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Recommended Reads

Stories and poems that have made it into our recommended reading section are handpicked by our staff. They have been identified as exceptional pieces of writing, which warrant separate recognition.

Stories that are part of a series, or novels that have made it into this outstanding series section, are nominated by our staff and awarded by a select panel. These stories have been deemed superior as complete works and have garnered special recognition.

You are almost certainly guaranteed a good read, if you've selected a story from these offerings!

Recommended Read

Like Father, Like Son: Part 1

The first thing that came to Carly’s mind when her engine stalled was Marcus’ voice telling her time and time again that her old car was a worthless piece of junk that caused more problems than needed. Repeatedly, he’d offered to buy her a new car to replace her old one. Each time she’d refused his gift, explaining to him that this was the first car that she bought when she could afford to...Read On

Recommended Read

My Wife And The Fixer-Upper

My wife helps a friend fix his house and more.

My wife Christy is an extremely attractive thirty-three-year-old species of the female sex: a brunette with shoulder-length naturally wavy hair and a very trim sexy figure. Her firm thirty-four-B cup tits perfectly complement her five-feet-five-tall frame and she is proud of her super-slim figure that she works out four times per week to keep. Her tits do not need support and her slender...Read On

Recommended Read

Of Mice, Men and Submission ( 5 )

Jenny's learning continues - sometimes in spite of herself.

  It had all begun in such an unsuspecting and sweet way. I thought about it, while trying to find a position that wasn’t too painful as I crouched in a cage. Yes, a cage. Me inside a cage. Locked in and left alone by Tom, the man I met not so long ago and who had taken me on a journey into something unknown by me, but intense and filled with life, a life I knew I couldn’t and wouldn’t...Read On

Recommended Read

Trust Chapter 6a

His world changed the moment he entered her.

Iona honestly felt that she had done nothing wrong. Regardless, she did feel a tremendous amount of guilt eating away at her. Not only had she seen this man of darkness a total of three times now, she also was relieved that he had managed to not lose his life. She had no idea why he was still in the vicinity. Theirs was more or less just a meeting of the eyes, for her a simple...Read On

Recommended Read

The Accidental Whore

A chance meeting leads to some uncharacteristic behaviour.

Bright lights, pubs and clubs. Laughter, shouting, drunkenness and expectation; scattered chips, spilled beer and kebabs reduced to vomit. Most married couples our age merely skirted the area, heading for the more upmarket restaurants, or maybe a bit of musical theatre. Not so Belinda and I. But we weren’t here for the pubs and clubs. Nor to laugh and shout. Nor were we drunk, though...Read On

Recommended Read

Amongst the Arabian sands

Love is a treasure that is so great to find

There was a love worth finding Amongst the vast Arabian desert  Hidden in the warm golden sands A gold rush worthy of being chased A treasure so rich to find More than a carat of diamond To have won over my heart When I found you my love. In the heart of nowhere evermore To have walked a thousand miles barefoot  On sands, hot like embers on a fire With the wood crackles and sparks Like...Read On

Recommended Read

Songs of Seasons from the Past

Love is singing in our senses

Hear the melodies of seasons from the past Hum along the verdant pathways in my mind Subtle tempers of the years That may echo with a chanting With ballads of gentle cooing in my ears  Warbling Purring with seduction in my ears Like the insects  They are chirping They are whirring As I listen As I hear Heeding all the soothing calling They are offering An oblation Expiation Of the music  ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Story of Us: Take Me

There are moments when hunger must be fed.

Perhaps this is where I should begin, with public moments—intense, intimate and sometimes discreet. It matters not who is present or how many surround us. This is the story of us and why I am his... My husband does what I call “flexing”. He laughs when I use this term. In general, it is that look of restraint he gets right before he is about to pulverize someone either mentally or...Read On

Recommended Read

Pilot Flame

I can't forget the way you cupped my face in the dark and I did the same to know the sensation. Even in that dark, a barely noticeable tinge of moonlight reached through the curtains to vaguely illuminate your face. I could make out your silhouette and it looked almost like the shape of a teardrop, of a pilot flame.  I think about how the grooves in our fingerprints are already reading...Read On

Recommended Read

To the Rescue

Norm is about to fulfill a fantasy and find out just how convincing he is as Natalie.

