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Topic An honest question about penis size
Posted 20 Oct 2017 14:48

Mine is 5 1/2 inches FE.

A hooker once told me mine is the perfect size and I dont think she was just trying to boost my sense of inadequacy as she explained that larger penises can hurt.

That being said - I could use another inch.

Topic How Many Fucks do you give?
Posted 04 Oct 2017 04:30

In Britain we say

I couldn't give a flying fuck.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 04 Oct 2017 04:29

This doesn't show as high as 85%, but there are certainly more suicides than homicides by gun (close to double).

what is the point in saying there are double suicides to homicides?

how many suicides would there have been had a gun not been readily available - far fewer.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 03 Oct 2017 21:15

I don't know for sure about their statistics, but my guess would be suicides.

the table says 22,000 annual suicides are not included on the register.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 03 Oct 2017 06:54

Rafael, it's obvious by your statements that you aren't American. After reading your statement, I have to say, I don't think you'll ever understand. It's just not in your realm of reality; we're just a different culture. I'm rather solidly in the middle of the debate, before anyone jumps at me, and as such I rarely care to engage in these types of conversations.

But I'll bite. If you base your laws on this guy's plan, limiting the amount of ammunition bought at one time wouldn't save anyone. He was patient and thought everything out, even taking days to bring all 16-20 (conflicting reports) guns into the hotel.

--A total ban on automatic assault type weapons? Semi autos too? Because those can be changed to fully auto by the owner, whether it's illegal in the state or not. I'd have to give this more thought and research to respond responsibly.

--A mental health review. I've heard this one over and over and though it kind of makes sense, it grates me. No one else minds letting their government into the last remaining privacy we have? If no, shouldn't we also get those tests for drivers of automobiles? It's not the age old argument of how cars kill more people and blah blah blah. It's that we're discussing mass murders and recently in Europe, killers have been driving into crowds of people. Again, this guy went through rigorous mental reviews and passed easily.

--How would a ban on private sales really work? They're private. If they're actually nefarious, the law wouldn't stop them. But say we do that. We add a third party, one more thing to pay for, and you're basically setting things up to where only the wealthy can have guns. That doesn't seem right to me.

I honestly don't know what the answer is but there's got to be some logical middle ground that both sides will have to just swallow their pride on.

To get away from the firearm debate that never really goes anywhere because we all firmly believe in our opinions, I'm very interested in this guy's motive. Clearly, he had some deep level of sociopathic tendencies that no one ever saw. Why? Or was there something medical going on that changed his normal behavior? Rarely do we see a mass murderer that is this age. Not to say he wasn't killing people before that we don't know about, but it doesn't really fit the profile of a mass murderer, does it?

I appreciate your comments.

But as statistics prove - the vast majority of gun violence in the USA is not caused by maniacs like the mandalay bay shooter - they are caused because of the relative easy availability of firearms held legally, and in almost all cases, only 1 gun is used and usually, but not always - the legal owner of the gun does the shooting.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 03 Oct 2017 05:47

I think the USA should follow the UK's example. Quoting from the Home Office guide on possession or ownership of firearms:-

'UK firearms policy is based on the fact that firearms are dangerous weapons and the State has
a duty to protect the public from their misuse. Gun ownership is a privilege, not a right. Firearms
control in the UK is among the toughest in the world, and as a result firearms offences continue to
make up a small proportion (less than 0.2%) of recorded crime.'

Firearms are controlled by licensing:-

'Permission to possess or to purchase or acquire a firearm will be granted to an individual who is
assessed by the licensing authority, the police, as not posing a threat to public safety and having
good reason to own the firearm. Organisations such as target shooting clubs, museums and
firearms dealers must also apply for licences if they wish to possess or use firearms. Persons
who are sentenced to a term of imprisonment of three years or more cannot possess a firearm or
ammunition (including antique firearms) at any time.'

An applicant must have a good reason to own a firearm:-

'Applicants should be able to demonstrate to the licensing authority that they require their firearm
on a regular, legitimate basis for work, sport or leisure (including collections or research). Chief
Officers are able to exercise discretion over what constitutes a good reason, judging each case on
its own merits.'

Authorising ownership:

'The police are the licensing authority for firearm and shotgun certificates as well as for firearms
dealers. The authority rests with local police forces rather than a central licensing authority
because of the local information that police will use to inform their judgement. Prohibited weapons
such as handguns are authorised by the Home Office on behalf of the Secretary of State.'

