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Topic Texas School Shooting
Posted 29 May 2018 05:51

it was only a matter of time before video games started to offer the chance to play the role of a school shooter

the worst thing is - the sicker games are - the more they seem to sell.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 28 May 2018 08:24

Even that word, “mistake” feels like stigmatization. It’s like it’s been drilled into all our heads that it’s this thing it’s not. “I have no money and no way to support the baby,” feels like something someone who carries guilt would say about having had an abortion. I don’t know why it’s has to be a mistake. In my perfect world it would be a nothing. It would be like getting a cavity filled or lasic surgery. At its root all it is is a minor medical procedure. I don’t think any of us can really know how much our opinion is rooted in the propanganda spread by those who would limit abortion. I remember growing up and seeing anti choice billboards talking about how a baby is murdered every 6 minutes or something like that. My parents were anti choice and they’d say things like “abortion isn’t birth control.” My opinion on it now is a huge overreaction to that propaganda and influence. I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. I do think words matter. I think my “celebration” of abortion isn’t so much a celebration of abortion as it is a rejection of how we talk about abortion.

I reject the idea that women who have an abortion made a mistake. I reject that abortion isn’t a form of birth control. I reject the idea that abortion has to be a big emotional deal. The people who want it to be a big emotional deal want it that way to make a woman’s decision even harder than it already is. If the anti choice movement can’t control woman’s bodies then they want to do their best to control their minds. They control it by setting framework for which many pro choice people talk about abortion. That’s why I avoid saying “pro life” It implies woman who get abortions are anti life. I won’t accept their premise. No one who is pro choice is ever going to convert anyone who is anti choice. The best we can hope for is to gradually take their power away by changing how abortion is talked about.

there's no stigmatization about "mistake" - we all have made mistakes of different kinds and we've all regretted having sex with at least 1 person in our lives, well most of us probably. There's no stigma.

It sounds like you want abortion talked about the way that makes you feel comfortable in your own perfect world. Abortion should be like having a tooth pulled - it should be this - it should be that.

that's not how the world works.

My opinion on it now is a huge overreaction to that propaganda and influence.

is about the only sensible statement in your post.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 27 May 2018 23:34

You don't have to think like me. I am not telling you what to find funny or not. My issue is with you telling me I shouldn't find humor in an abortion. I am just trying to make the point to you that treating it like it is this serious somber thing and not treating it like a minor medical procedure akin to getting a wart removed contributes to the stigmatization of getting an abortion. You may be pro choice but you are also part of the problem. to do my part I make jokes about it. It may seem crass but my brilliance is often under appreciated. I'm used to it. No hard feelings.

I think women who have experienced abortion would probably take issue with you on that one.

Raising legitimate concerns in no way stigmatizes abortion.

Trivializing it like you do may lead to some people using abortion as secondary contraception - which it is not.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 27 May 2018 12:20

So let me get this straight. In this free society you want to not only control what a woman does with her body, but you also want to control what people find amusing? Abortion IS hilarious. The jokes you can make about it are endless. I mean, every time a pro-controlling-a-woman's-body (aka pro life) republican gets busted for getting an abortion that is hilarious. I think, maybe, women get beat up enough for being slutty or not being slutty enough. I think they get beat up for being 5 ounces over weight, too short, too tall, for not smiling enough, for dressing like "they really wanted" those unsolicited sexual advances. Oh, and by the way, women get beat up enough, literally... by men... all the time. So, I am here to say abortions are hilarious. Laugh about them. Give the fetus you have scraped out of you a ridiculous name like Rupert or Mike Pence. There should be joke cards for when a girl gets an abortion. "Congratulations! It's a nothing!" They should get unbirthday cakes where they blow out zero candles. Why should all of this be a thing. Because with the beatings (literal and figurative) women take in this world, maybe we can give them a day off after they have to make a challenging and deeply personal decision that has nothing to do with anyone else in this world except her own values and beliefs. So in the spirit of saying Abortions are hilarious here is one more joke for all of you to enjoy.

