Straight Sex(2)


My Transgression

My lucky night

I was on the road a few years ago, and had checked into a hotel. I went out for a drink at a local bar I had heard about. It was a cozy little bar in an apartment complex. I had not seen one of those before, and had my doubts as to whether it would be any good or not, but I decided to try it anyway. While sitting there enjoying my drink, I happen to notice a very pretty lady sitting all alone...Read On


Transgression part 2

Continued from my first story

You will remember that my friend and I had left with the possibility of meeting again sometime. What I neglected to add to the first story and hence the title was the fact that I was a married man. Mary( not her real name) had been recently divorced. Well I did manage to get back to her town, and tried to call her but got no answer. I guess I should tell you that this was back in the day...Read On