The music was loud.  The bar was crowded.  Norm had a good buzz going, and hadn’t paid for a single drink all night.  Actually, Natalie hadn’t paid for a drink all night, because that was the name he used – when he felt like offering it – on these little jaunts. He knew he looked good as a woman.  Heads turned and men approached him relentlessly every time he dressed to kill and hit...Read On

Recommended Read

Come Undone

“Sophia!” I yelled for the zillionth time. “We’re late.” I stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting less than patiently. I could hear her rummaging around up there. I’d told her in no uncertain terms that we absolutely needed to leave by seven at the latest, and here I was shouting at her at twenty past. I’d turned into my mum. Great.  “Two minutes. It’ll be worth it...” Her teasing...Read On

Recommended Read

How Long Does It Take You To Cum?

A student finds himself the subject of an unusual experiment.

Chapter 1 It was just before the start of the new semester.  Lucy and Olivia were Masters students and had gone back a little early, after successfully acquiring an apartment not far from university. They really needed a third person to spread the cost, but It was such a nice pad they figured that they were bound to get someone to share.  The two friends were enjoying a drink and a muffin...Read On

Recommended Read

Noli Me Tangere

He stayed her hand and grabbed it with his own, where they hovered in mid-air, their fingertips dancing in the dim light. “Keep it on,” he instructed. Her green eyes alight, she moved their joined hands to her left breast, squeezing and massaging it. The long rope of pearls that hung in between her fair bosoms and reaching past her navel, clicked and clacked slightly with the movements of...Read On

Recommended Read

En France - Anne-Pierre, Chloe or Elodie

Based on true events, this was my dilemma.

I should have kept it to myself. Walking on fallen blossom leaves, the tree-lined boulevard carried the scent of hope. In a brief interlude of sunlight, we basked in the first warmth of spring. Fingers entwined, her expression pensive and doleful, we stopped for a moment under a weathered statue; it must have looked glorious once. I used to enjoy the silences, now it felt awkward. Tugging...Read On

Recommended Read


My apartment was quiet and dim. I sighed in relief as I toed off my work heels, then dropped my keys on the sideboard before scooping up my mail. The small square parcel with the neat lettering had landed demurely between two takeaway menus, and rendered everything else inconsequential. The bottle of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano still sat on the kitchen counter. I’d allowed myself one...Read On

Recommended Read

Moments Earlier

Jason’s busy life is reflected in the boardroom table from moments earlier.

Jason opened his mouth and breathed over a small area of the table for the fifth time. He quickly followed his breath with the soft cloth and polished the table once more. The smudges were finally coming out. He lowered his head so that he could squint over the boardroom table at an angle to see whether any of it was suffering from the after affects. As he squinted, he could see a small...Read On

Recommended Read

The Billionaire's Deal

What would you do if a billionaire offered you a chance of a lifetime for one week only?

Nic was finishing up a scotch at the hotel bar as he mentally went over his early morning business meeting. After a week of negotiations and contracts, it was a success to acquire the tech startup. It'd cost him a few million but millions were pocket change compared to the billions he was worth. Now, he only had to check out of the hotel and head back to his home in LA. After spending the...Read On

Recommended Read


I can taste so much in your skin,  the faint sweetness in the dusk wind, the tears you've shed in secret, a memory of soft earth and honeysuckle and your natural mysterious nectar. The fleshy pearl beckoning, already swollen with anticipation just from the heat of an exhaled breath, nerves forever tuned to my quiet proximity. You had to have known then how much I wanted you. Such feral...Read On

Recommended Read


The rooms were tidy; spotless, even. She liked it that way and yet the longer she paced through them alone, the more anxious she became. The apartment didn’t look homely enough; it suddenly seemed too clean and clinical. She stood and briefly considered the living room before hurrying to move things; putting vases out of place, pulling novels from their assigned bookcase positions and...Read On

Recommended Read

Czech Adventure

A young lady gets help competing in a sex-filled gameshow across Prague

It was a relationship that had run its course. Those were the clinical words my ex-girlfriend used when summarising her decision to terminate our three-year relationship. Her words crushed me; the damage was caused not by the split, or her admission that her commitment to monogamy had wavered, but the public nature of her confession. The occasion was Christmas Day; we were at my parents...Read On

The Vltava Protocol

Milicent is thrust into a European mystery of intrigue and lust

December 1992, Prague Standing in the magnificent aura of Prague, recently unshackled from the oppressive regime by the fall of the Soviet Union, Millicent heartily breathed in the fresh, clear cold air. The city was shown in all its glory: the fairy-tale architecture of St. Vitus cathedral, the National Museum, even the Old Bridge Tower presented themselves straight out of a...Read On

Recommended Read

Yule Snow

His daughter's "friend" Anita reveals that she's not quite as lesbian as he thought she was.

