Tie you up, tie you down pt1

So, you like being tied up???

After dinner I've noticed that the wine is starting to take effect. You're slowly letting go of you inhibitions, and curiosity is taking over. You pose the question of the eye hooks that in the door frame to my bed room. I reply that's to tie you up. The image in your mind makes you blush a little, but the grin on your face says that you're just curious enough. Taking you by the hand I lead...Read On


Tie you up, tie you down pt2

So, you still like being tied up?

Carrying you to the bed I feel the occasionally drip of water and cum mixture leaking out of your sweet hole hit my legs, and feet as I walk across the room. The sheets cool to the touch make your body tense a little, but soon the cotton is warm from the heat of your body. Your legs still slightly weak, and twitching from the little after shocks that shoot through your body without...Read On



Naughty librarian

I dropped my library card under your desk...

For one reason or another I was in the library at one point in time. I don't read that much so it was purely coincidence that I was there. On that same day I saw you. Sitting there behind the counter in your mawk turtle neck, and slacks. Button up shirt, hiding yourself from the world. But I could see through your thin glasses that fit snugly against your face, adorned with your...Read On


Pleasing a stranger

Pleasing a stranger after a long day at work. Then pleasing yourself.

Leaving work you're heading for your car on the third floor of the parking garage. It's late, and the garage is dimly lit, with only a few remaining cars left. You've been flirting with a guy at work, and you're kinda feeling giggly as you rummage through your purse for your keys. Not paying any attention to the darkness, as if in your own little world. Nearing your car you notice that a...Read On



Stretch you out, and fill you up!

You really want my whole hand?

Getting back from dinner we hit the door locked in a kiss. Eyes glued to each other as we trade places with our tongues. The taste of wine still on our lips only fuels the passion. Carelessly tearing the clothes from our bodies, and leaving a trail to the bedroom as we get ready for some hard core sex. No foreplay tonight. No, loving, and tenderness this evening.   My cock is already...Read On

Group Sex(1)


At the office

Just another sweet day at the office

You come in every morning as you always do. Bringing me my coffee, and saying hi. Always looking outstanding. Sitting close to me as if tempting me to do as I please. Laying back just a little so I can admire the slit in the bottom of your skirt. Touching your leg, and running my hand up under your skirt. Letting my thumb caress the top of your opening while I never look up from my...Read On

Straight Sex(7)


A day at the lake.

An erotic day on the water.

Taking the boat out for the weekend and hanging out with friends at the lake is always a good time, but much sweeter this time since you're there with me. Tying up to a few other boats we start drinking shortly after 9:00am, cause that's how we roll on the weekends. Hahaha... Letting down our inhibitions just enough to attract a little bit of attention from other boaters, and swimmers...Read On


A mid day snack

I love you on your knees

Fresh from the shower and squeaky clean from head toe. I call to let you know I'm almost there as you sneak away from work for an afternoon treat. Opening the door I see you in your skirt, white top, and sandals. I love that the spaghetti straps fall over your shoulders as I begin to kiss you before the door is even shut. The anticipation, and excitement building with each of us as we...Read On


Cabin at the lake

A hot weekend at the lake.

We arrive mid morning on Saturday to start the weekend. Riding the bike to the lake house is always a good time. I can feel your hard nipples on my back from the cool morning air swirling around us as we ride. Your hands on my thigh, I can feel your nails through my jeans as you hold on around the corners. Once we're there, and settled in, I start the grill for lunch while you work in...Read On


Eating at the Y

I love the taste of pink

You spread the blanket out on the floor, and lay back. Let me place the blind fold gently over your eyes to heighten your other senses. Touching every inch of your body as I slowly undress you down to your panties. Leaving the room, you can hear me searching the ice box for just the right size cube. Rattling it in the glass as I return. But silently I've also grabbed the warming oil....Read On


It was a great evening

Lots of teasing and pleasing

When I got home I had the house to myself, so I thought..... Why not take advantage of it. Laying back on the cool sheets with nothing but a smile. Hand gently caressing myself until I was about half way hard. I notice the tip flopping around as I started to softly stroke on it. Finally the ridge was as hard as ever, and the skin stretched tightly over ever inch.   Slowing the stroke,...Read On


Soaked panties

I love the taste of soaked panties

I love it when I can taste you once you've soaked through your panties. The white darkened by the moisture showing through. Slipping in behind you and kneeling down. You can feel my breath on the backs of your legs all the way down. The inside of my thighs rubbing against the outside of your smooth legs. Letting my hands run up and down each one with an occasional pat on that sweet...Read On


Using you

O, how you love being used...

After having some good dreams of you playing with me while I was asleep, I wake up fully aroused and ready to go. Unknowingly I've been touching myself as you were in my dream. My hand already wrapped around myself with a firm grip and wanting you badly!   Rolling over I see that you're already up and out of bed to my dismay. But on the plus side, I can smell breakfast on the stove....Read On