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Amateur porn writer. The situations you find in my stories may be unlikely at best, but isn't that what sexual fantasy is all about? I reject your reality and substitute my own.

I also write as Darkniciad and Les Lumens. As Dark, my stories are mostly set in a fantasy world of magic. As Les, my stories have a wide range from humor to horror and everything between.

Some timeline information about my fantasy world stories ( which I'll update as I add new ones )

Merchant Princess, Casting Off Convention, and Lowborn are history tales, taking place at approximately the same time. Queen of the Isle happens shortly after those.

The stories then jump forward in time. The order of those is King Thakkorias, Blackhawk Hall, Queen Alicia, and then Missionary Impossible.

To make things a little easier with my Magic of the Wood series, I'll keep a chronological list of those here as well.

Steward of the Wood, Daughter of the Wood, Forever of the Wood, Secret of the Wood, Kindred of the Wood, Heart of the Wood, Beauty of the Wood, Friend of the Wood

Reject Reality
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Alternate Reality, Indiana, United States
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18 Sep 2018 23:30
jRPGs - especially Dragon Warrior/Quest. Self-taught code monkey. Old DM with no time to play any more.
Favorite Books:
Impossible to pin down.
Favorite Authors:
Raymond E. Feist, David and Leigh Eddings, R.A. Salvatore, Weis and Hickman, DanielleKitten ( aka Wendy Stone ), Selena Kitt
Favorite Movies:
Everything Mel Brooks, Highlander, Marvel Super Hero movies, Unforgiven, Heartbreak Ridge, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Nightmare on Elm Street, Blues Brothers, Strange Brew... on and on.
Favourite TV Shows:
Marvel's Agents of Shield, Mythbusters, American Pickers, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Highlander, Moonlighting, The Tonight Show ( Carson ), SCTV, Saturday Night Live ( 70s ), Night Court, Turkey Television, Charmed... To name a few off the top of my head.
Favorite Music:
Weird Al, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Phil Collins, Genesis, Van Halen, VG soundtracks from Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, etc.


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Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 27 Aug 2018 10:38

This is actually lazy tracking, compared to what I used to do a couple years back. LOL I was doing quarterly tracks all of my stats, for all of my stories, on three different sites.

It's one of the tools I used to help determine which site(s) a particular story would go on, how I would present it, and in what category I'd place it. My "Her Flock" trilogy, for example, went up on the other sites as a single submission trilogy, rather than three separate stories. Fewer ( or no ) categories on those sites, and stories that short don't perform well. When combined, they did fine for breaking into an entirely new genre for me.

My lists have grown so long that the last quarterly track took me around four hours to complete in Feb. '16. The effort vs. reward scales had tipped. I've been thinking about getting back into it, because one of those sites now has one click download of all your stats in a spreadsheet importable CSV file, cutting the time for tracking that site down to virtually nothing.

I made a request in the suggestion and improvements thread for the same thing here. ~_^

The third site uses a display method which would allow me to grab those stats in an importable fashion with a little one time coding work, so if Lush had a stats download option, I could go back to tracking everything and have it all done and looking pretty in a half an hour or so. I could also add a couple of columns to my Lush spreadsheet and have it automatically generate the views per month and estimated Famous/Legendary date.

The way things look right now, after the wave of stories listed in my previous post hit those lists, there will be a few years of hiatus. Then in 2025-2028, I'll have another wave, including two more making it to Legendary.

That's assuming I don't read one of those old stories and come up with an idea for a sequel to it. Writing a sequel could cause any opening story to surge, and then rise a little more quickly thereafter.

I'll quit stat-nerd rambling now. LOL

Topic: Author search
Posted: 26 Aug 2018 11:46

Go here, and type in the author's name.


That should get you where you need to go :)

Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 26 Aug 2018 09:10

Her Own Skin ???? | 19565 | 25234 = 5669/m = Sept. 2018
Mom's Second Chance 26051 | 27214 | 28378 = 1163/m = Oct. 2018
Mom's Stocking Stuffer 22636 | 24778 | 26400 = 1882/m = Oct. 2018
Send in the Clone 28356 | 28594 | 28807 = 225/m = Jan. 2019
Merry Ex-Mas 28840 | 28970 | 29103 = 132/m = Mar. 2019
Taste of Sherry 28395 | 28587 | 28761 = 183/m = Mar. 2019
One Incredible Costume 27546 | 27714 | 27925 = 189/m = Jun. 2019
Quite Neighborly 20212 | 21114 | 21886 = 837/m = Jul. 2019
Fixed Wright Up 23335 | 23904 | 24238 = 451/m = Oct. 2019
Her Cut to the Chase 24501 | 24866 | 25031 = 265/m = Feb. 2020

Nude Holly Day 75109 | 76069 = 960/m = Sept. 2020

If the current view track holds, by late in 2020, I should have 19 famous and 2 legendary stories. ( Barring any new stories joining the list )

The two that currently have the highest views ( though not for long ) are linked in my signature, and there's a brief synopsis a few posts up. Everything is linked above. Feel free to give any of them a read and speed them along :)

Not far from getting my Prolific Writer badge, either. Already have outlines for enough in new categories to push me over the line soon. The most difficult ones after that on the quest for Omnium are Crossdressing, Trans, and Steampunk. Lots of research necessary there to write something entertaining for those three.

