Me and my cousin Emma

Emma, Cousin, Incest, First time, Virgin, Reluctance

It was a hot summers day, as I visited my aunty with my mum, after a while I decided to leave them to it and visit my cousin who lived just down the road. My cousin is the same age as me 19, so we had a lot in common, we both liked the same style of music, the same sense of humour and got on really well, I always used to visit my cousins whenever I visited my aunt about once every three...Read On


My daddy poking me from behind

This is the story that my friend told me about her and her father,

It was a Thursday night, I did my usual thing, sit at the computer, which is in the living room, my mum and dad always wanted to keep an eye on me even though I was 16 at this point, they did not trust the internet. My mum was at tonight at bingo with her friends, but my dad was at home sitting watching the football on TV, so instead of going upstairs I sat downstairs as I liked being round...Read On


Revisiting Emma

This is the story of what happend after I went 6 months without seeing my cousin and sex buddy Emma.

It had been a little while since I last saw Emma, about 6 months in total and I still didn’t have a girlfriend, and even though I had sex with my friend (in “My daddy poking me from behind”) I hadn’t found anyone else to be with. Anyway I was looking forward to this day as I had plans to go to my aunties, and I knew that Emma would again be home alone. As the day progressed I made my way to...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


One night with Suzanne

This is a story which includes peeing, sex, and masturbation.

I'm on a stag night, in a little town well-known for its night life, not far from where I live. I’m in a bar with a few other guys as three hot young girls start talking to us. They must only be about 18, just old enough to drink. I’m dancing the night away with my drink in my hands and looking at one of the girls, Katie. I keep wondering how much it'll take to get her drunk and if she...Read On