rafael's Blog Entries

01 Dec 2012 07:50

I revised my story (Vicarage discipline) before it was considered - ended up spending another week on it and I do think it is improved. It is low on action - and thus I think men will turn off my story quickly. Hoping it will appeal to women who seem, on the whole - to appreciate detailed stories. It has now been accepted. Any woman who is interested in punishing their partner outght to read it - any guy who wants it otk from a masterful woman may also enjoy.

23 Nov 2012 12:34

Have submitted my longest story - 5000 words - about a young man who discovers some questionable material on the pc used by Mrs Jones - the vicar's wife. Hope it is accepted - mine usually are rejected first off for one reason or another.

06 Nov 2012 22:56

I am writing a new spaning story - in 3 parts.

20 Oct 2011 11:35

I am writing 2 new stories - both spanking stories - one is about a black police officer in Harlem who gives a break to a teen negroe girl caught with drugs. The other is a spanking set up for a young married woman who yearns to spanked by an authority figure. These stories are inspired by some correspondence with a fellow Lush member.

05 Aug 2011 06:10

So I have just published my latest story, The Inner Sanctum - I have sweated over this one and abandoned my old pornographic style. Sex is beautiful, mysterious - my experience of it does not match what I have read on Lush (sorry) including what I have written myself in the past - it is far greater, magical - and I have now begun the quest to bring out in writing what sex really is like. I can imagine my latest story will bore many readers who are lookingfor plenty of dirty sex sex sex - but if I can find some readers who can understand and enjoy what I have written - it will give me some encouragement to continue. Do leave comments - good and bad! Happy reading all. xxx