Learning the BDSM ropes (no pun intended)

Dom takes sub in pub restroom

When I first started with LUSH, I had little knowledge of BDSM. I was not unlearned in the subject of sex, for I am an older guy with a lot of experiences and fantasies. I have had an interest in several sexual areas, but had always thought BDSM a little over the top! Now, however, I am the experienced LUSH story writer and have been around long enough to acquire a wide range of friends....Read On



A Trip Down Pineview Lane

What BG discovered on Pineview Lane.

We met over a year ago on The Lush Stories site. I will not go into a great deal of details of the first year, but suffice it to say, we chatted many times, then many phone conversations and eventually we met face to face. I will call her BG. Not her real initials, as you might imagine. I am an older guy and she is young. She is in college to be a nurse. She is 18, but very mature for her...Read On



An indiscretion by Beth

Wife forced to fuck man with Big cock

This is my wife Beth’sstory. She only just recently told me about this event. When you read it, you will know why. I am Beth. First let me describe myself and set the background for what happened. Rick and I had been married only about two years. Rick had started acting funny toward me, things like ignoring me when I was clearly sending signals I wanted to have sex! I knew something...Read On

Straight Sex(1)


My Stepdaughter the Cheerleader – Chapter 2

Daddy tells mom about stepdaughter fucking boyfriend

I am lying on my back, looking up and see my beautiful 16 year old stepdaughter looking down at me with lust in her eyes. After cumming, my cock is in a semi-hard state. My legs are still hanging off the bed and I am saying, “ Honey, wait. Honey, wait .” But she is not stopping. I reach up and wrap my arms around her and pull her to me. I am having a moment of sanity since cumming. As I...Read On



My Stepdaughter the Cheerleader

Dad discovers Stepdaughter and boyfriend.

To say I was shocked is a gross understatement! I was home early from work. My wife, Beth, was out of town on business. My daughter and step daughter should be in school, yet, I heard some muffled sounds. At first, I thought it may be someone in the house robbing us! Then I heard moans! I quietly sat my briefcase down and decided to investigate. I looked down at the lower level and saw no...Read On


My Stepdaughter the Cheerleader – Chapter 3

Dad and Mom keep an eye on stepdaughter

It was a nice fall Saturday. I woke to the noise of the girls running around the house getting ready to go to the neighborhood pool. Beth was in the shower. I got up to go in to join her.  As I went into the bathroom, Beth ask me to come into the shower and wash her back. I stepped into the shower. It was full of steam and a naked blonde, with a smile on her face! I do love this woman!  ...Read On