Sweet, sweaty pussy

She sat across from me on the bus, sexy, confident, long legs, firm breast and a mini-skirt that if she didn't watch it. Would reveal her sweet treasure, that's the game,(them) women trying to see how close they could come to showing us(men) with out actually showing us. She was very good at it, crossing and un-crossing her legs. Each time I would strain to catch a glimpse of her panties. ...Read On

Group Sex(2)


Going Back To Cali

Angie was just coming to the end of her only relation ship she has ever known. She should of seen it coming, but, she had all her love invested and that’s hard to let go.  She cried, got upset and questioned why? She became depressed all the while hoping it was just a bad dream. Waiting for a call from him that would end her misery. That never happened; she still holds hope in her heart...Read On


What She Craves...Pt1

 Caramel is an attractive, sexy, young woman with a healthy sexual appettite. Her own body turns her on as she looked in the mirror. Her full, round breasts were thirty forty D's. Her waist was small and her tummy flat. Her hips were firm, her thighs shapely, and her ass sexy and inviting. The girl is a hottie that needs a long hard cock! She lusted for a throbbing, thick eight inch piece of...Read On




What was I thinking? How could I let this happen? Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, every bit of it! I mean what middle age man wouldn't, Rafel thought to him self. I mean, I just lost my wife of nine years, I'm not sure if I know how to date any longer and I'm horny as I was when I was in my twenties. There she was consoling me, telling me all these wonderful things and then she caressed...Read On


Drunken Sister Fuck

A brother gets his sister back for insulting him

I was around sixteen; my sister and I didn’t get along. She was nineteen and thought the world revolved around her. She’s very popular and very hot. People do seem to gravitate to her. She stands around five nine, long reddish brown hair, thirty six c cup, sweet hips, long legs and a ass that draws all kinds of attention. Like I wrote, she’s hot. It was summer time and my...Read On


Best Friends Share

A mother fucks he son who wants to fuck her best friend

             Lisa and Patrice are best friends, have been for years. They have shared there lives, family, friends, desires and feelings for quite some time now. But, Lisa was about to see how far Patrice was willing to go.                        Lisa sat nervously as she waited for Patrice to arrive. You see Lisa has kept an sexual...Read On


Ad Surfing

This Is Purely Fiction, a made up story....

I was browsing the services in ths Ad's when I saw erotic services, of course being a horny man. This peek my interest, women for men or (w4m) as it's listed under erotic services. The women are lovely, various shapes, size, color, prices and services. I spent about forty minutes just looking at the women and services. My mouth was watering with all the possibilities and combinations, when...Read On


Auntie, Are You Sure

An Aunt And Nephew please one another

21 Aug 2007 At seventeen I joined the Navy on the delayed program, which meant I wouldn't actually leave until I was eighteen after graduation. But, I couldn't wait to get the clean cut sailor look. With a wash board tummy, ripping muscles and tight jeans, I drove the older women crazy. Once at one of my mother’s parties I was watching the party power up. One of my mothers friends...Read On



She Wanted it Down and Dirty...Part II

What a hungry wife will do

This is Part II of a series. Please read She Wanted It Down and Dirty... Part I first. "Damn, white girl, you really know how to turn me on with your freaky style," Otis told her as he blew his second load of cum in her tight little white pussy! Just like before as his jism slipped past her soft pussy, Mandy reached back between her legs to gather all his and her love concoction. She...Read On


She Wanted it Down and Dirty

Never leave a wife horny

Mandy was so mad she could kill some one! Her husband got her all worked up this morning only to satisfy only himself. He left her so wet and horny she could still feel her wetness seeping from her very stimulated pussy. Mandy understood this happened from time to time in marriage, but, he was making a habit of this. She could not remember the last time she came with his dick in her. It was...Read On



I Let My Mother Do My Husband

A Daughter's Fantasy

My name is Naomi and I have a unique story to tell. I've been married for about seven years now and our love life is fantastic. But, I have the urge to see my husband fuck someone else. We have talked about this over and over again. Yet, I don't trust any of our friends, so my fantasy goes unfulfilled. This is where the story goes a little weird; you see my mother and I are like sisters....Read On

Straight Sex(2)


Trapped With A Nerd...Pt 1

We have all seen them or at one point in our lives have been one. They are at the library, gym, office, school and super market. Maybe I have noticed them because in many ways I'm like them to a point. Any way, I have particularly noticed the female of this social order. You know the one around the office that doesn't know how to dress, keeps to her self, never gets the office joke, never...Read On


It Started At The Gym

  The gym was packed for a Saturday evening; I belong to one of those twenty four hour gym. I like Saturday evening work outs because it usually not many people working out. I guess everyone wanted a little swell before hitting the clubs.  I was just getting ready to do some curls when I felt like I was being watched. I looked around to see a sexy, hot woman doing squats. She had a look of...Read On



Kitty's Awakening

A women learns that things in the night can be erotic

             Kitty left the city in hopes of a slower and more secure life. She found a nice cottage behind an old couple that rented it out for extra income.          The man was of the grumpy sort, didn’t say much. But, his wife is very upbeat. Almost in her own world, happy to be alive. If she wasn’t so old, I swear she was getting some on the regular. Any way, she told me some...Read On



The Silver Hair Fox...Part I

Old Men Still Get Down

12 Sep 2012 Mr. Randle Johnson was facing old age with pain in his heart. His kids was trying to shipping him off to assisted living because he had a few accidents. Once he locked him self out all night and nearly froze to death because his pride wouldn't let him call any of them. Mr. Johnson is a very proud man of seventy five years young, his wife of thirty years past on six years...Read On


Walked In On Me

A Curious Young Girl Wants To Learn

   On my way home from work I was so horny I didn't know what to do. So, I called my dependable pussy, but, it was that time of the month. No problem, I got a back up, no answer. Last shot, as I dialed I thought to my self she's not that good looking, but, she has a hot body and her pussy gets real wet. But, she tells me her sister is there and they have plans. Strike three..... .no...Read On


What A Place To Find Some C***

A Women In Need Of Some C***

     Jackie was on her way to work. The night was cool, but, not as cold as it had been. She turned on the radio while her car warmed up. The man's voice spoke of a bad accident on the interstate. Four dead and twenty seven injured, a truck jack knifed causing a thirty car pile up. My Lord, Jackie commented.       "It's going to be a long night" she thought to herself as she turned into...Read On



The Dressing Room

What Really Goes On In Them Dressing Rooms

  I consider my self a sensual man......erotic even. I Love the whole nine yards, sweet perfumes, candle light, rose peddles, roaring fire, lingre', chocolate covered strawberries and defiantly the curves and lines of a lovely woman. Needless to say I have no trouble shopping for bra's, panties and those naughty outfits that drive men crazy.           This is where my...Read On

Wife Lovers(1)


Never Been There Before

Young Old.Voyeur.pregnet,adultry

   In my earlier years when I was some what innocent to sex I had the best encounter ever. It all stared when I we moved to a new neighborhood. I must of been seventeen or so. After making my rounds with the easy girls in the neighborhood, I developed a bit of a reputation. I was the new guy with a huge dick and I knew how to use it. Around the same time we moved in a couple moved...Read On