Topic: Which improvements or features would you like to see added?
Posted: 19 Aug 2018 16:35

Keep in mind that I don't use and have paid virtually no attention to the block feature. I've found no need for it so far.

Unless there is a time limit or something of that nature preventing people from adding/removing someone from their block list at will, all someone would need to do to send a message would be to remove that person from their block list, send the message, and then immediately block them again.

Really, the person receiving the messages needs to take matters into their own hands, and use their own block if it becomes too annoying. The effort required to code a limiter on block/unblock usually outweighs the need for it.

Most people who engage in this sort of behavior end up eliminating this specific problem by engaging in other behavior that results in corrective action. ( time-outs and bans )

I was under the impression that if a person chooses to block someone, they can neither send them anything via the PM (inbox) nor can the blocked person send such message. Now, it is possible that the person who choose to block you, sent the message prior to enabling the block. However, if what you have said is true (and I'm not implying that you would lie about such a thing), then it might be a minor flaw in the block and maybe something Gav can address since this should only impact the person who has chosen to block the other.

Topic: Announcing the Winners of our "Sizzling Summer Sex" Competition
Posted: 19 Aug 2018 09:48

<img src="/images/emoticons/hello2.gif" alt="hello1"> Congrats to the winners!

Topic: Does anyone know the name of this author?
Posted: 14 Aug 2018 04:06

If you're remembering these stories from a few years back, I at least have a theory.

The I.F. category was removed a few years back, and only recently reinstated. If the author you're looking for only posted those type of stories, there's a very good chance they removed their account and left during the time the category was banned. Such an author would have very little reason to believe there was any reason to ever check back, because of the sudden way the category was removed and the way those authors were treated at the time.

So, you may be searching in vain.

Topic: What sports do you watch? What teams do you root for?
Posted: 10 Aug 2018 22:09

I gave up on all sports in the 80s with the Cardinals forever snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Half of the weekly highlight reel would be Jack Clark home runs, incredible plays by Ozzie Smith, diving catches by Willie McGee...

And they'd still lose the damn game.

There was a time where you could near flawlessly predict the outcome of the game by seeing where the Cards were at the 7th inning stretch. If they were winning, they'd lose. If they were losing, they'd win. You'd find yourself hoping to see them getting their asses whooped in the beginning of the game, because it was the only way they seemed to pull off a win.

One day, I just gave up, and I haven't really followed any sport since.

Topic: What has surprised you about Lushstories.com? A question for readers and writers alike.
Posted: 10 Aug 2018 21:59

That this thread has been resurrected multiple times, and not a single person has whined and complained about "thread necromancy". Virtually anywhere else, there seems to be a rule that anyone bumping a thread that's been inactive for more than two weeks must be ridiculed, shunned, and insulted by anyone that happens across it.

Those same people will then engage in the same behavior when someone "starts a new thread on the same tired topic"

I've been railing against this particular bit of no-win n00b shaming for years, and it's nice to see a place where it just doesn't happen. =d&gt;

Topic: Need help to edit my fetish story
Posted: 03 Aug 2018 18:45

Since the text had to be removed, you might want to provide some details about the story. How many words, the fetish, and perhaps a brief synopsis. That will help people decide if it's the sort of thing they could help you tidy up.

Topic: A New Sweet Treat From Candy
Posted: 03 Aug 2018 18:02

One closer. Quite enjoyed the ending to this. As I said in the comment, I should have seen it coming, but didn't. The foreshadowing caught up with me the instant I read it. LOL

Not a new story but less than 1800 views needed for my first 'Famous' story!

If anyone would be so kind as to view it, that would be much appreciated <img src="/images/emoticons/love10.gif" alt="love10"> It's naughty!


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Editor's Pick Double Dip

Sitting under the awning next to her truck, Vanille looked down the street and decided that the fair was beginning to wind down. She breathed a sigh of relief both because the long day was over, and because she was going to turn a decent profit from working the small town street fair. Considering her name, she might very well have been destined to sell homemade ice cream from the back of...

