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Recommended Read


The lamp touches your face, for a moment I forget everything, the black coal of the night sky, the silence that comes close to caving you in. Even though I may take time to speak, the dialogue I create between us may not always be with words. You'll know I love you in our most quiet still flashes of brief touches, the crushing moments where unanswered aches finally reach out for one...Read On

Recommended Read

The Dance

My unusual bargain with a dance major in college.

Jon Garden had disappeared. No one knew his whereabouts. His family had gone into hiding, having fallen out of favor with the political elite of a corrupt African government. They were being hunted by the authorities. The belated news came from half a world away, through an old email message in an account I had all but abandoned. The message was sent nearly three years before by his cousin...Read On

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Drifting without course Unanchored and unmoored Caught up in his wanton breeze I let go and drop the oars I boldly face the breeze Give in and to feel release Fall into his tide Reckless, without heed The shimmer of the sun Casts diamonds on the sea I dip my toe to see the ripple And because it pleases he His sparkling diamonds call to me To fall into his boundless deep...Read On

Recommended Read

A Woman's Love

The question is: Are You Ready?

I want to tell you,  Tell you about a woman’s love,  Because the world does not know enough.  There are few words sufficient in nature  With meanings that can cover the depth  Of what she gives  When she chooses  To open her arms,  To soothe you from within  And lets you enter her heart. It is what old, lonely men wish to whisper  In the ears of their sons,  So that they will know ...Read On

Recommended Read

Cake And Boobs

Being a male stripper is no piece of cake, but some cake can make the job very interesting

Maybe you think being a male stripper is a glamorous job. Maybe the very job title conjures up images of Chippendales and a hall full of excitable females, maybe even those videos with a room full of women eager to gobble your cock. It’s not really like that, at least not if you’re a one man band, like me. Fitness is paramount, with a regimented diet plan and enough nutritional supplements...Read On

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I hate waiting...

  “Come on, where the fuck are you?” I don’t like waiting, I need you here. I’m stark naked on the bed, primed for action and you’re fucking late! How dare you? I blow a raspberry at the alarm clock on my bedside table and drop backwards onto my pillows, huffing loudly. Patience isn’t my strong point, especially where you’re concerned. You always get me so aroused, gagging for it. The...Read On

Recommended Read

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 3

Cindy reaches a defining moment in her journey

November had come and gone and December had slipped in unnoticed by the time I was due to go to Europe. It was an odd feeling. A huge task lay ahead when normally I was winding down, ready for the Christmas break. While I would usually be thinking of dusting down the sled, I was headed for one of Europe’s most beautiful cities in all its autumnal glory. I sent a text to Elizabeth from...Read On

Series Award

A Polaroid of Kristina, Part 5

Kristina introduces her young lover to anal sex.

The picture of Kristina, naked and inviting, was a blessing and a curse. It was taking me through my the pages of my memory, and we were getting to the day when she had first guided me through anal sex with her, patiently and enthusiastically. Finding the Polaroid unexpectedly in an old book had been a bolt from the blue, and memories of my first love had been coming flooding back to me,...Read On

Recommended Read

A Quiet Affair Revisited

Open your eyes. What do you see? Your round, dark pupils float just above a shimmer of salty tears upon your eye lid, moistening your lashes below. You blink once, twice, hoping to hide them away, but they don’t disappear unnoticed, despite the anxious smile you pull onto your lips. In this room, we had silently committed to each other and the moment. Months of unspoken desire came to this:...Read On

Audio version available
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For Jason, my Cariad

Skin intact, until I met you A heart to match, and then I let you Shot through the sky with the force of a rocket Always by your side, in your ear, or your pocket You reached for my hand, but instead grabbed my soul With each day that passed, you tightened your hold Never thought I would love you, never thought I would blush Never thought I'd lose you, and it'd hurt me this much...Read On

Recommended Read

The Swinger Confessions: The Anniversary Gift

His plans would not be altered...

