Spectacular - 2

The morning is delicious...

When I woke, I automatically knew it was early morning. I also knew I had the most delectable creature lying beside me. My sleeping cock was pressed between the cleft of her ass. I'm extremely picky about the women I bed, but this one... well, she had a vibrancy around her that I just couldn't ignore. She was laying on her side with her back to me. She was in a deep sleep so I just...Read On

Quickie Sex(1)


The Dinner Party -6

Parties can be fun...

The dinner party was in full swing. My assistant had once again done an excellent job at creating a professional but inviting atmosphere in my loft for my clients and wives. I set about making the typical circle but was distracted by the thought of finding Alisandrea here. I knew she would be late. I also knew she would be nervous. This wasn't her typical crowd but had promised to make...Read On

Straight Sex(5)


At His Office -3

after meeting turns enjoyable...

We had a date. Two straight days of fucking then go on a date. I always do things backwards but this was... a pleasurable thing. I took a taxi to his office because I'm just not that familiar with the city. It was an impressive building, lot of stories to it. I went inside and told the front desk guy that I was here to meet a Mr. Bellacroix. All he did was stare at my chest and point to...Read On


Delectable -4

a lovely afternoon...

It was an eventful afternoon. The urge to press her body against the glass in my office had been overwhelming. This creature was fascinating. She's not a submissive even though she's willing to do whatever I wish. Her moans, the heat of her body, the feel of her lips on me, and the incredible tightness of her is very dominant. We left my office and arrived at her apartment. It my first...Read On


Forever -7

The Best is Saved for Last...

I know its Ali’s turn to talk, but this time, I will. It had been six weeks since I gazed on her face. Weeks of sorting through my father’s estate after his death. Weeks of isolation from Alisandrea. We’d spent hours on the phone every night talking, but it was the smell of her, the feel of her I missed. Hell, I craved everything about her. I was back in the city. My loft smelled unused,...Read On


He Drops By -5

Who needs to watch tv?...

He came to my house one night. When I opened the door he was leaning against the frame. He reached out and pulled me to him, kissing me gently, prodding me with his lips to respond to him. I open my mouth slightly and he groans and wraps one hand around my back and the other hold my neck. He pulls me to him and I can feel his hardon, his heartbeat, his breath on my cheek. His hand rubs down...Read On


Meeting James, 1

Who knew a bookstore could lead to this...

One minute I'm standing in a bookstore, and the next I'm being kissed! His hand was on my neck, his lips were soft, firm, demanding and I opened up to him. I was too shocked to be angry. I felt the other hand slide around my waist and pull me against him. I thought in the back of my mind that he looked just like that Alan Rickman guy at 30. I heard him groan faintly and it brought me back...Read On



Vampire Dreams 1, Smoke

dreams do come true

Zin had no clue what she was doing here. She was tired and just wanted to sleep. But that was the last thing she would get. The dreams were getting worse. They were vivid, erotic, and she always woke up panting, sweating, her body screaming for release. The music thumped in her ears, grating her nerves raw. Her two best friends were on the dance floor grinding with two random guys. She...Read On


Vampire Dreams: Smoke 2

On her way home...

Zinna woke to a male body pressed behind her and smiled to herself. She shifted slightly and an arm wrapped around her waist, pulling her solid against him. "I have to go," she said. He released her and watched as she slowly walked into the bathroom. Malachi watched her hips sway, hair moving softly on her silky skin. He grew hard. Again. Damn, his urges were getting the better of him....Read On