Fitness to own a firearm:-

'To decide whether a person is fit to own a firearm, the licensing authority will conduct a number
of checks which will usually include interviews, visits to the person’s property, criminal records
checks and references from friends. In addition, the applicant’s GP may be contacted.'

The full guide is almost 300 pages long dealing with such things as types of weapons and ammunition, storage etc., etc., Long winded as it may be, the fact is in the UK you just can't walk into a gun shop with ID and a handful of cash and leave with dangerous weapon. Not only is it very difficult to obtain a license to own and use a firearm there are stringent rules about their use and possession in public. There are also constant checks by the police authorities on gun owners and the public can contact the police in confidence if they have concerns about anyone who holds a licence.

Terrorist incidents aside, the UK is probably the safest place in the world to live right now.

Deaths from shooting are rare in the UK, a tiny fraction, per 100,000 pop of the us. Still, mistakes are made and in many cases the police have admitted that murderer John should never have been granted a gun license. There was one case where a gun collector had had his collection taken away by the police as he was thought to be unstable - this was overturned by a chief constable - and the guy went out and killed 3 people. Well that is v rare.
I can never understand the NRA argument that citizens need a gun to defend themselves. Criminals with guns are much more skillfull and fast with their weapons - your average citizen will be dead before they can even level their gun. And how many children die each year when they find daddys gun, safety catch off? And when daddy flips in middle age - in the Uk there is no family gun handy to go on a shooting spree - unlike the USA.
I hope the american people wake up on this issue and force a change in the law.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 02 Oct 2017 21:16

I have strong opinions about the 2nd amendment and the NRA, I think they and elitists like Trump (I should add that he is a very stupid tweettard and an embarrassment) are ruining a once great and proud country. I ask myself could this shooter have amassed such an armory in my country, Canada. I don't think so, but at this point I'm not sure, but I know for sure that our gun culture and respect for guns is very different than our neighbours to the south (we are number 11 in gun ownership, but most of ours are long guns, no automatics, and semi's are very hard to get).
If Sandy Hook didn't provoke change I have little faith that this will wake up anybody. Oh my how Trump wishes the shooter was named Mohammad.
Currently there is a bill before congress allowing citizens to buy silencers for their handguns. WTF! why do you need stealth technology on a portable hideable weapon, unless you want to kill and get away with it??? Who would propose such a bill? Criminal
Immigration is the least of your problems and yet it gets the most focus from president fucktard. I love the USA, and I feel so sad about the way it's warping into stupid. A wall! So stupid, 70% of illegals come by air, but it appeals to the basket of deplorables. Populist, Hitler, yellow star of Davids.
In our ever shrinking technology harnessed world uni lingual nations are hugely disadvantaged. True or False?
I agree the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. I want my good guy to be trained and wear a badge, and I want it very difficult for a bad guy to get a gun. Your government has nuclear weapons, you are outgunned, always will be, get over it.
Let me be really clear here. people not living in the USA are choosing not to go there. Canadians that usually winter in Florida are looking to the south of France, and other warm places that are less confrontational. If you have no moral compass, perhaps economic impact will lead to some level of awakening. So sorry for my many many American friends who I love.

You couldnt have made a more salient comment. I imagine when he heard of this he was down on his knees praying the shooter would be a brown skinned Koran waving muslim from the far east.

Tough luck Trump - it was one of your own white skinned baseball loving blue eyed american boys.

Topic Las Vegas shooting: Dozens killed in Mandalay Bay attack
Posted 02 Oct 2017 21:12

I think this shooting explodes Trump's propoganda that America's greatest threat is from radicalised islamic terrorism. As all the stats demonstrate - thousands dead each year at the hands of mainly white americans born and raised in the USA using guns against just a small handful killed in the name of islam.

Topic Contraception
Posted 28 Sep 2017 03:58

If you were fertile at one point in your life odds are you won't be sterile and even if your sperm count showed 0 on one test I still wouldn't rely on that as birth control, because of your prior fertility. You must know that it takes only one teeny weeny microscopic sperm to fertilise an egg?

true - though it took 1 year of trying to conceive, so I probably have a low sperm count.

Topic Contraception
Posted 19 Sep 2017 06:48

This is why we shouldn't allow our viewing of porn to influence any of our real world decisions.

Do you have an aversion to vasectomy ?

My wife doesn't want me to have a V. Even though we intend to have no more children.

I'm going to do a sperm count as I hardly produce any semen these days and if my sperm count is 0 - I can save myself the bother of a V anyway.