I am pro choice. A woman should have the right to abortion.

no idea why you think any different. being pro choice does not mean I have to think like you and laugh at what you find funny.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 27 May 2018 12:17

Show me where in LovingSadist's post he forced said woman into the abortion she had. It sounds to me that she had already decided to have the abortion and was being curious enough to inform him about the pregnancy and termination. Now, I'm inferring this as I don't know all the facts and it's up to him to further clarify. I won't force him to do such. LovingSadist wasn't being disrespectful, just brutally honest. Also, you don't know if one or both were using contraception during said encounter. Let's be real, we're always told the only 100% way to not get pregnant is to not have sex.

I have more respect for LovingSadist's position because it's honest. I have less respect for you, Rafael, in thinking his man has no respect for women's bodies. Men who force any woman to carry a child to term are the ones who truly have no respect for women's bodies or women in general.

I think you need to read his post more carefully.

I am really pro abortion..It saved me the trouble of having to pretend I was going to be there to help raise our child

what does this imply? It implies that if there had been no abortion option - he would have deceived his girlfriend into believing he was going to support her by being a real father to the child - only to, presumably from his words - disappear at some stage and leave her holding the baby.

I really dont think this deserves respect even if you do.

As for the contraception question - true - we dont know what happened - maybe the contraception failed. What I'm getting at though is the attitude "It saved me the trouble" - trivializes the seriousness of abortion.

I know a friend who made a girl pregnant unplanned - he paid for her abortion too - his face goes white when he recalls the episode.

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 27 May 2018 10:51

I have no problem making light of and joking about the abortion I partook in when I was 22. In fact after she told me she wanted to abort the fetus I made the same joke to her as I made in my original post. A joke that is rooted in a lot of truth. I was 22. The last thing I Was going to do was be a responsible father. So instead of compunding my mistake I did the gentlemanly thing and paid for the whole abortion.

I have lots of respect for women’s bodies. It’s their minds I don’t respect. Get it straight.

Your action and attitude prove the opposite. I'm sorry but abortion is no laughing matter even if you an her think it is.

Did you eventually accept that contraception is as much a man's responsibility as a woman's?

Topic Ireland votes on Abortion
Posted 26 May 2018 23:08

I am really pro abortion. I remember the first time a girl I knocked up got one. It saved me the trouble of having to pretend I was going to be there to help raise our child. That was 20 years ago.

Yes - abortion really is a wonderful option for men who dont take responsibility for contraception and have no respect for women's bodies.

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 26 May 2018 13:42

Curiosity drove me to an incels discussion board.

I didnt last long - two emotions seem to dominate - rage and hatred.

A very unpleasant place.

Topic Incels: involuntary celibates, is it a real thing?
Posted 21 May 2018 07:22

V interesting topic.

i came across this a while ago - article about involuntary celibates - but it wasnt really about hate groups - just people who have no sex life for whatever reason.

The idea of redistribution of sex is absurd of course - assuming we all have an equal right to a certain quantity of sex - which we dont of course. we have a human right to a sex life within the law - but that doesnt mean we will get one if we cant find a willing partner, for whatever reason.

For those of us who have been involuntary celibates - and I count myself as one at various times in my life - it has been tough - but that's life.

Topic Mesmerizing Beauty
Posted 10 May 2018 23:48

I came across this today

very rare that I see such beauty in a woman - if I saw this girl walking down the street I think I would probably faint.

Topic Has Trump increased or decreased the world's opinion of the United States?
Posted 10 May 2018 23:45

You can be sure Putin is laughing his head off in the Kremlin.

Trump has made a laughing stock out of America.

Topic At least sixteen dead in Parkland FL high school shooting.
Posted 09 May 2018 03:44

Ref Trump's speech to NRA - London being like a war zone due to knife crime.

