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Amateur porn writer. The situations you find in my stories may be unlikely at best, but isn't that what sexual fantasy is all about? I reject your reality and substitute my own.

I also write as Darkniciad and Les Lumens. As Dark, my stories are mostly set in a fantasy world of magic. As Les, my stories have a wide range from humor to horror and everything between.

Some timeline information about my fantasy world stories ( which I'll update as I add new ones )

Merchant Princess, Casting Off Convention, and Lowborn are history tales, taking place at approximately the same time. Queen of the Isle happens shortly after those.

The stories then jump forward in time. The order of those is King Thakkorias, Blackhawk Hall, Queen Alicia, and then Missionary Impossible.

To make things a little easier with my Magic of the Wood series, I'll keep a chronological list of those here as well.

Steward of the Wood, Daughter of the Wood, Forever of the Wood, Secret of the Wood, Kindred of the Wood, Heart of the Wood, Beauty of the Wood, Friend of the Wood

Reject Reality
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Alternate Reality, Indiana, United States
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17 Nov 2018 10:27
jRPGs - especially Dragon Warrior/Quest. Self-taught code monkey. Old DM with no time to play any more.
Favorite Books:
Impossible to pin down.
Favorite Authors:
Raymond E. Feist, David and Leigh Eddings, R.A. Salvatore, Weis and Hickman, DanielleKitten ( aka Wendy Stone ), Selena Kitt
Favorite Movies:
Everything Mel Brooks, Highlander, Marvel Super Hero movies, Unforgiven, Heartbreak Ridge, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Nightmare on Elm Street, Blues Brothers, Strange Brew... on and on.
Favourite TV Shows:
Marvel's Agents of Shield, Mythbusters, American Pickers, American Restoration, Pawn Stars, Highlander, Moonlighting, The Tonight Show ( Carson ), SCTV, Saturday Night Live ( 70s ), Night Court, Turkey Television, Charmed... To name a few off the top of my head.
Favorite Music:
Weird Al, Aerosmith, Alice Cooper, Phil Collins, Genesis, Van Halen, VG soundtracks from Final Fantasy, Castlevania, Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, etc.


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Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 15 Nov 2018 17:16

As predicted, Stocking Stuffer crossed the 30k threshold today, bringing me up to 12 famous stories.

Barring some surges or a new story going gangbusters, that will probably be it for several months. The next crop has been varying from February to April for a famous date.

I'll probably still update this once a month just to see how different factors affect the monthly view numbers.

Topic: Another Supreme Court Vacancy To Be Filled?
Posted: 08 Nov 2018 21:32

I have little doubt that the one and only qualification Trump considered ( beyond being acceptable to the base ) was his position on indictments against a sitting President.

Even if he didn't actually do/know anything as it pertains to Russian interference, he's heard the steady drumbeat of "process crimes" every single day. Confirming someone who doesn't believe a sitting President can be indicted is the self-preservation move.

Jesus. If the last guy was the first choice how bad is the second choice?

Topic: Another Supreme Court Vacancy To Be Filled?
Posted: 08 Nov 2018 19:09

If I remember right, wasn't one of the last three in the rumor mill a woman, just before Kavanaugh was announced? I think I actually heard it on NPR, but I seem to remember a claim about her being preferred over Kavanaugh by significant religious elements on the right.

Looked it up. Amy Coney Barrett. Preferred by Catholics, who flipped blue in the midterms.

If Ginsburg has to pack it in, that's my guess. They can replace a woman with a woman, eliminating that angle of attack, and a Me Too challenge. The left coming down on a female nominee is going to be even more galvanizing to the right, and could actually reverse some of the damage done with suburban women.

Two years may be a long time in politics, but the soundbite of "Is this who you want in control of the White House and Senate?" ads resurrecting bitter confirmation fights over Supreme Court justices will resonate with the right. It will bring them out.

Two years is also a long time for those new justices to make decisions that the right is going to be happy with. They've been fighting to get control over the courts for decades . That's more campaign ad fodder.

Barring the challenges in Florida and Arizona wiping out the Tuesday projections for the makeup of the Senate in the next term, the right also isn't going to have to bow and scrape to Collins, etc. in order to have enough votes to confirm, either. They'll be able to lose two or three votes and still get someone through.

Large elements are also likely to be disappointed in their newly elected saviors in the house, because they're not going to be able to meet expectations, which are impossibly high. Barring the special council releasing something that even Republicans can't ignore, forcing the senate to take up articles of impeachment brought by the house, the house isn't going to be able to get anything done. The Senate will be able to easily ignore any bill they pass, and Trump doesn't give a rat's ass what anybody thinks of him, so he'll veto things without a second thought. That could end up depressing left wing turnout in 2020.

Especially if they don't find an exciting candidate. They need to pull another Obama out of their ass from somewhere.

Barrett. That's my guess. It's the chess move, and the kind of "Oh yeah?" trolling that I think would appeal to Trump.

Topic: Midterm Elections
Posted: 06 Nov 2018 21:32

There's a serious X-factor that I don't think pollsters can account for. A large, and steadily growing segment of right-leaning voters do not trust pollsters, or the media, and thus will refuse to answer, or outright lie to these pollsters.