Topic Contraception
Posted 17 Sep 2017 12:18

OK guys - what contraception do you use, if any? to avoid pregnancy.

I have been married 17 years and bar the first years when we conceived - have been stuck on condoms ever siince.

judging by the porn amateur stuff I see - most couples do not use condoms. I assume the girl is on the pill or they are trying for a child or taking chances.

Topic when did you masturbate last?
Posted 17 Sep 2017 03:17

months ago.
I stopped finding it satisfying or interesting a while ago.

only real sex seems to get me off properly - a wanked ejaculation feels like a blocked sneeze

Topic Edit After Publication
Posted 17 Sep 2017 02:32

I deleted and then decided to clean up and ended up reworking significantly - glad I did as I feel much happier with what I produced in the end.

just submitted it now after one last round of revisions - and argh! would you believe I forgot to deleted a great big space after the story ends.

I wonder if this will appear in the final version.

one question - if you edit after publication - do you lose all views, comments etc and do you get bumped to the top?

Topic Edit After Publication
Posted 10 Sep 2017 09:49

Some useful comments - I decided to delete the story and work on it some more before submitting again.

Topic Edit After Publication
Posted 10 Sep 2017 07:01

well, it does come back to us, since we need to make sure you didn't edit something against TOS in, but as long as you edit it in the box and don't edit it in word and cut and paste the entire thing again, we can see the edits and will usually verify it very very quickly.


Topic Edit After Publication
Posted 10 Sep 2017 05:51


I have just submitted my first story for 3 years.

I spent an hour proofreading it but after submitting found a small error, after submitting.

What will happen if I edit the story after publication? does it have to go through the moderation process all over again?

thank you

Topic Sexless marriage
Posted 26 Mar 2017 11:32

I myself am in a sexless marriage and it sucks, we now sleep in seperate rooms, live seperate lives, people probably think why don't you leave, there's acouple of factors stopping me, I'm also a curvy lady and I'm pretty positive that most men are not interested in curvy women, so I'm afraid to leave a sexless marriage to go out and meet someone and end up still being sexless. Any suggestions???????

Every shape of woman has a million admirers, believe me.

Topic How do I tell a friend that I want to have sex with her?
Posted 22 Mar 2017 13:53

My view is - if you want to fuck a woman who is your friend - just ask her out for a date. Make sure you arrive with flowers or she will think it is just good friends. flowers will say it all.
then hold her hand gently in the cinema, theatre or whatever. if she withdraws it - try again a little later. if she keeps shutting the door. that's your answer. She certainly wont blame you for trying - she will only blame you if you become a pest.

If it sours the friendship - just move on.

I am 52 now and looking back missed some wonderful chances with friends who were waiting for me to make a move. Life is too short to dither - make your move!

Topic male orgasam denial
Posted 22 Mar 2017 12:29

I like watching this kind of thing but fucking without ejaculation is not really my thing. it's like chewing food and spitting out

Topic stay or go
Posted 22 Mar 2017 10:51

You still haven't told us who you dress up as? Is it Bananaman?

You basically said she should put up with not being loved, not say anything and just live with it until such time as her partner/husband decides otherwise.

And you are wondering why you got negative responses?

It does kind of complicate things a little that they have a child doesnt it. And the received wisdom seems to be that parents should not stay together for the children.

But not every family scenario is different. Only the OP knows the answer to her question and I added my voice just to put something different, and possibly useful into the pot.

leaving a long term partner when children are involved is a risk for all concerned - a life changing experience. There is no one size fits all solution.

My father left when I was 14 (I also have a younger brother and sister) - I supported him at the time - but the years have opened my eyes. He had his own selfish reasons. We didnt have a perfect family life but it was better having a mum and dad in the house compared with a single parent family and the stigma that went with it in those days. My mother begged him to return and he refused - having found for himself a new life. I am rarely in touch with him these days.

well - perhaps I have added some perspective to my comments. No - I dont dress up as Bananaman.

Topic stay or go
Posted 22 Mar 2017 09:54

You are either delusional, stupid or both. My mother stayed with my father and we got abused mentally and physically. Boys do NOT need correct fathering, they need a parent who loves them and tries to do what's best for them.

If I had been deprived of living with my father it would've done me a lot of good. Your arrogance is appalling. Get a clue.

I didnt think I would find people on this forum being abusive. On some forums you would get an infraction for calling someone stupid.