London surgeon rejects the idea that arming young people with guns is the solution to London's knife crime problem.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 05 May 2018 06:06

Go cry about it.


watch that alcohol abuse though - I'm sure you dont want to die of liver failure any more than one of those heroin junkies wants an early death from an overdose

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 03 May 2018 23:29

Yes you're right. Logging in to lush late at night after partying is highly irresponsible. I have completely disrespected this fine and highly intelligent community. In the future I will try not to taint the sanctity of the lush forums with my drunken antics. This transgression reminds me of when I had a couple too many Jack and Cokes (but with Makers instead) before I had an audience with the Pope.

No please feel free. Use this board as an outlet for the poison inside your head if it helps.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 03 May 2018 23:27

Ugh... no... I was responding to someone saying that the actual act of prostituting themselves as part of their sexuality so the prostitutes or "sex workers" is who I was equating with junkies because they do something that will ultimately destroy their lives even though the poster was trying to say they actually like engaging in prostitution.

You then continue to talk about the point I was pretty much making, you fucking genius.

If anything you should have responded that to the poster that I was responding to.

Liz just presented some interesting data - I am aware that a percentage of hookers gives as a reason for entering the game as sexual curiosity. The main motivation though , according to the study - is money. So there's nothing much to add to that.

But you had a reason for your reply - and that reason was to externalise your hatred and hostility. I merely tried to highlight that for you but looks like I failed.

Topic Help! Mum has written a book.
Posted 03 May 2018 07:13

I agree that you need to spend time learning to write before trying to get a book published, or self-publishing, but I admire your mum for getting her idea down on paper at all. Having done that, she has a storyline and characters she's passionate about, she just needs to learn how to write it up properly. If she's gone quiet, maybe the hard work ahead is too much... or maybe she just needs to take a step back for a while dontknow

Quite - in fact I admire anyone that can start and more importantly finish a novel - something I have tried many times but always run out of steam.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 02 May 2018 21:14

The way I worded it was really confusing I admit . It was the middle of the night and I was a little drunk. What I was referring to was the poster I responded to saying that sex workers considered prostitution part of their sexuality. So what I meant was yeah okay, I guess some of them get off on it and get some money but at what cost? All of them end up either getting raped, catching a disease, not paid, robbed, traumatized, addicted to hard drugs, beaten up really bad, killed, pregnant with an unwanted child or a combination of those. But hey, it's part of their sexuality.

That's what I meant when I said you can have a guy that enjoys sticking his dick in a meat grinder for a 1000 bucks because hey, it's part of his sexuality. Just might not end up well for the guy.

No it was perfectly clear - you equated prostitutes with heroin dealers and their customers with junkies.

Sorry I didnt know you have an alcohol issue - it explains the nature of your posts.

But as for sex workers considering their job part of their sexuality - I would probably not put too much weight on that. As studies show - the vast majority are motivated by their job choice by money, like the rest of us. Although I would not expect anybody to consider this as evience - I use to follow a now defunct community board for hookers and customers - this question popped up time and again from punters - do you get a sexual kick out of your job? Most of the respondents said no - and if they were not able to fuck people they are not attracted to - they wouldnt be in the job. A minority said occasionally they would click with a client and get pleasure - though this was not their motivation for doing the job but it was nice when it happens.

I personally would be very concerned if a friend or member of my family was involved in this trade - as we know from stories appearing in the media - women do suffer terrible abuse in the workplace - and the stats for violence against prostitutes speak for themselves. But I would not be the one to veto women making this choice for themselves - and acknowledge the potential for it be driven underground and the supply controlled by criminal gangs - putting women in more danger.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 02 May 2018 04:45

Okay so if part of my sexuality involved sticking my dick in a meat grinder for a thousand bucks, because that's what it is... I'd probably set my need to get off for a few bucks aside because the consequences are pretty fucked up. Look, I have lived in the worst places in california, I mean the worst and I have seen all of this a hundred times before. You wouldn't defend a heroin addict's right to get high then cry about the consequences in the same way. But it really is the same thing. Poor heroin addict, his dealer got used to his 100 bucks every couple of days and beats him to keep him buying and shooting. No one ever defends that. But now this whole sex worker thing is taken like some fucking civil right, give me a break. Sex workers are not something that a community wants. They don't pay taxes, they don't add anything to your community besides misery, you would definitely not let one of them babysit your kid. Give me a fucking break.

