redheaddork's Blog Entries

26 Oct 2014 09:44

deleting this account once and for all.. thanks everyone but i need to move on with my life xx

10 Oct 2014 12:44

so drunk. anybody up for some fun?

30 Nov 2013 11:35

strange being back

20 Jan 2013 15:19

sign on after a day being off.... 12 friend requests.... 5 of those fell between my rules on my page... 3 of those were accepted. hey new friends xxx

31 Dec 2012 07:09

happy new year to all!!!

24 Dec 2012 10:50

off to get unbelievably drunk. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! xxxxxxxxx

23 Dec 2012 15:43

not in a good mood at all....

12 Dec 2012 11:56

i do love goin to the cinema

28 Oct 2012 15:46

thinking of leaving

25 Oct 2012 11:19


05 Oct 2012 04:24

im baaaaaaack!!!

18 Aug 2012 15:39

Hey all just letting you know I won't be on for a while, while I was sleeping last night the motherboard on my computer decided to fry itself so I'll be back in a few weeks. Leave me comments and messages etc for when I get back. Love you all xxxxxx

17 Aug 2012 11:33

just got so wet at a story

15 Aug 2012 13:39

i dont usually do this but girls if your looking for a really great guy who will actually keep a conversation going, add Dutch13. He's contemplating leaving because nobody talks to him and they should. anyway, how is everybody?