Soft music, candlelight, and the sweet smell of lavender greeted Gary as he entered the comfort of his home. Walking slowly into the home’s warmth, he smiled and noted the pair of black stilettos strewn on the floor. Gary wondered what his wife had in mind for the evening, but quickly realized that he truly didn’t care. His mind was fixated on the black blindfold that sat snugly in the pocket...Read On

Recommended Read

The Christmas Party

Christmas parties. I hate them. At our office they are mandatory, which isn't very fair if you ask me. Why be forced into something you don't want to do just for the sake of "office relations"? If only the high-ups knew what kind of relations were going on, they might change their minds. When I take my boss' job, which I will one day, I will stop the parties being mandatory. They have...Read On

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For every person that has ever settled for comfortable, may they find amazing.

Comfortable... It is the word that has always described me. Comfortable in my skin, with my femininity. Comfortable in who I was as a sexual being. Then without warning, you simply happened to me. I was unaware of all the things in life I did not know or even begin to understand. You came to me and touched my heart, just by gently holding my trembling hand. Kissing you was like...Read On

Recommended Read

A Monumental Affair

An overnight trek amidst spectacular scenery leads to the most sensual of massages

The unparalleled panorama of staggeringly beautiful scenery was nearly lost in the heat haze that shimmered off the tarmac as we made our way steadily along route US163. Fortunately Lucy was driving, allowing me to soak up the views from the car window as the landscape, completely overwhelming in both its majesty and its size, swept serenely by. Lucy and I had arrived in Las Vegas five...Read On

Recommended Read

Our First Photoshoot

One thing leads to another...

Sheri and I had been friends for a long time, but we had never done anything like this before. We'd never even talked about it, and yet all our preparations for her nude photo-shoot over the course of the past few days precipitated on the tacit assumption that somehow, at some point, our naked bodies would very likely come together very intimately today. Whether or not I was really ready for...Read On

Recommended Read

Apartment Eight Makes A Golden Challenge

Vasily owes Carie after losing a bet

Wednesday night at the Fawns Over Foxes Ladies Club ... Johnny B Good2night stepped through the curtain to the small backstage “launch pad”. Breathing as if he had just ran a mile, he fanned himself with his call sheet, his shirt beneath his glittery velvet vest drenched in an uncomely layer of sweat. His ears were ringing, the screeches and screams of the crowd on the other side of...Read On

Recommended Read

My First Photoshoot

I started out as a good girl...

"You're not going to show these to anyone, are you?" I implored, as I hesitantly un-hooked my bra and let my bare breasts fall into view of the camera lens perched atop a tripod only a few feet in front of me. My lips pouted with an unconscious tremble, knowing this was the moment of my surrender. Regardless of how ingenuous an answer I received, this was the turning point, after which I could...Read On

Recommended Read

Mirroring Storms

Thanks to my dear friend Echelon, who helped spark this idea.

I'll feel you in the air long before arriving at my door,  a tinge of static in every breath and step,  your eyes mirrored the sky as we drove a lonely road,  the dark blue of vast enigmatic oceans. Clouds swirled above us in all directions, you once said they must be what restless spirits  look like when hovering over the earth,  filling skies with the collision of lives lived,  of loves...Read On

Recommended Read

Renaissance of the Heart - Part 2

Cindy's world becomes more complicated in unexpectedly sexy ways

Any hopes of an Indian summer had been dashed. October bumped into November, handing the autumn over clumsily, with sultry weather one day and drizzle the next. I hoped the weather wasn’t a metaphor for my life, which had suddenly been shaken by a girl and her painting. Elizabeth had crashed into my life like a whirlwind. One minute everything was predictable or as predictable as it could...Read On

Recommended Read

A Winter's Day

That winters day was cold and white. A nip of cold in morning’s light. The chimney’s smoke was twisting high, Reaching up to the grey blue sky. It took me back to our faded youth, A less complex time of trust and truth. The days were long and filled with joy, Our love was fresh, not brash and coy. The still air was broken by icy chill, Snowflakes falling on the window sill. The...Read On