You are comparing heroin abuse and addiction to paying for sex?

and you say that a hooker is just like a heroin dealer?

clients of prostitutes dont suffer from anything like extremes of heroin addicts. There are no rehab clinics for paid sex users who have run out of money, as far as I know - nether is there any evidence, that I know of, indicating that paid sex clients commit crimes to pay for their pleasures or that hookers engage in local wars against each other.

I dont quite understand your analogy then.

Yes prostitution can be dangerous for the women involved in supplying it - precisely why perhaps they should be allowed to advertise anonymously on the internet and vet potential clients. It is indeed not perfect - but street soliciting is far more dangerous - and many will turn to this method if necessary.

bear in mind when making comments that politicians, top ranking lawyers and a whole range of people use the services of sex workers.

according to this study 15 to 20% of men have paid for it at least once

Topic Help! Mum has written a book.
Posted 02 May 2018 03:23

Great, that's good news. It's easier to take criticism from a stranger than a relative and it gets you off the hook. Win-win. And you never know, she might just whip the book into shape.

I'm actually in a similar situation at present with a family member who's given me a totally unreadable book to edit. I think I'll suggest they do the same thing your mother has done. Thank you for the idea Big Hugs

Her book seems to have stalled since it came back from the proof reader. I haven't seen the proof reader's comments.

My advice to anyone, not just my mum, if they have an idea for a book - is first learn about the craft of writing - spend 1 year doing that and experiment with short stories etc - get feedback and maybe join creative writing class. Then, and only then - read some books on how to tackle a novel. Make more notes - chew over etc. next start to think about your idea for a novel. You may realise it's not such a good idea after all - it may be nothing more than a short story's worth - which really is what I think my mum's idea is.

I hope she forgets this project and moves on with her life.

Topic Guaranteed minimum income
Posted 28 Apr 2018 22:54

As PhilU already pointed out the idea behind a universal basic income is that it's the same for everyone, and therefore not based on other income. For some people that may be an incentive to sit on their ass, but for others it would give them the freedom to care for their children/loved ones, or follow some education besides their work, or take the risk of starting their own business. Shitty jobs would probably either see pay raises, as people are less forced to take them on, or they will get automated.

Maybe it makes more sense to some if you look at it like this: o ur collective ancestors made the societies we inherited. In the last centuries a lot of wealth was created. A UBI can be seen as an interest of that investment, where every citizen has an equal share.

there are many impediments to a UBI - not least the colossal and growing national debt

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 23 Apr 2018 04:09

I'm sure even you, 'Penny', can comprehend that certain consequences will be inevitable.

The fact that you prefer the "let's see what actually happens" approach to 'let's consider the consequences first' speaks volumes. This issue is so much more wide-ranging than "getting rid of the sex-trafficking ads" and job done. You just can't see the bigger picture.

I dont know the USA escort scene but here in the UK, the vast majority do use the internet to advertise their services - and some have explained to me that soliciting in this way also enables them to filter out potentially dangerous/troublesome clients. It is by no means foolproof - but is a hugely preferable to methods of the past - street corner fishnet and red pvc skirt shows in red light areas, massage service business cards left in telephone boxes, pimps and parlour work.
There is little doubt that the internet as a place to advertise has led to an increase in possibilities and choices for providers and clients alike so I cant help feeling that this legislation in the USA, while addressing a very serious issue, is not taking into account those who are legitimate providers and customers. But I think on the whole, I would probably not be wrong in saying that there is a much stronger anti-prostitution lobby in the USA than in the UK, or Europe - this may reflect the relative strength of Christianity in the USA compared with an increasingly secular Europe and it is possible that some groups in the USA will take deep satisfaction at a side benefit of this legislation aimed at protecting the vulnerable in the curtailing of marketing possibilities for legitimate users. I was personally appalled at the "flush out the johns" campaign a few years ago in which clients had their identities revealed and this was really a big eye opener for me in terms of how prostitution is addressed by law enforcement agencies in the USA. I know that many Americans come to europe for "brief trips" from the fear of exposure/prosecution in their own country.