Added 30 Jun 2012 | Category Threesomes | Votes 107 | Avg Score 4.85 | Views 34,467 | 26 Comments

Editor's Pick Send in the Clone

Ryan grabbed a towel, having just finished a quick shower. With their son off at his parents’ house for a few days, he knew what his wife’s suggestion to take a shower right after dinner meant. They were both a couple of days overdue for some alone time, and breaking that fast always resulted in mind-blowing sex. He toweled off, gave his hair a cursory blow dry, and pulled on a pair of boxers...

Added 19 Aug 2014 | Category Toys | Votes 29 | Avg Score 5 | Views 28,948 | 12 Comments

Taming Her Flock

The last hour at work had been torturous for Kayla.  The closer the clock edged to quitting time, the more her anticipation of the evening that followed swelled.  The experiences of the last two evenings at Mary’s house were still fresh in her mind, and a new delight awaited in Penny this evening. She wasn’t surprised when Robert pulled up to shuttle her to Mary’s.  Mary had explained...

Added 19 Aug 2018 | Category Spanking | Votes 15 | Avg Score 4.8 | Views 5,775 | 5 Comments

Feeding Her Flock

Robert put the car in park when they arrived at Mary’s huge suburban home.  Excited and aroused, Kayla was ready for her next sexual adventure, and she wondered if Robert might be part of that. “Will you be staying?” she asked the handsome Uber driver. “No, Mistress Kayla,” he answered.  “I am serving penance.” “Oh?” she asked.  “Did you come without permission?” “Yes, Mistress Kayla.” ...

Added 03 Aug 2018 | Category BDSM | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.77 | Views 3,946 | 7 Comments

Recommended Read Her Flock

Kayla moaned into Mary’s folds, her tongue driving the older woman into even more intense throes of climax.  Mary’s hands were entwined in Kayla’s short blonde locks, alternately pulling her against, and shoving her away from her climaxing pussy.  Kayla’s face was smeared with the older woman’s juices, and she was still lapping for every drop she could get. Ever so slowly, she let Mary...

Added 20 Jul 2018 | Category Femdom | Votes 22 | Avg Score 5 | Views 5,982 | 10 Comments

Recommended Read Hooters

Clint cruised slowly down the gravel road, leaving only a thin, short-lived trail of dust behind his RV.  Born and raised in just such an area, he knew to avoid kicking up a dust storm if he wanted to remain friendly with the locals.  He absolutely wanted to remain friendly with the locals. Doing exactly that was why he had access to most of the properties in the area, giving him the...

Added 13 Jul 2018 | Category Outdoor | Votes 32 | Avg Score 4.93 | Views 5,209 | 15 Comments

Her Own Skin

Janet climbed out of the car and pulled her top over her head, baring her breasts to the bright, warm July sun. “Look at you,” Mary teased as she did the same, letting her much larger breasts tumble free. Janet tossed her top into the car, smoothed her shoulder-length blonde locks, and said, “Oh, stop.” She knew there was little chance of that, though.  Only two years ago, on their...

Added 07 Jul 2018 | Category MILF | Votes 34 | Avg Score 4.97 | Views 27,046 | 12 Comments

Fill 'Er Up

Liam tossed the empty bag in the garbage can, having filled the windshield wash buckets for the last time.  He checked his phone, and saw that he only had five minutes left in his last day. He took his time walking back from the diesel fuel island, burning up one of those five minutes.  Tomorrow, his evening would be free.  He wasn’t entirely sure what he was going to do with it, truth to...

Added 05 Jul 2018 | Category Occupations | Votes 20 | Avg Score 4.94 | Views 6,753 | 8 Comments

How I Love Them

Missed my window. After yet another week of late nights at work had kept us from doing anything but sleeping in bed, I’d finally managed to escape at a reasonable hour.  I knew it was almost that time, but I had hoped I’d beat the clock.  No such luck. She was only wearing her bra and panties, getting ready for a shower when I walked into the bedroom.  Her panties let me know I had come up...

Added 24 Jun 2018 | Category Fetish | Votes 13 | Avg Score 4.77 | Views 3,075 | 7 Comments

Recommended Read Smooth Operator

Straight to voicemail. Jason ended the call without leaving a message and sighed.  Stupid.  Stupid.  Stupid, he silently chided himself. Of course, he couldn’t have known that Sheila would react the way she did.  He never would have guessed that revealing his shaving kink would freak her out.  Obviously, it had.  The look on her face had spoken louder than words.  He’d told her to forget...

Added 18 May 2018 | Category Cheating | Votes 31 | Avg Score 5 | Views 7,724 | 15 Comments

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