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anyone on here text? if so send me a message

05 Aug 2012 02:41

sleep...such a very long (but fun) night and it calls to me....hello sweet pillow...hello cuddly blankets

27 May 2012 03:46

You asked me, how long I'd stay by your side
And so I answered
With only just one reply
Til the casket drops
Til my dying day
Til my heartbeat stops
Til my legs just break

24 May 2012 09:13

im getting revenge

10 Feb 2012 02:15

im reading a very very hot fanfic story and its driving me crazy with lust

15 Jan 2012 13:46

very bored....

10 Jan 2012 15:07

Happy New Years Everyone

02 Jan 2012 00:13

why is everyones bday on the first? did i miss some sorta memo?

31 Dec 2011 05:21

i think that if the women im friends with on here ever got 2gether they could have quite a good time

27 Dec 2011 22:32

im bored so im going through peoples pics and commenting

27 Dec 2011 15:39

Mm....so many sexy women online

26 Dec 2011 16:47

would love some new sexy pics and vids on my wall

25 Dec 2011 22:16

would love to talk to a lot of u more oftion...i add most of u to get to know u...make new friends...im shy but id like to know u guys at least a little more

18 Oct 2011 14:34

not feeling well today

21 Sep 2011 09:54

so turned on right now

20 Sep 2011 12:59


18 Sep 2011 23:57

hm...what to do...

18 Sep 2011 21:15

hm...what to do...

18 Sep 2011 21:04

wishing for all my evil little birthday thoughts we'll see how many come true

17 Sep 2011 08:38

my 21st birthday is 2morrow...any of u sexy ladies wanna make it special

16 Sep 2011 17:45

really turned on right now

23 Apr 2011 02:04

its almost 5am so im finelly gettin tired mayb by dawn i'll actuelly be able to sleep...and btw id love to make some new friends on her...mostly girls plz guys make me uncomfortable

22 Apr 2011 03:44