I earnestly hope this legislation is not a mistake and that subsequent collated violent crime stats against prostitutes do not prove my fears correct.

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 19 Apr 2018 06:03

Great post Philu

I thought this would happen sooner or later.

But really you two - come back to the God thread where your antics are kind of understood.

See you there :-)

Topic FOSTA/SESTA: A Danger To Trafficking Victims, Consensual Sex Workers and Their Fans
Posted 18 Apr 2018 03:07

I'm worried about you, dude. You've done that much boot-licking in this thread you could be coming down with shoe polish poisoning.

Now now

these sorts of things can be noticed but must not be commented upon

Topic do you believe in God?
Posted 15 Apr 2018 21:17

That's because I'm not an atheist. Atheism in the truest form is to believe in nothing. I believe that there is something that ties us all together, in particular our ability to reason and not act like animals driven only by our instincts. Tht's why I don't refer to myself as an atheist, I'm a humanist hello2

I thought atheism referred to an individual's opinion about whether or not god exists?

I think perhaps what you are implying is that there are atheists who are not humanists.

perhaps there are theists who are not humanists too?

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 15 Apr 2018 03:12

Russia is now saying the OPCW report left out details about a western developed nerve agent found in samples provided by the UK

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 13 Apr 2018 05:06

I am no fan of Putin's vile regime.

I just picked this up from the Guardian:

foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, quote

“We have irrefutable evidence that this was another staged event, and that the secret services of a certain state that is now at the forefront of a Russophobic campaign was involved in this staged event,” he said during a press conference.

He did not indicate what the evidence is but it seems Britain is not only being accused of framing Russia in the nerve agent incident - but also helping to arrange a chemical attack in Syria.

It looks like Trump is back pedalling from his initial position - clearly way out of his depth on this one.

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 13 Apr 2018 00:05

And Russia have pointed out that the formula for Novichok is in the public domain.

It could have been made in any part of the world.

Of course - this isnt something that can be made with high school chemistry set apparatus.

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 11 Apr 2018 08:25

Some did actually, others were very unclear about the fact that they were not dead yet. I've seen it on multiple occasions in Dutch media at least.

That is odd - as the UK government has been quite clear about their condition from the start.

I see that Russia is kicking up a huge stink because Yulia has been taken to a secure location and they want to see her - maybe leave a small trace of novichok on her sleeve to finish the job.

Understandably - the UK is not complying with requests to access.

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 10 Apr 2018 23:58

Yes, not know who to believe as always.
Now media saying Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, not dead.

It's all a big messy thing I think.

It seems both father and daughter will recover.

I think it is likely that the Skirpals will be sent to another secret part of the world with new identities to live out their lives. If, as seems likely, it was an assassination attempt, it failed - but whoever was behind it may try again. So I cant see that either father or daughter will want to risk living their lives as they did before and give the assassin another opportunity.

Topic 18 EU States and over 24 countries expelling Russian Diplomats after Salisbury Assasination attempt.
Posted 09 Apr 2018 07:06

Russian Government hasn't responded after the Nerve Agent, which killed Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia , in Salisbury, England,
was traced back to Russian KGB stockpiles.

EU States, and over 24 countries confiscating Premier Putin's personal finances, government holdings,
closing Russian military bases access, and expelling Russian diplomats today.

OK so it may have been a failed assassination attempt. They live and seem to be getting better.

The russian govt has responded - accusing the UK of trying to frame Russia ahead of the world cup.

The UK govt is saying there is no other plausible explanation other than Russian state involvement and their allies back this view.

I dont know the truth but I am very happy to hear the Yulia and her father are getting better.

However - there have been previous cases of nerve agent accidents in which people initially recovered and died 1 or 2 years later. I do hope their recovery is long term.