I never would have guessed that my daughter was a lesbian.  Up until she was sixteen, she had regularly gone on dates with boys.  None of the relationships ever seemed to go anywhere, but as her father, I was fine with things not progressing to a certain point.  When she stopped dating, I assumed that she’d grown frustrated, and that eventually she would snap out of it. When she finally told...Read On

Recommended Read


Zara loves being a professor. Her Thursday night class is a challenge due to one little blonde.

Sometimes I loved being a professor. Most of the time, really. My class is such that usually students don't take it if they aren't serious about it. Classical Mythology is not on the general education list so there are no general education credits for taking it. Teaching a specialized subject typically meant mature and dedicated students. This semester, however, my Thursday evening class had...Read On

Recommended Read


He was standing in front of the window again in his boxer briefs, same as every evening, a glass of amber colored liquid in hand. Was it whiskey? Rum? Scotch? Bourbon? Maybe Cognac? He looked like a Cognac man, she decided. She was unaware of when this ‘standing in the window in his boxer shorts’ had become a thing. Or, more accurately, she could not remember the exact timing, she had...Read On

Recommended Read

A Steampunk Trek into a New London Town

The world tomorrow will soon be yesterday

A church bell tolls twelve strokes as he automatically spreads his legs wide apart to keep his balance. There is a moment of vertigo and confusion before he reorients himself taking care to not attempt to control this body. Then his new mind becomes melded, filled with his old memories along with some new. It must be high noon as he opens his eyes on this sunlit day. Detective Chief...Read On

Recommended Read

The Beginning of Everything

Everything is breaking down and she tells him no, that she will not do what he has asked her to do. Neon sign on the side of the building lights her body through the window. The bodega on the ground floor is doing its usual late-night condom and mouthwash trade. A bottle hits the pavement hard. Light dances down the bare lines of her body and he can see she’s breathing deep and worrying...Read On

Recommended Read

Winter Rainbows

We're on a dim rooftop at a high point in the city. Far below, the lights and signs glow in the distance like tiny needlepoints and vague neon rainbows. We're alone now, slipping away from a party. Everyone else either went to the street or balconies. I choose this out of impulse against my often calculated nature.  The wind is cold and steady. I brush strands of auburn tinged hair from...Read On

Recommended Read

The French Guest

A beautiful French student brings joy to a lonely widower

I knelt at my wife’s grave and laid a bouquet of her favorite flowers on it. It had been three years to the day since I laid her in it. Memories raced through my mind; our first date, our first kiss, our wedding, the birth of our daughter. On and on the memories went, until I once again faced the stark moment when it all ended. Injured in a car crash, Karen had died in the back of an...Read On

Recommended Read

Porn Again, Christian?

There was a time when every community had a mom and pop convenience shop…

Just like clockwork, every Friday before closing, that cute-as-a-button boy came into my corner store and purchased a glossy magazine for a quiet night with some hand lotion and a box of tissues. Why doesn’t that young man have a gal pal or fuck buddy? What’s with the old school magazines? Doesn’t he own a computer? Maybe he’s just extra cautious with all the malware and viruses...Read On

Recommended Read

Dirty Tricks - The Last Chapter - No More Dirty Tricks

The Mystery is revealed - we learn who the real bad guy is.

Previously in Dirty Tricks: While attending retiring Mayor Alexa Grey's extravagant birthday party, a photographer captured high school classmates, political rivals, and electoral candidates, Heather Anderson, and Sean McCarthy, during an adulterous rendezvous. After being sent ominous instructions with photographic evidence of their indiscretion, Heather and Sean met to discuss...Read On