Recommended Read

Lick It

She steps onto hot, white sand, lifting her feet out of the sea. Supple body shedding the glitter of water drops under tropical sun. Her stride is slow, patient…lazy flex of thigh muscle. The sun has rendered her cinnamon. Soaking wet, her naked breasts seem even rounder and heavier than usual, swaying with her strides. He watches. Has been since she pushed herself up to float across the...Read On

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If your words are painted across my heart,  if your face is drawn along every wall I'll go on to build around myself,  then I could still hold on to  some semblance of you. Some parallel echo I may be able to record and mimic,  create from scratch again and build any way I want,  but each one of those possible timelines  would always carry a flaw sewn in somewhere. The color of your eyes...Read On

Recommended Read

Love’s Pleading Salvation

A poem of love and passion.

The labyrinth of the heart  is full of hopes and dreams,  entrapments and schemes, and dances to a blues harmony. The heart bleeds and scars, it writes the novel of life of defeats and victories, and sings an ode to the soul. I feel a hot breeze burning, conflict of power and submission, blood sizzling through my veins, conquer and be conquered. Lost under a black moon, ...Read On

Recommended Read

The Fall

To take a leap and brave the fall

Lips to lips, a soul to kiss To rouse you from a peaceful sleep. I look into your quiet eyes And drink you in, but never too deep. For I could lose my steady footing, Precariously balanced, I risk it all. Should I step back to assured safety, Or take a leap and brave the fall? I feel a sense of vertigo As I balance upon the edge, Of whispering the three small words That only...Read On

Recommended Read

In the Name of Art - Part I

As a nude model, Harry attracts the attention of one of the artists.

Tibialis Anterior, Gastrocnemius, Patella, Quadriceps femoris, Sartorius, Gracilis, Penis. A wave of heat prickled her skin; it rose to her face and settled in her cheeks. She could afford to stare a little longer, she was supposed to. A flush of warmth flooded through her body and settled in her loins. Letting her lips crease to reveal a satisfied smile, her eyes lingered on him. ...Read On

Recommended Read

Gina (Tease and denial) Part 1

Gina enters my life. The first of a series of a kinky, sexy tale

And so it began; a journey into a life so strange that I still look back and wonder whether it was all just a crazy dream. Had it ever really happened? Had she ever really existed? Still, all these months later, she still lingered in my every waking thought, as alluring a captivating as the day she had quite literally barged into my life and took it over, as was her way. To be fair...Read On

Recommended Read

Train Story

Interesting things can happen between strangers on a crowded train.

“ONLY FOUR MORE SHOPPING DAYS LEFT!” The moving banner screamed at him, as he stood in the crowded station. The train came into the station, and screeched to a stop. The crowd surged forward to the opening doors. His arm was pressed from behind, and his hand was firmly pressed into the cleft of the behind of the woman standing in front of him. He started to apologize, but then a gap...Read On

Recommended Read

New Life

I think most of us become boring by choice.

For most people they want an uneventful life that holds very few surprises and we were no exception. There is a certain amount of security in developing a routine in your life. I think most of us become boring by choice. Our lives the past few years can be defined by our calendar. My wife and I go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We dine out almost every Friday, but occasionally try...Read On

Recommended Read


Our meeting had to be some infinite gear's turning,  the world's wheels spinning until we're face to face  and your touch spoke beyond any entity that has ever swept over me,  flooding with the same desire coursing through The sensitive ridges I trace with a fingertip  against your heart's thunder,  burning and pounding hot rivers beneath the skin,  I never knew a body could be...Read On

Recommended Read

After the spark

I can’t be what you need. I watch your lips as they form a smile, tell a story. But I will never kiss them For I am not for you. My heart is not only mine. I gave it away long ago. Wrapped it in colourful paper and laid it at the feet of my lover. Freely. Willingly. It has been tended well, nurtured and allowed to grow. How could I do any less with his? People talk about the...Read On