I think the only thing they're going to be able to do is widen their margins of error, which won't really help them maintain any sense of relevance. Exit polls and early voting numbers are also proving to be poor predictors.

The left better make sure there's a massive fund and a huge team of doctors tending to Ginsburg. The two problematic moderates aren't likely to be an issue with confirming judges any longer, with the expanded majority in the senate. As much smack as Rs have talked about "judicial activism" for the last umpteen years, they'll jump on the opportunity to have a supreme court leaning in their favor legislate from the bench.

Right now, Roberts will probably take Kennedy's place as a swing vote. Put one more right-leaning justice in there, and the court truly tilts right for a generation.

In general, pre-election pollsters underestimated the Republican vote. This is becoming a pattern. Obviously profesional pollsters need to change their techniques to keep up with the new world. Technology has left them behind.

Topic: Midterm Elections
Posted: 06 Nov 2018 07:09

Well, my polling place was crowded as hell. Took me 3 times as long to get in and out as usual.

Granted, I was there about 2 hours later than usual. I happen to be off today, and usually I have to hurry over almost as soon as the polls open to make it in time to head off to work. There were easily three times as many people there at 9 a.m. for a midterm as there were in 2016 at 7 a.m., though.

I'd say I was the youngest person there by about five years. Everyone else was 50+ by my best guess.

As usual, fully half of the races were uncontested. For council positions and such, where you vote for 3, or 5, that's the exact number who were on the ballot. That's politics in the sticks.

Pleasantly surprised to see a ballot measure that wasn't worded in such a way as to be a word puzzle, as they usually are. Almost every one I've ever voted on has obviously been written in such a way as to confuse their opposition into accidently voting the other way, assuming that the "for" voters are already ready to cast the "correct" vote.

Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 03 Nov 2018 20:20

"Her Own Skin" broke through today to become my 11th famous story :) #12 should hit in a couple of weeks.

Topic: New Feature: Author's Note
Posted: 01 Nov 2018 10:07

So glad to see this. I've been hoping for it for a while. Many thanks!

Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 28 Oct 2018 21:42

Oddly, despite putting out nothing new for around two months now, my views ticked up for the month.

Her Own Skin ???? | 19565 | 25234 | 27946 | 29710 = 2536/m = Nov. 2018
Mom's Stocking Stuffer 22636 | 24778 | 26400 | 27732 | 29002 = 1273/m = Nov. 2018
Send in the Clone 28356 | 28594 | 28807 | 29018 | 29213 = 171/m = Apr. 2019
Merry Ex-Mas 28840 | 28970 | 29103 | 29237 | 29366 = 105/m = Apr. 2019
Taste of Sherry 28395 | 28587 | 28761 | 28975 | 29177 = 156/m = Apr. 2019
One Incredible Costume 27546 | 27714 | 27925 | 28173 | 28414 = 174/m = Aug. 2019
Quite Neighborly 20212 | 21114 | 21886 | 22810 | 23603 = 678/m = Aug. 2019
Fixed Wright Up 23335 | 23904 | 24238 | 24658 | 24967 = 326/m = Feb. 2020
Her Cut to the Chase 24501 | 24866 | 25031 | 25167 | 25293 = 158/m = Apr. 2021

Nude Holly Day 75109 | 76069 | 77220 | 78282 = 793/m = Feb. 2021

Her Own Skin and Mom's Stocking Stuffer will almost certainly pass the threshold in the upcoming month, giving me my #11 and #12 famous story.

After that, it looks like I may be getting three birthday presents in April, with the way the views hashed out this month.

Could be interesting to see how things change once I get back in the swing of putting out new work. In addition to playing games, I've been struggling with my bar of plausibility on several ideas I had in the works. I keep hitting roadblocks where things are creeping below that bar, and thus leaving me unsatisfied. More than one has gone back to formula, while others have been backspaced significantly.

I'm probably going to switch gears to fantasy work for a little while. Odds are none of that will end up getting posted here, because it performs so poorly it's not worth the effort to submit.

So, it will be a while before anything new comes out here, barring flashes of inspiration. ( Which I do have once in a while )

We'll see how things look next month. As always, feel free to click the links and help push any of these stories over the bar, or explore my listings for anything else that strikes your fancy.

Topic: What Well-Known Books Could You Not Finish?
Posted: 22 Oct 2018 22:42

Tried Langoliers, The Stand, and one other that I can't even remember. Never make it more than a couple of chapters into anything by King. There's just something about his writing style that completely turns me off.

Despite still considering fantasy to be my homebase for writing, and being a DM for years, and still playing RPGs, I've never even opened the cover of Tolkien. I have no reason not to read it. I just haven't. I've looked at it on physical and digital shelves more than once, but never picked it up.

Always makes people stare at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train when they know me from my fantasy work.

Topic: Also Almost Famous
Posted: 12 Oct 2018 23:09

And of course the more hits/views/reads you have, the more chance there is that a few of those aren't going to like it quite so much.

Yep. The more eyes there are on a story, the more likely you are to get the "liked it, didn't love it" 4 vote.

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