Where did I say families should stay together where there is mental and or physical abuse going on?

I am sorry of the term "correct fathering" upset you - I mean a father who loves them and does his best for them - just as you say. What did you think I meant? Someone wielding a stick?

The OP did not say the household environment is unstable and abusive. If that is the case and he is the cause of it I would say she should go and quickly, like today.

The OP has asked should I stay or go. All I am sayng is consider carefully whether leaving a partner is in the child's best interests. And being a happier mum might not be in the child's best interests if the cost of that is an absent loving well balanced father.

Topic stay or go
Posted 22 Mar 2017 09:31

you're assuming that he's a good dad. what if he's a shit dad?

I was going to come back to that.

If he's the kind of dad that spends loving constructive time with his son, reads to him, engages with him etc - then it's going to be harder to break up the home.

But if he is non functional as a father - it might be worth having that chat and possibly moving on.

She never said he was a shit father - or even a shit partner.

Topic stay or go
Posted 22 Mar 2017 07:17

This is some of the worst advice I have ever seen.

@ the OP. First of all, don't listen to this bloke, he's talking nonsense.

Secondly, listen to Sinner, she's given you some good advice here and knows what she is talking about. I hope things work out for you. You deserve better than a loveless relationship. Children are resilient; a happy mum makes a happy child IMHO. You're child will adjust if you leave and you have every right to do so if that is what is best for you.

Try talking to him first. Relationships can often hit a wall, especially after you have a child. Sometimes a little effort on both parts can get you past that, you just need to be open and honest with each other. If he outright says he no longer loves you than I think you need to move on because you deserve more than that. Sometimes when a child comes along, men can feel a little left out because the child takes up so much of mums time and attention, it could just be that simple and discussing it will help. Finding time for each other is important too. I hope this is the case for you and things work out. Big Hugs

Well - you are entitled to your view and I to mine. I dont disagree with much of the advice you have given here. Though I dont believe confronting him is a good idea - it could lead to regrets. He also may not be able to articulate his feelings - or in fact even know precisely what they are. You say she should move on if he no longer loves - really? Perhaps dad will have a view on that. Not sure if he'll want his partner to go off with his son - he may want custody. Saying children are resiliant seems to make it easier for parents to split up doesnt it - it's a convenient phrase - wonder what the boy thinks of it. The OP has not indicated that the famly environment is unsuitable - merely that she thinks her partner does not love her.

What good will it do the boy if he is deprived of living with his father. Living with a happy fulfilled mum cannot compensate a boy for having a weekend dad. Boys need correct fathering - and dad needs to be present in the family home for that to happen.

Topic Approaching the Topic of Going Further w/ BF
Posted 22 Mar 2017 03:14

Wow, that sucks... My advice would be to look for a dude that's not such a fucking pussy. Two months? lol

I was shy about sex in my 20s and 30s and I think women sometimes thought what the hell am I waiting for.

Life's too short - in a new relationship I would be ready to go on day one.

If he's not initiated anything - you will probably have to lead him by the nose evry step of the way. if that's what you want.

If you want a real man to take you - look elsewhere.

Topic stay or go
Posted 21 Mar 2017 22:37

I am inlove with my husband still but he is not in love with me. Or i think that at least we have a two year old together and were not legally married just a cermony of souls but he has no iterest in me anymore not sure if i should stay for our son or pack up and leave.

That's not a bad situation. You should put your child first and put as a top priority staying together.

It would be far worse for you if the emotions were reversed.

Let him stay while he will. He may eventually get fed up living with a woman he doesnt love - but that's his call. As long as he behaves well and is good to the child.

Topic Long Stories - One Upload or Several?
Posted 21 Mar 2017 12:41

Thanks - it is under 10K words for sure. Great - I will upload in one go.
I am using my hotmail account to write it (in email mode). In the past when copying and pasting into lush - I had rejections caused by formatting issues - even though in the lush input window all looked ok.
is it better to past into word - format - proof read etc for final corrections - and then paste into lush? any thoughts?

Topic Long Stories - One Upload or Several?
Posted 21 Mar 2017 11:29

I am working on quite a long story - several thousand words. I could split this into 3 chapters - or publish in one.

I would prefer to publish in one.

what do you think is better?

thank you

Topic Guys do you like a womens pussy shaved, trimmed, or natural?
Posted 19 Mar 2017 22:22

As I think pubic hair is one of the most beautiful features on a woman - unshaven.

my wife shaved once - and seeing my reaction never did so again.