Love Poems(13)



control and desire

Your body is shackled bound to the bed And you ass cheeks are colored a nice shade of red The clamps pierce your nipples with a nice silver chain Your body is tense your fear is my gain On what will be coming pleasure or pain My tongue taunts your pussy It tickles your clit My hands roam your body and finger your tits You thrash and you moan almost losing your wits Your...Read On


For Dallas


Everyday I dream you're in my arms and dream you sample all my charms Then I wake and you're not there and I realize that life's not fair I want you, I need you that's all I know to sample your wonderful afterglow To know there are problems you'll have to choose But Dallas darling you really can't lose you do what you have to do even if are moments are far and few one thing...Read On


Making It Right

I once thought that I knew it all That was before my life took the fall Then you came along and lifted my soul And showed me that my back was to the wall It took patience and love to remove the doubts You stayed with me and we figured it out Tonight, tomorrow all the rest of my days Have taught me to love you in oh so many ways Take make and love me every day and every night ...Read On


Missing you

thoughts on missing lover

The days are long The days are hard  As the buttercups bloom in the yard Those little flowers so small so sweet Reminds me that my love is deep My heart feels as if stabbed by a knife And I want you with me for the rest of my life The emptiness grows like a gnawling hunger What I would do without you is my biggest wonder But you'll soon be with me I have no doubt And I'll...Read On


moments to memories


So much has been made of natural selection And the ladies on Lush cause many erections Now I'm content with what I have And loving her won't cause rehab I dream of her as much as sex And worry about what comes next To have her beside me is all that I need She's hotter than the stories that I'm here to read Back in my wild and wicked days I thought that I knew more than I did ...Read On


My Favorite Hooker

You slink into the bar so sexy and nice And every guy looks at you a lot more than twice You flirt,you you tease to get what you want A hundred on the bar is all that you want I sip my drink and watch all I can And smile and think what you could do to a man To hold you and screw you throw passion to the wind The memory would be worth it. Thank goodness for sin I get up and...Read On


Pillow Talk

Thoughts after making love

I hold you naked in my arms, Content and happy with your charms. My soul reflected in your eyes,  So lovely, So beautiful, And yet so wise. I want you, I need you, I love you so. I will never let you go, My heart belongs to only you, And how lucky I am.... Your in love with me too....Read On


Rainy Days

rainy day fun

The morning rain awakens me And you my dear is what I see your head is bobbing up and down And I can't help smiling at what I found I brush your hair out of your eyes And wonder how I got so wise To have picked you above the rest And feel your heart beating on my chest Rainy days so often is said How nice it is to stay in bed...Read On


Riding Lessons

love lost and found

I rode the mountains I've felt the rain . I've been in love and felt the pain when love fails you get up and ride Regardless of how hurt you feel inside even when your world's been turned upside down you learn to smile through the frown But love redeems it comes again and the lessons you learn will never end Things do happen for a reason and you my love will stay in season...Read On



control and desire

Lying beside you the memories linger The taste of your juices remain on my fingers So simple so loving you jump to demands Your body your mind submit to commands Control is my power,my hold on your soul It has become an asset far richer than gold Submitting to me for all of our days Fulfills my cravings ,my longings in so many ways Submit to me darling become my desires Come...Read On


The Heart I Broke


There was a time so long ago when I had a love; but didn't know . I saw her there with words unspoken and laughed about the heart I'd broken. Now with time I plainly see that the heart I broke belonged to me....Read On


Three Wishes

The reflection of the firelight glows in your eyes I watch the love of my favorite prize My fingers trace your delicious breasts While my hardening cock waits in its'rest Your wonderful body is all so enticing And your wanting me is all so exciting Your pussy,your mouth are all I desire And you beside me only increases the fire The stars gleam outside with a nice morning dew ...Read On




I sought you before I knew you existed When we kissed you never resisted To see you to dream of you was all in my mind I finally found you can life be that kind You have made me so much better than I thought I could be And I still can't figure just what you see in me But you have taken my heart and my soul And for the first time in my life I really feel whole...Read On