ramona_likes's Blog Entries

I really need to try to be nice today and tonight - so that santa comes visits me.

24 Dec 2012 11:46

Somebody left their bra in the faculty room again today - I wonder who that could have been

12 Dec 2012 15:42

Had a very hot adventure the past couple days and nights - ty Eduardo & Francois.

09 Dec 2012 06:04

Carlos... Carlos.... Carlos.... I'm so happy that your friend Marleea let me spend over half the night with you last night. Dylan -- I am looking forward to going to Chicago with you for the Christmas party.

24 Nov 2012 16:54

starting to get ready for the party tonight. wearing one of my open tip bras & fence net stockings. I will provide all the hot details tomorrow.

23 Nov 2012 16:34

very excited about the swinger party coming up this friday.

20 Nov 2012 17:51