit. I work early mornings and late nights by myself and do the banking, so yes I carry my handgun with me.

Would better federal and state regulations help? I would like to believe it would. But even if they passed an amendment, it wouldn't stop all gun related crimes.

What would be a great start? Limiting assault rifles sold in the US, but that would take time and require our government to work together. Getting our government to agree on anything at the moment seems almost impossible.

I agree - knives are dangerous too - though guns are more likely to kill in a situation where someone tries to settle an argument with a gun.

Road rage? How many more people would die if an angry driver had access to a firearm when somebody annoys him on the road.

You get the point - more guns lead to more deaths from firearms.

You carry a gun and probably think this makes you safer - have you had training in how to use your weapon in a gun fight? If not - the odds are against you ever being able to use your weapon to protect yourself n the way you hope it would be useful. Criminals who use guns are generally better at using them ruthlessly than your average Joe.

I saw a film years ago - Fargo - an old man (father) went to rescue his daughter, to pay a ransom - he had a handgun in his pocket and when he squared up to the criminal he took his gun out and said - ok hand over my daughter - the crook just shot him in the chest before he could say another word.

Topic: Tragedy in Texas ~ Mass Shooting at Southerland Springs Church
Posted: 06 Nov 2017 03:42

some weird points being made

if you take the argument that if more people carried guns there would be fewer deaths to its limit and had all citizens armed - what do you think that would result , more or fewer deaths?

outside a bar for example where a fist fight starts and both fighters are armed - how do you think that will resolve? or an argument in a cafe over someone smoking when they shouldnt.

as for people going to church armed? are you serious.

Topic: An honest question about penis size
Posted: 20 Oct 2017 14:48

Mine is 5 1/2 inches FE.

A hooker once told me mine is the perfect size and I dont think she was just trying to boost my sense of inadequacy as she explained that larger penises can hurt.

That being said - I could use another inch.

Topic: How Many Fucks do you give?
Posted: 04 Oct 2017 04:30

In Britain we say

I couldn't give a flying fuck.

Topic: Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted: 04 Oct 2017 04:29

This doesn't show as high as 85%, but there are certainly more suicides than homicides by gun (close to double).


what is the point in saying there are double suicides to homicides?

how many suicides would there have been had a gun not been readily available - far fewer.

Topic: Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted: 03 Oct 2017 21:15

I don't know for sure about their statistics, but my guess would be suicides.

the table says 22,000 annual suicides are not included on the register.

Topic: Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted: 03 Oct 2017 06:54

Rafael, it's obvious by your statements that you aren't American. After reading your statement, I have to say, I don't think you'll ever understand. It's just not in your realm of reality; we're just a different culture. I'm rather solidly in the middle of the debate, before anyone jumps at me, and as such I rarely care to engage in these types of conversations.

But I'll bite. If you base your laws on this guy's plan, limiting the amount of ammunition bought at one time wouldn't save anyone. He was patient and thought everything out, even taking days to bring all 16-20 (conflicting reports) guns into the hotel.

--A total ban on automatic assault type weapons? Semi autos too? Because those can be changed to fully auto by the owner, whether it's illegal in the state or not. I'd have to give this more thought and research to respond responsibly.

--A mental health review. I've heard this one over and over and though it kind of makes sense, it grates me. No one else minds letting their government into the last remaining privacy we have? If no, shouldn't we also get those tests for drivers of automobiles? It's not the age old argument of how cars kill more people and blah blah blah. It's that we're discussing mass murders and recently in Europe, killers have been driving into crowds of people. Again, this guy went through rigorous mental reviews and passed easily.

--How would a ban on private sales really work? They're private. If they're actually nefarious, the law wouldn't stop them. But say we do that. We add a third party, one more thing to pay for, and you're basically setting things up to where only the wealthy can have guns. That doesn't seem right to me.

I honestly don't know what the answer is but there's got to be some logical middle ground that both sides will have to just swallow their pride on.

To get away from the firearm debate that never really goes anywhere because we all firmly believe in our opinions, I'm very interested in this guy's motive. Clearly, he had some deep level of sociopathic tendencies that no one ever saw. Why? Or was there something medical going on that changed his normal behavior? Rarely do we see a mass murderer that is this age. Not to say he wasn't killing people before that we don't know about, but it doesn't really fit the profile of a mass murderer, does it?

I appreciate your comments.

But as statistics prove - the vast majority of gun violence in the USA is not caused by maniacs like the mandalay bay shooter - they are caused because of the relative easy availability of firearms held legally, and in almost all cases, only 1 gun is used and usually, but not always - the legal owner of the gun does the shooting.

Topic: Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted: 03 Oct 2017 05:47

I think the USA should follow the UK's example. Quoting from the Home Office guide on possession or ownership of firearms:-

'UK firearms policy is based on the fact that firearms are dangerous weapons and the State has
a duty to protect the public from their misuse. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. Firearms
control in the UK is among the toughest in the world, and as a result firearms offences continue to
make up a small proportion (less than 0.2%) of recorded crime.'

Firearms are controlled by licensing:-

'Permission to possess or to purchase or acquire a firearm will be granted to an individual who is
assessed by the licensing authority, the police, as not posing a threat to public safety and having
good reason to own the firearm. Organisations such as target shooting clubs, museums and
firearms dealers must also apply for licences if they wish to possess or use firearms. Persons
who are sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three years or more cannot possess a firearm or
ammunition (including antique firearms) at any time.'

An applicant must have a good reason to own a firearm:-

'Applicants should be able to demonstrate to the licensing authority that they require their firearm
on a regular, legitimate basis for work, sport or leisure (including collections or research). Chief
Officers are able to exercise discretion over what constitutes a good reason, judging each case on
its own merits.'

Authorising ownership:

'The police are the licensing authority for firearm and shotgun certificates as well as for firearms
dealers. The authority rests with local police forces rather than a central licensing authority
because of the local information that police will use to inform their judgement. Prohibited weapons
such as handguns are authorised by the Home Office on behalf of the Secretary of State.'

Fitness to own a firearm:-

'To decide whether a person is fit to own a firearm, the licensing authority will conduct a number
of checks which will usually include interviews, visits to the person’s property, criminal records
checks and references from friends. In addition, the applicant’s GP may be contacted.'

The full guide is almost 300 pages long dealing with such things as types of weapons and ammunition, storage etc., etc., Long winded as it may be, the fact is in the UK you just can't walk into a gun shop with ID and a handful of cash and leave with dangerous weapon. Not only is it very difficult to obtain a license to own and use a firearm there are stringent rules about their use and possession in public. There are also constant checks by the police authorities on gun owners and the public can contact the police in confidence if they have concerns about anyone who holds a licence.

Terrorist incidents aside, the UK is probably the safest place in the world to live right now.

Deaths from shooting are rare in the UK, a tiny fraction, per 100,000 pop of the us. Still, mistakes are made and in many cases the police have admitted that murderer John should never have been granted a gun license. There was one case where a gun collector had had his collection taken away by the police as he was thought to be unstable - this was overturned by a chief constable - and the guy went out and killed 3 people. Well that is v rare.
I can never understand the NRA argument that citizens need a gun to defend themselves. Criminals with guns are much more skillfull and fast with their weapons - your average citizen will be dead before they can even level their gun. And how many children die each year when they find daddys gun, safety catch off? And when daddy flips in middle age - in the Uk there is no family gun handy to go on a shooting spree - unlike the USA.
I hope the american people wake up on this issue and force a change in the law.

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